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Thread: Performances with "that Olympic fire"

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    Performances with "that Olympic fire"

    To borrow a phrase from BronzeIsGolden, what are the Olympic performances that stick out in your minds (whether they won gold or not; I was going to ask for only winning performances--it would be interesting if you listed both, actually) in which the skaters skated with "that Olympic fire"? These are usually flawless skates performed with no sign of nerves, just flair, boundless energy and killer instinct, conviction, and a carpe-diem attitude; a good example would be Tara Lipinski's LP in Nagano. We usually see them in the LP, since it's the "home stretch", but I'd be interested in hearing about performances that displayed those qualities in the short (Sasha Cohen's SP comes to mind for me) I find it interesting that there are skaters who won and just scraped by, sometimes falling, usually skating defensively, whereas on other occasions, the winner went for broke and reaped the benefits of the gamble.

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    I think Yagudin's program in WORLDS, had the Olympic fire!! I love Yags, and I thought his Man in the Iron Mask program was beautiful...but it didn't have the energy at the Olympics that it did a month later in Nagano.


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    The program that immediately comes to mind is Lu Chen's second Olympic Broze. If you remember, Lu Lu had almost disappeared off the FS radar after her loss to MK afer she won her first World Title. It must have been hard to watch after LuLu gave the performance of her life to be beaten by a 15 YO Kwan.

    When she returned to the Olympics a couple of years later, it was as if she had been reborn. She skated past other "superior skaters" and laid down one of the most beautiful artistic performances EVER at an Olympics. Perhaps not as technically challanging as others, her skating was magnificent and will stay with me as a "golden performance" regardless of the color of her medal. It was at that juncture that I REALLY began to appreciate the kind of competitor that LuLu obviously was.

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    I really appreciated the "fire" with which Midori Ito skated, whether it be for the silver at the 92 Olys or for a world championship, both amateur and pro........42

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    Paul Wylie 1992
    Jamie Salé & David Pelletier 2002
    Sarah Hughes 2002
    Alexei Yagudin 2002

    I barely remember the other Olympics... but I've always been able to "relive" Paul's moment of glory... and I was only 7

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    skates that scream OLYMPICS!!

    Midori from 1988
    Tara from 1998
    Sarah from 2002
    Surya(SP) from 1994
    Nancy from 1994
    Lu Chen 1998
    Liz Manly from 1988
    Katerina Witt from 1984

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    And how could anyone forget...

    Brian Boitano, 1988
    Gordeeva and Grinkov, 1988

    In both cases, watching these LPs, my jaw dropped...

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    Liz Manley '88
    Boitano '88
    Lipinski '98
    Hughes '02
    M&D '94
    K&P '92
    Wylie '92
    Wilson and McCall '88

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    We are just talking about the Olys, right?! If not, then my list is a LOT longer!! LOL

    1984: Torvill & Dean FD
    1988: Liz Manley LP, Brian Boitano LP, G&G LP
    1992: Paul Wylie SP & LP :D
    1994: Torvill and Dean FD, G&G LP
    1998: Lulu LP, Shae & Vic FD
    2002: Jamie & David LP, Todd Eldredge LP, Kyoko & John LP, Tim Goebel SP & LP, Alexei SP (WOW, for those Olys not being high up on my fave list, I sure did have a lot of performances that I loved from them!! LOL )

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    Add to that: Michelle's 1998 Olympic LP (even though she won the silver, it was still Kwanderful). :D

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    G&G 1988 LP, 1994 LP
    M&D 1994 LP
    B&E 1994 LP
    Michelle Kwan 1998 SP/LP, 2002 SP
    S&P 2002 LP
    B&S 2002 SP
    Sarah Hughes 2002 LP
    Nancy Kerrigan 1994 SP, LP
    Brian Boitano 1988 LP
    Ilia Kulik 1998 LP
    Alexei Urmonov 1994 LP
    T&D 1994 LP
    A&P 1998 LP

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    - Ilia Kulik´s freeskate in Nagano Olympics definetely had Olympic fire. It was a totally courageous programme with great fire and sureness, no hesitation, playing it safe or holding back in jumps or in anything.

    - The same applies to Brian Boitano´s performance in 1988

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    Sarah Hughes 2002 Olympics.

    It was her best, and at the right time.


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    Alexei Yagudin, 02 SP
    Takeshi Honda, 02 SP
    Sasha Cohen, 02 SP
    Sarah Hughes, 02 LP
    Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze, 02 SP
    Sale & Pelletier, 02 LP
    Ina & Zimmerman, 02 LP
    Lobacheva & Averbukh (esp. Averbukh ), 02 OD

    Tara Lipinski, 98 LP

    Torvill & Dean, 94 FD
    Nancy Kerrigan, 94 LP
    Oksana Baiul, 94 SP
    Tanja Szewczenko, 94 SP
    Gordeeva & Grinkov, 94 LP
    Mishkutenok & Dmitriev, 94 LP
    Brasseur & Eisler, 94 LP (what a competition! lol)
    Elvis Stojko, 94 SP

    Liz Manley, 88 LP
    Brian Boitano, 88 LP
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    Brian Orsers' 88 Calgary Olympics - short program - Sing, Sing, Sing.

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