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Thread: Favorite figure skating programs

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    Favorite figure skating programs

    I would like to know which are your favorite programs ever.

    This is my list:
    Irina Slutskaya "Wonderland", 2005 WC (My sentimental favorite all time)
    Mao Asada "Swan lake", 2013 WC (Maybe she had some mistakes in the first part of the program, but she was amazing. The program was dramatic, dynamic, lively and her smile at the last sequence was beautiful.)

    Alexei Yagudin "Winter", 2002 Olympics (impressive, no matter if you watch it then or today)
    Stephane Lambiel "Four seasons", 2006
    Stephane Lambiel "Ne me quitte pas", Gala
    Denis Ten, "The artist", 2013 WC

    Navka/Kostomarov, "Tosca", 2005 WC (I miss these skaters)
    Virtue/Moir' tango, Vancouver 2010 (To me, everything was perfect, the choreography, the music, their passionate interpretation, her dress, his facial expression, all the little details...just perfect)

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    Midori Ito's 1998 Olympic free skate
    Elvis Stojko's Dragon (1994 Olympics, Worlds)
    Paul Wylie's Henry V - 1992 Olympics, professionally - JFK, Schindler's List, Apollo 13, Carmina Burana
    Brian Orser - The Bolt - 1988 Olympics, Worlds, The Story of My Life
    Todd Eldredge - First Knight - 1996 Worlds, 1998 Goodwill Games, 1492 - 2001 Worlds, Lord of the Rings - 2002 Olympics, The Glory, Il Mare Calmo de la Sera
    Michelle Kwan - 1998 US Nationals!, Salome - 1996 Worlds, Dante's Prayer, Winter, East of Eden
    Matt Savoie - 2006 US Nationals - The Mission
    Jason Brown - Riverdance - 2014 US Nationals
    Kurt Browning - Casablanca, Singin' in the Rain, Don't Fence Me In
    Meryl & Charlie - Samson & Delilah - 2009 Worlds (they should have been on the podium!), Die Fledermaus, this season's programs
    Viktor Petrenko - Mambo #5
    Akiko Suzuki - Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story
    Fumie Suguri - Jupiter (from "The Planets")

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    Todd Eldredge - Il Mare Calmo Della Sera; Salt Lake City exhibition
    Todd Eldredge - '02 Nationals LP
    Alexei Yagudin - Man in the Iron Mask - SLC LP
    Shen & Zhao - Pretty much anything and everything
    Julia Lipnitskaia - Schindler's list; Euro's

    Just to name a few

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    Yuna Kim's 2007 and 2009 SPs and her 2010 FS
    Mao Asada's Nocturne (all versions), 2007 GPF FS, and Jupiter
    Michelle Kwan's 1996 SP, both of her programs at the 1998 World Pro, and Dante's Prayer
    Yuka Sato's "Afternoon of a Faun" and "Kitaro" pro programs
    Midori Ito's 1988 SP

    Jeremy Abbott's 2010 Nationals programs and Muse FS
    Ilia Kulik's 1998 Olympic SP and Liebestraume
    Patrick Chan's Rachmaninoff SP and EX
    Daisuke Takahashi's 2008 4CC SP and 2011 Nationals SP
    Jason Brown's 2013 and 2014 FSs

    Annenko-Stretinski's "Thanksgiving" pro program
    Virtue-Moir's 2010 Olympic FD (and a bunch of other programs)
    Torville-Dean's Bolero

    Shen-Zhao (see Amei's comment above)
    Savechenko-Szolkowy's Pina
    Sui-Han's 2012 and 2014 4CC FSs (I have a soft spot for them; they're the only current pair I actually watch besides S/S...)

    There's more, but I can't think of them right now...

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    Based on my bookmarks / what I rewatch most often:

    Mao Asada: Nocturne SP (both), Ballade no. 1 EX, Jupiter EX, Fantaisie-Impromptu FS (especially at 2007 GPF), Tango EX (2009 Worlds), Liebestraume FS
    Yu-na Kim: Danse Macabre SP, Bond SP, Lark Ascending FS, Homage to Korea FS, Meditation de Thais EX
    Akiko Suzuki: West Side Story FS, O FS, Die Fledermaus FS, Libertango EX
    Lu Chen: Spring Breeze SP, Rach 2 FS, The Last Emperor FS
    Midori Ito: 1988 Olympics SP & FS, Scheherazade FS (1990 Worlds)
    Mirai Nagasu: Fragile Dreams/Pirates SP (2010 Worlds)

