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Thread: Wedding Photos

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    Wedding Photos

    Here's a teaser:

    Click HERE for more!

    week left till my next wedding photo shoot!
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    These are great! I especially like the one of the bride and the maid of honor in the blue dress. The little girls look so cute inthe crinolines and up-dos!

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    those three were just little dolls... they're so sweet... two of them are from Mississippi and when they saw the snow just coming down they kept saying it was "pouring snow" it was so cute...

    all three are the bride's cousins... and the groom's nephew was the ring bear(I got pics on him, however I didn't have a lot of time to scan the photos before I had to get the photos to the MOTB so she could take them down south where the newlyweds live) and he was sooooooooo obsessed with the eldest of the three girls... and tried to get her to dance with him all night... and it didn't work LOL

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    Toni-very nice pictures.

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