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Thread: Performances with "that Olympic fire"

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    Jul 2003
    Boston, MA
    Torville & Dean 1984
    Bestmianova & Bukin 1988
    Klimova & Ponomarenko 1992
    Gretchuk & Platov 1998
    Yagudin 2002
    Kulik 1998
    Mishkitenok & Dmitriev 1992
    Baiul 1994

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    It wasn't in an Olympic year, but it had just the same amount of fire...Yags' "Lawrence of Arabia" programme from '99 (I think it was '99)


    Hughes '02
    Sale & Pelletier '02
    Lobacheva & Averbukh '02 (the most fire I've ever seen from them)
    Kulik '98
    Torvil & Dean '94 & '84

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    I agree Matt. And it shows you are not hung up on any one particular country. I like that even more.


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    a little Sasha gushing

    Sasha Cohen's SLC 2002 Short Program. Just downloaded it. My God, how I loved that program. Fire, Abandon, Confidence, Flow, Speed, Musicality, Joy, Energy, Rhythm...HOW could I have forgotten to mention it! The music seems to propel her along, and she gains momentum with every note, every exquisite move, not isolated as I often find them in her programs, but flowing as part of a flawless whole. Wow.

    I read in a post today a comment about Michelle's "real emotion" versus Sasha's contrived artistry or something to that effect...that may well have been the case on recent occasions, but emotionally that 2002 SP skate was, in my book, right up there with the emotion, abandon, and fire that Michelle has shown in her great recent Nats & Worlds LPs...and for a debut on the international scene, for Sasha to do it on that stage was really remarkable.

    If she had pulled off an LP of matching intensity and polish and wound up skating off with the whole thing, she perhaps wouldn't have had the "growing pains" of dealing with pressure, hype, expectations etc, assuming of course that she decided to retire like Tara did. That skate of Sasha's actually reminded me of Tara's fiery Olympic skates, Tara clearly having the competitive edge in that comparison, the sheer nerves of steel, but I think Sasha's 2002 Oly SP shows that she has also been capable of pulling out all the stops emotionally and not caving in under the nerves. I know the question mark surrounding her is now focused mostly on the LP after she charges out to the lead in the short, but as a performance in its own right, I felt the need to mention that program.

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    Dec 2003

    sorry for repeating myself

    I just saw that I had mentioned Sasha's SP before, in my initial post, as had a few other people; I'm sorry, but after viewing it again after such a long time, I couldn't help myself


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