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Thread: 2014 Olympics Mens Free Skate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crylais View Post
    I no longer think you can he is the best in the world. Maybe one of the best.

    As for the Eric Bompard skate, that's definately one of his best skate ever. Unfortunately I don't see him pulling it off again given the way he has been landing his 3A
    Not just one of his best... arguably THE best ever (it certainly has the world record for FS and total points). His 3A was actually relatively solid (for him this season), having landed 5/8 cleanly leading up to Sochi. Unfortunately it just wasn't there when he needed it most. He's still landed probably the greatest number of quads in competition this season (maybe a fairly consistent jumper like Voronov or Machida have him beat).

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    Frankly, I think both Patrick Chan and Yuzur's PCS at free skakte Olympic should be between 85 or 87 because they made mistake (well, so did the others men). Their score in SP are okay, I think, baring all the things that had happened before them.
    Even with such lower scores in FS, the replacements would stay the same thanks to their high scores in SP. My ideal scores would be like this:

    Yuzuru: 276.11 (101.45+ 173.64)
    Patrick Chan: 270.52 (97.52 + 173.10)
    Denis Ten: 84.06 + 171.04 = 255.10 (This guy, he is not my favourite since I feel not much elegance and fluidity in his moves but he tried to be clean, I am okay with him being third, not to mention even if I added 5 scores to his PCS, his scores were 260.10, still much lower than Patrick Chan and Yuzuru)

    So, even if both Yuzu and Patrick Chan's scores were lower (like -5 in PCS due to their mistakes in FS), they are still gold and silver medalist respectively.

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    Oh, come on with this EBT 2013! IT was the only one in his entire career! Don't you understand that when you fall your performance is ruined? Watch Plushenko, watch Yuna Kim if you want to see true champions and deserving olympic champions. Besides his 3A and even his 2A are inconsistent.

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