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Thread: What is needed to do a double jump?

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    What is needed to do a double jump?

    I can do a single toe loop and single salchow but I haven't even tried to do any double jumps yet. I was wondering for all of you that can do a double jump, what has your coach told you to help you be able to do a double, I mean where does that second rotation come from? I've seen very low doubles and very high doubles, I will probably be able to do a low double in the future if I work hard enough! but I have no idea where to start. So my question is, how did YOU learn to do your double?

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    What is needed to do a double jump?

    Good technique
    Good speed going into the jump
    Go for height rather than rotation.
    practice the jump off the ice.
    Be fearless.
    Daniel and Little Lulu

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    You definetly need VERY STRONG single jump techinque. A skater shouldnt begin doubles until they have a consistent lutz jump, and a good start on their axel jump. I think the most common issues skaters have w/ doubles is the forcing of the take off. Funny thing is, doubles are so much like singles. You dont need mega speed and power to do a double, just good timing, great takeoff position /check position, and a little bit more height and faster rotation than singles. Rotation will happen, the most crucial aspect is the take off.

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    Re: jumps

    I agree with you, I think a skater should have a great single jump technique but what do you do to even get that second rotation in the first place? It seems like there is one more step you do in a double than in a single. Is it simply crossing your feet , does that give you the second rotation? Has any one ever heard of someone doing a single jump and doing a double by mistake? What is that extra step that you have to take to get a second rotation or if you were a coach what would you tell your student who is trying to do a double for the first time?

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    Re: jumps

    My coach is forever yelling "Pull in!" at me.

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    NatureGirl 89

    Re: jumps

    You need overall body strength. Perfect (well, almost perfect) technique. Good speed would help because if you fall, you would slide instead of going straight down which is much more painful. It good to think of metaphoric (is there such word?) things, like when I learned my single axel last year (I'm just about to start on double axel - I've landed a few though) my old coach told me to think of climbing stairs.
    Good luck with your jumps!

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    MC Nige


    It's a while since I figure-skated, but I have to agree with Kzarah about practicing the jumps off-ice. I remember practicing the Axel off-ice (by taking a couple of steps and then jumping, ensuring the right leg comes through). When I eventually persuaded my coach to let me try it, I started landing it straight away!!

    The doubles took longer, because it is hard not to rush the take-off. The principle is to JUMP then ROTATE.

    I started trying this technique which I called 'delayed rotation'. I would practice some single jumps (e.g salchow) and delay before rotating (easy on a single). When I then tried the double and pulled in straight away, I would often find the rotation came very easily. It's hard to describe here, but skaters in the 70's and 80's (e.g Robin Cousins, Scott Hamilton) would often do a 'delayed axel'. If you can see some footage of this ('Magic Memories On Ice' is one video) you will see how they delay the rotation before pulling in.

    By the way, as for practicing the jumps off-ice, the only one that worked was the Axel. For the doubles, I found that just jumping on the spot and trying to rotate twice before landing worked best.

    Hope this helps!

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