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I'll be sad if Adelina doesn't skate the short but the decision makes sense because, as others have noted, the placements between them won't change much. If everyone is clean in th SP, both would place behind Mao and ahead of everyone else.
Despite that Adelina has been beating Julia in the SP, in a sense it would be easier to see a clean Kostner beating a clean Sotnikova in the SP than a clean Kostner beating a clean Lipnitskaya. Atleast with Lipnitskaya she has the much harder jump combination to give her the edge. Sotnikova though is also only doing a triple toe-triple toe, so compared to Kostner, Sotnikova has no obvious edge other than better spins (which Julia also easily has compared to Kostner). While Sotnikova did beat a clean Kostner in the SP at Europeans with the same jumps, that isnt a guarantee to happen the next time. Julia is the one who even beat a clean Kostner by 5 points in the SP once this season, so of which could skate cleanly and still perhaps lose in the SP to Kostner, Sotnikova was possibly seen as the more likely despite regularly beating Julia in the SP this year (along with the more likely to make a big mistake despite that it is now 3 competitions in a row with a clean short by her). That isnt to mention Gold, but I am not sure which of Julia or Sotnikova is more vurnerable to losing to a clean Gold in the short.