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Thread: Ksenia Stolbova & Fedor Klimov

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alba View Post
    The Queen has a new hair colour.
    I like it very much So beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snow63 View Post
    I like it very much So beautiful.
    Me too. It's a warm blonde colour, and it suits her very much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alithia View Post
    As a natural blonde brown-eyed woman I think I need to go see what's wrong with me
    But I like her new colour,I'm not into balayage,I prefer just one colour but it looks good on her
    LOL, no, no, nothing's wrong, please don't misunderstand me! When it's a natural blonde with brown eyes the skin tone always matches. Nature's good at matching.

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    Ksenia and Fedor's first ever Senior GP perforamnce - SP from Skate America in 2010.

    They've improved so much since!!

    I love the comments though lol "not enough passion", "the individual skating skills are lacking" ( ) they were little babies!
    it's really funny hearing this from Kurt casue basically all he does now is praise ksenia's skaing skills.

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