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    Short Dance Judges Team Event
    R. Ceccattini - ITA
    L. Krauzuiene - LTU
    W. Langton - AUS
    S. Rettstatt - USA
    T. Zhang - CHN
    T. Fukudore - JPN
    C. Buchanan - GBR
    J. Andreeva - RUS
    A. Makarova - UKR

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    When we will know who is skating team frees?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elif View Post
    When we will know who is skating team frees?
    February 9th, 2014 - 10:00 h (Sochi time)
    Nomination by name of the skaters participating in the Men, Ladies and Ice Dance Free Skating/Free Dance Team Event

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    Russia 47
    Canada 41
    USA 34
    Italy 31
    Japan 30

    How will the points be distributed for the FS?

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    There is almost no way for the medals to change. Italy is already out and they know it, so they don't even use C&L and Kostner.
    D&W will increase the gap between USA and Japan to 7-8 points, so the only way for Japan to overtake USA will be to have both Machida and Akiko win the LPs, and in the same time Brown AND Gold to bomb so badly that they come in 4th-5th.

    So except from a last moment withdrawal or sth, we will have Russia 1st, Canada 2nd and USA 3rd for the first medals of the games.

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