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Thread: Best Olympics Men's Competitions

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    My favorite: Battle of the Brians--1988

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiamForeman View Post
    1. 1988- Of course there were the Brians, but Viktor Petrenko came from behind with an amazing SP and LP too. Bowman, Wylie, Browning all were great.

    2. 2002- Best ever Yagudin performance, Plush went after the tech, and Goebel managed a clean one.

    3. 1998- Stojko was never my thing, but he pushed to the end, and Kulik was flawless. D'Artagnan was a total surpise.

    4. 1994- Yeah, the elders blew up, but they all came back in the LP to do great programs. The medalists earned it.
    For me 2002 tops them all because all of the top 3 were so great but Yagudin really in my mind was incomparable. And the Brian Brian competition was fierce but the Plushenko/Yagudin one had more melodrama. And then Goebel being so amazing and landing three freaking quads is just the cherry on top.

    But now I'll have to go and rewatch all those other guys you mentioned from 1988.

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    2002 the Quad Squad and 1998 the timeless Battle of the Brians!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimplyLex View Post
    But Yags comes once in a lifetime, so I'm not raising my hopes up to get another one like that. His programs were artistically pure perfection.

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    My favorite men's competition was had the amateurs and the reinstated pros much anticipation and shocking results.

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