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Thread: What's your nemesis move?

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    What's your nemesis move?

    If you have one move/skill that is your absolute nemesis (or more than one)--the one that refuses to work or disappears and re-appears, vent it here!!!:evil:

    Mine is the left forward inside three turn. I'm finally turning onto an edge not a flat, but its slooooooooowww progress. It drives me bonkers.

    So what's yours?

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    Re: What's your nemesis move?

    The lutz. I have (IMO :lol: ) pretty good jumps - my axel is quite good for my age & size. But the lutz drives me nuts! I'm sure if I practiced it more it would improve, but I'm not fond of it so I often ignore it.

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    Re: What's your nemesis move?

    Mine has to be my axel. Since I started landing them consistantly almost 6 years ago, I've lost it about 4 times. My 2 sal and 2 loop are more consistant than my axel and I've only recently started landing 2 loops consistant. 2 toes are also my nemesis, so I just don't do them, but at my level, you have to do axels :rolleyes:

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    Re: What's your nemesis move?

    Definitely the double as the second jump of a combination. I have a habit of going too far around before tapping for the toe, so I don't get the lift necessary to do the jump. I prefer to do the double loop as the second part of a combination. :o)

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    Definetly the double toe.

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    Re: What's your nemesis move?

    Mine would definately be the mohawks. My feet just don't seem to want to do them correctly. Then comes forward right crossovers(the opposite direction of my good side). I have to practice them so much and progessing slowly.

    Also the half lutz. I hate gliding on a back left outside edge, perhaps I just don't like the jump so I don't practice it as much as I should.

    My favorite jump is the flip. Can't quite make an entire revelution yet, but I feel a lot more confident doing this jump than any others. Going into the flip, I feel I have a good 3turn and control of edge (not leaning on toepick all the time) overall a good set up, now I just have to put some more power into making the entire revelution and not two foot it. Only jumps I can land are single salcow and toe loop.

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    Re: What's your nemesis move?

    Definately my BO-FI Threeturns. I hate them and I don`t know why they aren´t working. I didn`t practice anythíng so often like those threeturns.
    My favorite elements are sit-spins and spirals.

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    Re: What's your nemesis move?

    I don't like back right x-overs. My back left x-overs are good and that's really the only way I go around the rink, but I look like a bubmling idiot doing back right x-overs. I also DESPISE two foot spins. I hate spinning. I get dizzy and never get enough speed and can never exit gracefully. I just kind of stop and go, ARG!

    I love waltzes and half flips. Only jumps I know. :D I also love spirals, especially catch foots.

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    BI3s. These are the hardest (for me). I do them very slowly and have worked on them for a long time. Since they are not an energetic or fun move, I do not practice them enough. Maybe once around the rink per session.


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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: nemesis

    Oddly enough, the reverse spin. Or is it called a back spin? When I do them right, they are just lovely. High speed, good position, pretty smooth exit. Problem is, they just come and go! One time, I'll do several in a row and they are "perfect." The next one, I practically fall out of it. I can land all of my single jumps, sometimes an axel, can do a flying camel, camel/sit, and scratch spin, but this is the thing that gives me trouble!!! :rolleyes:

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    Re: nemesis


    2 foot direction change!

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    Nemesis move

    For me, backspin is one, and back inside 3's. My loop jump used to be on this list but after over a year of working on it I am finally landing it.

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