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Thread: Skaters?

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    Re: Skaters?

    Hey all .. I'm new to this board .... so I'll consider this as an introduction

    I'm from Ohio (NE)
    I skate at least 3 times a week (6-7 hrs)
    I'm working on my axel and camel spin
    And I DO NOT compete

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    nutty ducky

    Re: Skaters?

    Hi i am Catherine.
    I live in Plymouth, England
    I am only just getting private lessons (only had 2 so far)
    I am working on forward crossovers (both directions), backwards crossovers (both directions), basic forward skating and chassis.
    I don't compete just yet!

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    Re: Skaters?

    This is my first post on this board too (have posted on the other fan-type board above a couple of times) so I guess this is an introduction too! I live in England and do both dance and free. Jumps: waltz, toe, salchow, waltz-toe, salchow-toe, toe-toe. Hope to learn half loop soon so I can try waltz-toe-half loop-salchow-toe! :D Am working on spins and slooooowly improving 1 foot upright, but jumps come more naturally to me. Hope to get new skates (w/new blades) in a couple of weeks so hopefully that will help my spins. Have just learnt dance no.7, the swing dance, love it It's the first one you learn where half of it is backwards. Can do relatively well all 3 turns and double 3s, and I love doing speedy back crossovers! Only skate once a week :( due to distance (an hours drive each way) and the lack of a drivers licence/car (I have lessons at the mo, not passed yet). Other info - my rink is closing next year, due to be replaced on the closing day by the opening day of a new international standard one. My coach is leaving in the summer, really don't want that to happen but will have to organise something else :( . Have never competed.

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    Re: Skaters?

    Hey, you guys!!!

    If you already seen me at this board.... know I have changed alias. I was "jramberg" at the old FSW board!

    I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area. I skate at the Adult Pre-Bronze FS level. I am working very hard on my Adult Bronze Moves right now and hope that someday I will be working on my Bronze FS test and compete at Adults Nationals. (Pleeze!!! Sometime this decade???) :D But I've only been in ONE local competition so far. I currently have no plans of competing at this point until I do an overhaul on my skating! (Boy do I need to fix going back to basics to move ahead!!!)

    I'll be on both boards for a while to see where everyone is hangin'!

    Joanna (aka 'jazzpants' and 'jramberg')

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    Hi! I'm new!

    I'm from the Bay Area in California too, and I skate with nessie sometimes, when we happen to be skating on the same days.

    I skate about 2-3 days a week, 2 hours or so each time, depending on my schedule. I graduate high school soon, so that means more time to skate in the summer! Whee!!

    I'm working on getting the loop down and I just landed my first flip(s) a couple days ago! Yay! My goal is to have the axel before I leave for college. I'm not sure if that's feasible, since I want to improve my gosh darned spins more than moving on in my jumps. :lol: But as long as I'm improving in something, that's good, I suppose...My forward scratch spin is getting better, and the backspin comes and goes. Sit spin is nonexistent since I can't seem to find my balance point on the blade...

    I've never tried to test or compete or even skate solo in a show, but I want to at least do a show in the summer. I'm not sure how to go about doing it, LOL, since I don't have a coach - never had one and I'm not really dying to get one either....(money is $$$!!)


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    Re: Skaters?

    Where are you from? Charlotte!
    How often do you skate? 5 days a week (1-2hours a day)
    What are you working on? Double Axel through Triple Flip
    Do you test/compete: yeah! I passed my intermediate moves and I just got back from State Games of NC and I got 2 second places in Intermediate (short/long)

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    Re: Skaters?

    hi im katia and also im a skater!!!!!!!

    im doing levels at the moment so far im in level 4-5 (NISA UK)
    i train 2 a week (saturday 9am - 12:30pm monday 4:30 pm - 6pm) (planet ice uk)

    im working on my abaresque spiral on a outside edge and can do the waltz jump and scratch spin and im not doing competitions yet also im doing level tests!!!!!!! and i would absolutely love to compete in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would be great representing my country!!!!!

    luv katia xxxxx

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    Re: Skaters?

    I'm a skater! I'm actually an ice dancer, I switched from singles a few years ago, I had gotten up to my flying sit and double toe. I'm on my pregold dances and novice MITF, any other dancers out there?

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    Re: Skaters?


    I'm a UK skater too!

    I'm working on Gold Level 7 compulsories (22 step and European Waltz - old Inter-Silver) and SHOULD be starting on the OD and Free Dance tests (I passed the Elementary Variation test in January) when I get back (I'm injured right now).