    Daisuke Takahashi: La Strada FS, In the Garden of Souls SP, Blues for Klook FS, The Crisis EX (most of what he has done since 09-10, really)
    Yuzuru Hanyu: Romeo + Juliet FS (2012 Worlds)
    Stephane Lambiel: Poeta FS

    Shen/Zhao: Turandot FS
    Savchenko/Szolkowy: Pina FS
    Takahashi/Tran Imagine SP

    You can kind of tell that:
    a. I have only begun watching skating seriously since 2010 and
    b. I'm a big fan of Team Japan

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    Picking my personal favorite performance from current Olympians:

    Suzuki: WSS FS (2010 Olympics)
    Asada: Swan Lake FS (2013 Japanese Nationals)
    Kim: Les Miz FS (2013 Worlds)
    Wagner: Black Swan FS (2012 US Nationals)
    Lipnitskaia: Schinidler's List FS (2014 Euros)
    Gold: Life Is Beautiful FS (2013 US Nationals)
    Takahashi: La Strada FS (2010 Japanese Nationals)
    Chan: Four Seasons/Winter (2008 Canadian Nationals)
    Brown: Riverdance (2014 US Nationals)
    Hanyu: Romeo and Juliet FS (2013 GPF)
    S/S: The Mission FS (2007 Euros)
    V/M: Mahler #5 FD (2010 Olympics)
    D/W: S&D FD (2009 Worlds) (NDDP FD from 2013 Worlds is a very close 2nd)
    B/S: Adagio FD (2010 Olympics)
    P/B: Circus FD (2010 Worlds)
    W/P: Je Suis Malade FD (2012 Worlds)
    C/L: Requiem For A Dream FD (2010 Olympics)

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    Grishuk & Platov-Libertango
    Grishuk & Platov-Rock Around the Clock
    Katarina Witt-Carmen
    Sasha Cohen-Swan Lake (its original incarnation)
    Shen & Zhao-Turandot
    Alexei Yagudin-Winter
    Silverstein & Pekarek-My Sweet and Tender Beast
    Anissina & Peizerat-Man in the Iron Mask
    Klimova & Ponomarenko-Bach
    Mishkutenok & Dmitriev-Dream of Love

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    1. There was a Greatest Ladies SP thread
    Quote Originally Posted by Frenchie View Post
    Maria Butyrskaya 1993 EC (Kojiki by Kitaro. Just impressively confident, notice the entry into the 2A)
    Katarina Witt 1994 OG (yup, 3T2T is nothing to write home about, but that was a beautiful emotional moment)
    Yuka Sato 1994 WC (great skate at home, setting the stage for her WC win. she said she chose the music because listening to it made her happy )
    Nicole Bobek 1995 WC (not a big fan of her out-of-the-rink activities or of her textbook Flutz, but the performance was great - and it was a huge Flutz )
    Chen Lu 1996 WC (so delicate and silent to accentuate the emotion)
    Sasha Cohen 2002 OG (she had charisma oozing out of her. as well as blood out of her nose!)
    Fumie Suguri 2002 WC (great to skate clean at home. as clean as at the OG where she was low-balled to 7th in the SP, due in part to an early starting number)
    Carolina Kostner 2003 WC (so cute and young - jumped without any fear!)
    Kim Yu-Na 2010 OG (in command!)
    Ksenia Makarova 2012 WC (I just love the music, choreo and polish. This is NC, has better sound and the commentator shuts up)

