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Thread: The Antidote Thread -- All Positive, Please

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    Quote Originally Posted by dardar1126 View Post

    That is fantastic news!

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    Hey, that IS great news, and the attendance occurred before any kind of controversy, which makes it even nicer.

    Thanks for all the responses on the thread! Many nice moments shared. I really was thinking I might not even watch the Olympics, but now I'm over that, so the antidote worked!

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    For some reason I don't know how to describe, this event made me excited about skating again. Admittedly my work and personal life has taken me out of the fs scene, so to speak, for a couple years, but I have been super engaged the last couple weeks!

    * Watching Jeremy Abbott's SP had me on cloud 9; I swear I watched it 10 times and I haven't done that with a skating performance in so long. Nice to see someone hit it out of the ballpark when it counts.
    * I know Davis/White's PCS were inflated, but I can't lie, it was fun to see perfect marks again.
    * Semantha Cesario's and Polina Edmunds' skating surprised me in totally good ways. Hope to see these two around for quite a while!

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    Keegan Messing's quad-triple, his sky-high split jumps, and the impromptu yo-yo demonstration he put on while waiting for his marks.

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    Can I just say how much I was shocked/impressed at how much improvement there has been to Gold's 'helicopter arms'?

    I don't know what kind of magic those ballet lessons/ Caroll have been up to, but man, if she'd come out like this from the getgo, there would NOT have been as much a backlash and bashing as there was earlier, just this YEAR even.

    A pity, since I personally just have a habit of scrutinizing her arms/hands when she skates, regardless. But really impressed. I would never have deemed them to be 'fixable' :P

    Can't wait for the next quad, when Edmunds grows into her limbs, so that she and Gold can really start pushing each other.

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    I would like to celebrate Mirai's fight back to top 3 and the podium after a 2 year slump! How awesome is that? I hope that this is the start of better things to come for Nagasu. I wish for her great success in whatever her endeavors are in the coming years but if she stays in - I hope that she can find a stable coaching environment (it'd be great if it were in Japan!) and that she improves dramatically and contends on the world stage again.

    Jason - especially his FS! My fave of the men's!

    It was such a relieve to watch the Ice Dance event without any worries! Meryl and Charlie were already as good as on the team so it was great that they could skate with abandon and enjoy their final Nationals (please don't let it be so! )

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