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Thread: Taiwan to get Four Continents again in 2016!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarneAsada View Post
    It's not Taiwan's fault the event was poorly attended. The event was scheduled far too close to the Olympics, so none of the top pairs were there and the top singles skaters in the LP were Takahiko Kozuka and Kanako Murakami (nothing against them but neither one draws a crowd like Mao or Dai). What would you expect? 4CC was held in the exact same location in 2011 and didn't have problems with attendance as far as I remember.

    I should spell out my points more literally than inferentially. Inferential writing can create ambiguity.

    I agree with much of what you write. That was my point. Let me say it another way: To give them the games in the next Olympic year (ie 2018) would neither be fair nor wise because that would simply be a repeat occurrence of what happened this year, ie zero attendance.

    However, if you are inferring that that kind of dismal attendance in Taipei (looking at the shorts, the arena was basically empty . . . we are talking rock bottom attendance here . . . basically zero attendance) could not have been bettered somewhere else THIS YEAR, I beg to differ. (It certainly could not have been worse.) And as you asked me a question (What did you expect?), yes what happened is what I expected and what anyone and everyone should have expected and probably did expect. (As your question is rhetorical, you too expected it, I gather.)

    Taipei came through and met everyone's expectation, but no one should be proud of the accomplishment, especially the ISU who orchestrated it. And no one should blame Tapei for what happened. It is the ISU's fault for the way, the place and the time that it was set up.

    Would it not have been better this year to put the event in a place where there was less chance of total failure rather than a place where total failure (in attendance and interest) was a total certainty? It may not have been possible, but hopefully the lesson has been learned by ISU and they work out matters (regarding location, participation and timing) so that it will not happen again.

    Really, the ISU needs to work out something better in an Olympic year so that failure is not so inevitable. At least one aspect of that (and there are several) is the location of the event. A location in a place like Tapei for 4CC a few weeks before the Olympics only adds to the perfection of the perfect storm for failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by os168 View Post
    Please comfort your dad and to assure him these opinions are in the minority,there are a lot of subversive geopolitics interests at play (Taiwan, Japan, China, US) and results certain news being more sensationalized than they actually are. I consider Taiwan very proud of its Chinese heritage (The passport still state Republic of China for example, not Taiwan, not Chinese Taipei) but must be on its own terms. People just want peace, freedom and stability.
    My dear, I think you may be stuck in the 80s. When was the last time you heard a Taiwanese person refer to him/herself as "Chinese", especially anyone born in the 80's or later? Did you miss the whole era when the government was doing everything it could to de-Chinalize itself starting in the late 90s with Lee's re-election, and did it quite successfully? Everytime I look at my passport I wonder why they haven't completely got rid of the name the "Republic of China" and just call it Taiwan. On October 10th every year, all the celebratory posts I see on Facebook from my Taiwanese friends all wish TAIWAN a happy birthday, not the Republic of China, as unfactual as it is. You've also gotta be pretty out of the loop to not even notice that the general public is pretty enamoured with all things Japanese, starting from Sanrio products, food, fashion, to big or small household items. How many times have you heard people mention something having a Japanese brand or of Japanese origin to automatically be suggesting that it's good by default? Manga has long been part of the Taiwanese pop culture, and I know more than a few people who know the Japanese TV dramas more than they know their own. When was the last time you were in Taiwan? Compared to Korean and China, the other two Asian countries who suffered greatly during the Japanese invasion in WWII, oh yeah, I would say Taiwan EMBRACES and LOOKS UP to Japan in a way that I don't know existed between any other two countries. Diaoyutai seems to be the only thing that holds Taiwan back a little. But compared to the efforts from the Chinese government and the emotions expressed by the mainlanders, who has a much less legitimate claim over the island, Taiwan's effort seems so ironcially tame.

    As for the term feminine culture of course it can be interpret as 'high culture', but why not just call it that, consider the stigma of 'feminine' associated with this sport has already breed a stereotype and now a cliche.
    I don't know what you are trying to say here. I'm actually commending Taiwan and other Asian countries for their acceptance and welcoming of a sport that would otherwise be considered as femine by the popular western culture. It's so much well respected there than it is in the US, for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shine View Post
    My dear, I think you may be stuck in the 80s. When was the last time you heard a Taiwanese person refer to him/herself as "Chinese", especially anyone born in the 80's or later? Did you miss the whole era when the government was doing everything it could to de-Chinalize itself starting in the late 90s with Lee's re-election, and did it quite successfully? Everytime I look at my passport I wonder why they haven't completely got rid of the name the "Republic of China" and just call it Taiwan.
    As a matter infact, I was there last year for 3 months, how about you? Do you even vote?

