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Thread: Heel pain on Toe Jumps?

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    Heel pain on Toe Jumps?

    Maybe someone here can help me with a problem my daughter just developed...

    Last night she came to me and said when she does a jump like a flip (where she plants her toepick into the ice) it causes her heel to hurt... any ideas why? She was just measured and the boots are still a good fit (after 8 months of wearing them)...

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    Re: Heel pain?

    Hi Littleskatersmom-

    There can be a number of reasons for the heel pain.

    Heel pain can occur in children as they become more active in sports. Jumping in particular inflames the growth centers of the heels.

    Some other reasons for heel pain are a injury or bruise to the heel.
    Heel spurs and Plantar Fasciitis (inflammation of the connective tissue) can cause pain, usually this is not common in children.

    I would recommend taking your daughter to a podiatrist. (Or her pediatrician for a referral).

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    Re: Heel pain?

    When I had my old boots, I also got heel pain, especially when I did something like a toe loop and had to pick in. It turned out my boots were too big and my heel was moving. Are you sure hers are the right size? It's wise to check, ask her coach or something. If that's not the problem, I would discuss it with her coach and possibly take her to see a doctor or somebody to check if anything's wrong.

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    Re: Heel pain?

    I agree with icenut.. I would check for boot slippage, and if it continues, see a doc. I'm a doc myself, and my guess on the culprit would be the Achilles tendon, but it could be the plantar fascia (connective tissue on the bottom of the foot).

    My old boots were too big too and my left heel and ankle could drive me crazy. It could be the boots.

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