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Thread: Last minute tip for Shizuka ARAKAWA

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    Last minute tip for Shizuka ARAKAWA

    I know that there is no way she's going to read this. I just can't help mentioning that her Donut number entry is far from graceful. Her free leg is not high enough when she starts reaching for the skate, which results in a very awkward position. What make it worse is that the bad pos often faces directly the camera. IMHO, move the free leg parallel to the ice and then grab the skate, as many other skaters do (e.g. Plushenko).

    The same would apply to Julie Sebestyen.

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    Yeah, most skaters who do the donut spin have a pretty ugly setup. The only exception I can think of right now is Ann Patrice McDonough, if I remember correctly she grabs her free foot but her leg and upper body do not slouch to get there.

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