    You pretty much sums up that it is YOU who ARE in out of touch with reality by wondering why they haven't got rid of the name 'Republic of China'.

    You DO realize history exist before the 80s,90s, and astonishingly even after 2000?! That the democratic country of Taiwan has infact voted for the KMT (Chinese Nationalist party) to be in power, and that therefore it is perfectly insulting to the majority of the country who voted for them that shares their believes to be labelled Japanised contrary to your very own personal opinion. Taiwan is a capitalist country with free reigning economy where people celebrate consumerism by buying high quality goods, and welcomes cultural goods of all sorts not just Japanese, it has nothing to do with particular national affiliation. Just because majority of the world eat Chinese takeaways, buy Chinese goods from everywhere and like the Hollywood wirefus, the Jackie Chans, like their iPhones (made by Taiwanese company in China) doesn't make them Chinarized either. It is idiotic and too simplistic in thinking. Why do you think President Lee is widely disrespected and known not to be trusted by much of the Taiwan population because of his Japanese education (where Japanese colonial ruling means it is virtually impossible not to have a Japanese education through their imperialist ruling) It is also the difference between why you can't retrieve Japanese YEN out of a cash machine in Taiwan, but you CAN with Chinese RMB based on the reality of TODAY! Like it or not, it is the way the world is going. To label something wrong there's no ifs or buts, it is just factually wrong. To make it simple, why don't you or anyone just call up any local Taiwan consulate and ask this very question: 'Do you think it is insulting to label Taiwan as Japanised?'

    As for why no one will call themselves Chinese, why don't you learn bit more about geopolitics history and the importance of maintain 'status quo' Taiwan was forced not able to declare itself as 'Republic of China' internationally (due to one China policy) as oppose to chose not to, and ends up only able to refer itself as Taiwan just so to maintain face saving as well knee jerk reaction from someone constantly threaten them with military force, the only way out is break away through non affiliation, a kink the DPP readily exploited with their political rhetoric. It comes down to pure semantics where different issues of ethnicity, politics and nationalism became muddled and dumbed down in the name of convenient propaganda rhetoric that has little shared implicit meaning and devoid of context. BTW I have met Pres. Chen and sums up within half an hour that he is full of crap and not to be trusted. Awful politician of the worst sort. Unsurprisingly, the country suffered enormously and became stagnant under his ruling.

    Anyway I don't want to pollute the board with politics but I thought it is important to set the fact straight, especially next time anyone visit 4CC in Taiwan please don't offend the host country by label them Japanised. Likewise, I think it will also be equally sensible not to label this sport as feminized if it is to take itself seriously.

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    At least we no longer have to wonder whether os168 is "green" or "blue" after this last post - it would have made my dad proud. I wonder if we will next hear about retaking the mainland (which of course includes Outer Mongolia and Tibet, rightful possessions of the Republic of China ). And FYI shine & os168 the correct term is "de-Sinicize" or "Taiwanise" .

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    Maybe they should start GIVING away tickets now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WeakAnkles View Post
    Maybe they should start GIVING away tickets now...
    So True. If they start now, maybe they will be able to fill the whole arena when 2016 rolls along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chapis View Post
    neither 4cc in Colorado Springs 2012 was very crowded, and in Taipei at least they give the tickets free and I think Korea would be great for another 4cc.
    I was more surprised and dissapointed with Cup of Russia, Sochi is so close and Russia have so many good skaters, so I would thought people were excited in Russia, but no. Skate America 2013 was full with japanese people, so american people are not very interesed in FS. The only good countries for 4cc are Japan and Canada, but if Taiwan can absorb the costs of a competition like that it is ok, and with big names people will go, when Mao was in 4cc in Taiwan japanese people went there.
    But a competition in Colorado Springs or elsewhere in America (or in Canada) is likely to be better attended than in Taipei this year, surely? There was hardly anyone in the Taipei audience. It only seemed to be a few dozen people. Most skating events that I've attended in Canada or America or watched on television have always had more people than that.

    Or for the years that it needs to be on the Asian continent, why not Japan? Japanese skating fans are great and keep up with not only their own skaters, but those here in Canada and other countries as well. I've seen how many letters our Canadian skaters receive from Japan.

    I just don't get why the ISU thinks it can be encouraging to the skaters to be in an arena like Taipei where there is hardly anyone in the audience! I don't get the logic of it.

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