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Thread: Katerina Witt Talks About The Dangers Of The Sport

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    Katerina Witt Talks About The Dangers Of The Sport

    Katerina Witt Article

    I know that we have discussed this many times at GS and last night when they showed the hinged boot, I thouhgt of Rgirl.


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    She trained for 7 hours a day?! Whenever I read interviews with top skaters, it seems that no one trains for more than 2-3 hours per day, which to me always seemed like a short amount of time, especially if you include off-ice conditioning, dance, etc.

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    Remember that when Kat competed, skaters spend 3 hours a day on figures and then a few hours for free skating. Now the skaters only train freestyle so they only need 2 hours.

    Jill Trenary practiced figures for 4 hours a day which is why she won worlds in 1991.

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    I believe Evgeni practices 5-6 hours a day.

    But with all the injuries the top men have, I would hate to see the ladies start jumping themselves into an early retirement.

    Yes, it is very difficult to get that third rotation on the end of combination, that's why so many of them are cheated.


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