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Thread: new skating group in harlem

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    new skating group in harlem

    interesting article on the espn website:

    Sounds like an interesting way to expand the joy of figure skating to children who might not otherwise get the chance

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    Sounds like a great program. Thanks for the post, Bronxgirl. It's cool to see Surya participating, and also the donation from COI.


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    Bronxgirl, thanks so much for posting the link. I think this is just wonderful. It is such a postive endeavor and I give big kudos to Tom Collins for contributing to make this effort become real.


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    I'm delighted that these programs have come into existence. When you live in the "inner city", opportunities to participate in so many sports aren't there. It's not easy to even have Little League as there aren't too many fields available. And it's great that it's linked to academic achievement as well.

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