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Thread: What material can we use to cover the boards of the rink?

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    What material can we use to cover the boards of the rink?

    Our club is getting ready to host a competition and we'd like to cover the boards like they do at major competitions. I've heard it's expensive but think that hiding all the puck marks and otherwise shoddy looking boards will improve the competition. Can anyone tell me what material is used for this purpose? Any suggested sources of supply? Anything that would help us track it down would really be appreciated. So far, I've struck out with google but I really don't know what I'm looking for other than thin, opaque plastic of some sort.

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    Siegfried, welcome to Golden Skate! I hope your club's competition goes off seamlessly.

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    At Jamestown, NY they always used dark blue plastic tablecloths. I think it looked classy with the surroundings. I think it was just a medium-thick plastic tablecloth.

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    Try roll of black poly vapor barrier...yes I know it's black but has worked for us in many shows...not certain about a competition...price is right. Another option for competitions and shows is roll of fabric (double sided tape along dasher). This is reusable, Poly is a one time use. Good Luck

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