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Thread: Miserable/Marvelous Lessons/Practices, 3/2/09-3/9/09

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    Miserable/Marvelous Lessons/Practices, 3/2/09-3/9/09

    Miserable: Nothing like trying out a backless, halter style skating dress in a cold rink on a 12 degree morning. I think I've thawed out.

    Marvelous: Elements and Programs went well this morning. Stuck in some simple swizzles to "cute" up the end to the footwork program. I swear from now on I'm going to be doing everything in threes, in threes, in threes...sorry, couldn't resist!!! :rollin:

    I think I'm ready. Exhibition tonight, where I may get to do both programs as its a small grouping of skaters, then competition on Saturday. My goal is to keep the flow going and not slow down going into elements and just do the very best I can. I'm pretty up for it. :D

    Happy skating!!!


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    Re: Miserable/Marvelous Lessons/Practices, 3/2/09-3/9/09

    Miserable: How about a knee injury from a minor skiing accident this past weekend?! Doctor's orders: no activities for 10 skiing, no skating, no riding! Not to mention the prescribed anti-inflammatory drug is making me sick. I may have to push back my test another month. Bummer.

    Marvelous: Well, that remains to be seen.

    Best of luck to you on your exhibition tonight and competition this weekend!

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    Re: Miserable/Marvelous Lessons/Practices, 3/2/09-3/9/09

    Miserable - Not skating this week. Trying to heal. Going up a wall! :evil:

    Good luck Beth!!!!

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    Re: Miserable/Marvelous Lessons/Practices, 3/2/09-3/9/09

    Miserable: My two foot spin at first this morning. Wonky, wonky, wonky, but it came together with advice from coach.

    Middlin': The exhibition on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, I must have eaten something that didn't agree with me on Monday, and I was a digestive mess on Tuesday. Hit a rut with my skating foot on the spiral so my free leg was bouncy, bouncy, but the rest went fine.

    Marvy: Much better today with Elements and both programs. Straightened out little flaws--I feel ready for Saturday's competition. I'm just going to skate with joy and let it flow the best I can.

    Stay warm, everyone!!!

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    Re: Miserable/Marvelous Lessons/Practices, 3/2/09-3/9/09

    Competition was a mixed bag, but very motivating. I came in second to my friend in both Elements and Freestyle. Elements went poorly for me. I've had a stomach bug all week, and I just couldn't get my legs under me that early in the morning. I felt much better by Freestyle and I skated well. I was a little disappointed in the outcome--I thought that I might have won that one, but no matter. I had another coach tell me that she felt the Freestyle was closer than the judges did and if I'd have held my back edges longer, I might have won. I have to talk to Paula about re-working the edges to the music to hold them longer. Also, my two foot spins simply sucked on Saturday. Mercer ice is rougher (semi-outdoor) and my spin is only fair on good ice. Time to spend plenty of time on two and one foot spins!!!

    Interpretive went great. It was that theme music for Austin Powers and I basically went out and played a ditz who pretended to struggle with every move. I was put up against a 15 year old Freestyle 3 and we tied for 1st, so I'm pretty proud of it. My Footwork was against the book, but it was my best program of the day, and I was really pleased to get scores that were higher than most of the kids in Freestyle 1.

    Overall, it was very motivating, and since I'm motivated to do better at Warwick in May, my competition is now motivated too, so we'll both be working harder, which is the point. Overall, a good day.

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Miserable/Marvelous Lessons/Practices, 3/2/09-3/9/09

    Congrats on your fine showing at the competition, Yazmeen. You're an inspiration to all of us!

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