    Honorary Mentions:
    Viktoria Volchkova 1998 SA (on her 16th birthday! Looks older than many skaters 5 years her senior)
    Lenka Kulovana 1997 EC (Music "Romance for Lenka" was composed for her)
    Mojca Kopač 2000 EC; 2004 EC Not to be found on youtube.
    2. There was a Greatest Ladies FS thread
    Quote Originally Posted by Frenchie View Post
    Katarina Witt 1987 WC Maria/West Side Story (after having lost the WC last year to Debi Thomas, she came to the US and had to skate right after Thomas' great performance: Thomas only made 1 slight mistake with the identical technical content and the pressure was on for Witt who skated her strongest skate ever with 5 triples. Very different to both Olympics where she didn't need the 3Lo to win)
    Midori Ito 1989 NHK Sheherazade (technically as awesome as her 1989 WC, but with imo better music, choreo and interpretation)
    Maria Butyrskaya 1994 EC Kojiki (beautiful, classy, clean and underrated, that was before her big successes.)
    Yuka Sato 1994 WC Paquita (ok, no 3T and low jumps. and I prefered her new LP she showed at 1993 Pirouetten despite the mistakes before coming back to this one. But her skating is just mindblowing. Her step sequence is so much more thrilling to me than what is being done / required today. I love her for remaining classy during and forever after Bonaly's embarrassing podium affront)
    Katarina Witt 1994 World Professionals Schindler's List (Lipnitskaya should have a look. Intense)
    Chen Lu 1994 NHK The Last Emperor (Perfect music for her. Same as when she won the WC in 95, just with a 2nd 3Lz)
    Michelle Kwan 1995 SA Salomé (Like the 1996 WC, but with a 3T3T. I'd have been ok if she had won the 96WC with that against...)
    Chen Lu 1996 WC Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 (Should have clearly won in my book. Notice at the 2:40 mark: a few seconds of intensity and just goosebumps. Nowadays, they'd tell her to not "waste any time and stuff some more technical content in!" )
    Tanja Szewczenko 1997 GPF Speed (it's the whole back story: she almost died due to a combo of viruses, couldn't skate for over a year and wasn't expected to ever come back. and oh boy, she did. that brought tears to the eyes of the commentators - and me!)
    Chen Lu 1998 OG Butterfly Lovers (the peak of LuLu's artistry. So delicate and yet feisty to fight to come back and even try a 3T3T at the very end - delusional in the best of ways! )
    Maria Butyrskaya 1999 WC Otonal (talk about mature woman skating! World Champion!)
    Vanessa Gusmeroli 2000 EC Legends of the Fall (the perfect performance in her best season. lol on the us commentator taking offense to a 5.5 before his co-commentator subtly slips in that it was the US judge!)
    Yuka Sato 2000 Stars On Ice Take My Hand by Dido (just glorious! 6 years after retiring, still 3Lo, 3T, 3S and 2A, and in addition a sense of freedom and true happiness)
    Kim Yu-Na 2007 CoC Miss Saigon (perfect jumps, incl. a 3Lo. I thought Miss Saigon suited her perfectly, up until I saw...)
    Kim Yu-Na 2011 WC Arirang - Homage to Korea (not perfect jumps, but what a sublime idea for the theme: Arirang is a traditional Korean song that's played as the National Anthem when South and North Korea march in as 1 team. Shame on Orser for squealing it to the press after their split. whatever went on between the 2, that was just not classy at all and I lost most of my respect for him)
    Yukari Nakano 2008 WC Capriccio Espagnol (probably the origin story of why I have this trauma of thinking jumps should get downgraded more often! An electrifying performance after all her opponents stumbled their way through their programs, incl. a 3A. It was underrotated, and back then, there was no differentiation between < and <<, so that meant 2A. She ended up 4th. All the other jumps were clean -incl her huge wrap on F and Lz- and the spins were great)
    Alissa Czisny 2011 NC Winter into Spring (love the music, elegance and spins! clean on all jumps. imo this was her best ever performance)
    Sarah Meier 2011 EC Love in the time of Cholera (plagued by injury, she only came to the 2011 EC because they were in Switzerland, to say "goodbye" to her fans. She didn't think she could medal. She won. Watch to the very end of the vid, her reaction to the marks and then to the placement, and tell me you didn't choke up!)
    Akiko Suzuki 2012 NHK "O" (my all-time favorite musical arrangement and choreography)
    Kim Yu-Na 2013 WC Les Misérables (perfect. she's always impressive, but here, I also loved the musical arrangement!)
    Akiko Suzuki 2013 NC Phantom of the Opera (just perfect. the silent parts in the middle best showcase how delicate she's become despite her strong technique)
    3. Other programs:
    Bolero by Torvill/Dean
    Missing by Duchesnays
    Moonlight Sonata by Gordeeva/Grinkov
    Taj Mahal by Schwarz/Müller
    Turandot by Shen/Zhao
    Who wants to live forever by Shen/Zhao
    The Mission by Savchenko/Szolkowy
    Pina by Savchenko/Szolkowy
    Blower's Daughter by Dubé/Davison
    Casablanca by Kurt Browning
    Guitar Concierto by Takahiko Kozuka
    Take Five by Takahiko Kozuka
    Take Five by Patrick Chan

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    "Aarat" by Jeffrey Buttle. He won World gold in 2008 with this program. Flawless and breathtaking.

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    Most of mine would be way too old school, but in recent years this:

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    Oksana Baiul- Black Swan SP Olympics 1994
    Alexei Urmanov - SP Olympics 1994 (this is the first year I really got into figure skating =)
    Katarina Witt- her Carmen LP Olympics is the best women's Carmen IMO.
    Daisuke Takahashi- Swan Lake hip hop (don't remember the year, but look it up- it is AMAZING, probably my favorite routine of all time by any skater).
    Alexei Yagudin's Man in the Iron Mask was also pretty awesome. He was a much more well-rounded skater than Plushenko, pity he had the hip problems so early on.

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