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Thread: Problem with my skates

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    Problem with my skates

    I've had my current skates for two years next February. They still fit and they aren't falling apart. The blades are getting chipped every now and then and the screws are coming loose. I can't tighten them very much because they are starting to tear up the leather on the bottom of the boot. The boots don't support my ankles as much as they used to. What I want to know is whether or not I should start thinking about getting a new pair?

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    Re: Problem with my skates

    It sounds like you need a new pair. If they lack support for your ankles and the blades are not staying tight go get yourself a new pair.

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    Re: Problem with my skates

    Certainly is time for a new pair. I'm particularly concerned about the screws coming loose. The soles shouldn't be like that if they are only two years old. Do you dry them well after every skate? Coat the soles with a leather wax? (like sno-seal)

    Also, why are your blades chipping? Do you clean your guards?
    Store your skates without the plastic guards, using only soft terry guards?
    Hope your not using them on outside rinks?!

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    Re: Problem with my skates

    I never use them on outside rinks. Whenever that subject comes up, I always say, no, can't use them there. I always dry them off completely after I use them. I keep the guards clean and I always store them with terry cloth covers. The only reason for chipping that I can think of is the hockey players are on the ice before the figure skaters and they don't do a very good job cleaning the surface. I might be hitting stuff on the ice, but I never see anything down there.

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