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Thread: According to USAToday: Ashley for short, Gracie for free

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    News According to USAToday: Ashley SP, Gracie LP, Jeremy SP, Jason LP, M&C both, M&S both

    USAToday just broke the news this morning that Ashley will do SP and Gracie LP, Jeremy SP and Jason LP

    Davis and Charlie as well as Marissa and Simon to skate both SPs and LPs


    (The people spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity, because the team lineup won't be announced until Wednesday morning.)

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    Those would be excellent choices! Ashley has skated a lot of clean SPs this season, and Gracie's FS is a lot stronger than her SP usually; Jeremy is always a question mark, but he has less chances to affect the results bombing if he skates only the SP

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    If this is how they go, I think that makes sense. I think Jason is much more likely to go clean in the long, and as a result score higher, but with the quad in the short Jeremy has a much higher scoring potential there.

    Ashley and Gracie kind of makes sense too because since from both of them we would be getting the program that they're a little more seasoned with.

    If Meryl and Charlie want to do team event then that is an obvious choice. Castelli and Shnapir makes sense to me too. They have such a great sp this year and have been improving that free skate all season. Still... I'll wait until tomorrow before I really believe anything!!!

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    I think this will add and exciting event to the Figure skating competition.

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