    In Free I'm working towards Bronze Level 3 (Loop, Flip, something-toe loop combo, camel spin, backspin and straight line step sequence) Elements and Free and whatever Inter-Bronze Field moves are called these days (F changes of edge, consecutive FO3's, FI's, BO3's with mohawk, F&B one foot slalom back and back cross rolls).

    I WAS working on Axel and all doubles up to 2Flip but a combination of 'losing' my Free coaches, concentrating on the test elements and being injured for most of the year has stuffed that all up :( My dance coach has also started working on the Silver Part I (Gold Level eight) dances ....... at least he has confidence in me

    I've done a few Dance comps (solo and couples, though I don't have a partner at the mo) but have concentrated mainly on testing. My coach wants me to compete next year though!!!

    L x

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    Re: Skaters?

    TashaKat, how do the dance levels work in the UK? I'm US and it goes Preliminary, Pre-bronze, Bronze, Pre-silver, Silver, Pre-gold, Gold, Junior International, Senior International. I'm on my pre-gold, which is Kilian, Paso Doble, and Blues. I know you guys have solo dance nationals, I wish we did, I do as much solo as I can locally since I don't have a partner right now, but as I moved up in the levels there were less and less entries in my event and by now they never hold my events cuz I'm the only entry!

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    Re: Skaters?

    Hi They've just changed (well from January 2002) the test system so WE'RE still confused!

    It USED to be:

    Skate UK levels (sort of the introductory levels)

    then onto the 'regular' stream which was for everyone apart from pure recreational skaters who had their own rec ice dance tests.

    They went (for dance)

    Novice I & II
    Elementary I & II
    Inter-Bronze (Fiesta Tango/British Waltz)
    Bronze (14-Step/Foxtrot)
    Inter-Silver (22-Step/European Waltz)
    Silver I (Rocker Foxtrot/Blues) & II
    Inter-Gold I & II
    Gold I & II
    Gold Bar I-III
    Gold Star

    NOW it's changed .......

    It starts with:

    SKATE UK Learn to Skate Levels 1-10 then goes to:
    SKATE UK Star Programme then goes onto the 'standard' tests:

    Bronze Level 1 (Novice Foxtrot/Rhythm Blues)
    Bronze Level 2 (Canasta Tango/Dutch Waltz)
    Bronze Level 3 (Riverside Rhumba/Golden Skater's Waltz)

    Silver Level 4 (Swing Dance/Fiesta Tango)
    Silver Level 5 (British Waltz/Foxtrot)
    Silver Level 6 (Willow Waltz/14 Step)

    Gold Level 7 (European Waltz/22 Step)
    Gold Level 8i (Rocker Foxtrot/Blues)
    Gold Level 8ii (Tango/Silver Samba)
    Gold Level 9i (Kilian/Starlight Waltz)
    Gold Level 9ii (Paso Doble/Argentine Tango)
    Gold Level 10i (Viennese Waltz/Quickstep)
    Gold Level 10ii (Westminster Waltz/Rhumba)

    Gold Bar 1 (not yet published)
    Gold Bar 2 (not yet published)
    Gold Star (not yet published)

    There's also a Variation/OD, a Free Dance and a Dance Moves stream!

    Then there's the 'Competitive' tests - all parts of Level 6 must have been passed before entering the competitive test system






    These follow the ISU rules for the competitions at that level

    Phew! The full listings of the UK tests are at

    I preferred the 'old' test level names, 'Gold' meant something whereas I'm working for Gold Level 7 now which doesn't seem quite 'right' .... but that's my gripe

    L x

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    Solo Ice Dance

    Yes, it's great that we have the Championships and there are some fabulous skaters out there (would many people out there like to compete a Viennese SOLO at the age of 14 like my friend, Emma, did?). Unfortunately they aren't given the same credit as their 'couples' peers and the girls in couples are STILL at the head of the queue when the boys are looking for new partners .... it beats me why they don't look at the solo dancers!

    There are some pics of our Solo's Championships at:

    2002 Championships and 2001 Championships

    Emma doing her Free Dance last year

    L x

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    Re: Solo Ice Dance

    LOL, I love the Viennese!!!! A few comps have solo FD but not many, I did one once and it was loads of fun!!! We have FD tests and Moves In The Field Tests, MITF are just footwork and basic stroking. We also hafta take all the dance tests solo and with a pertner until the Internationals. What's the 22-step? It might just have a different name over here, but I've never heard of it.

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    The 22-step is done to the Kilian music ..... you can get the step chart and dance pattern at (you'll need to register but it doesn't cost anything), go to the 'Files' section and then to 'Ice Dance - Dance Patterns' and it's in there somewhere!

    Don't know if this is readable here but here's the pattern:

    L x

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    Re: 22-Step

    Thanks, we don't have that one over here.

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