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Thread: What are they wearing???

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilahozi View Post
    She also skated in that gold dress to a song called "Fields of Gold".
    Probably my all-time favorite performance of Michelle Kwan. I am so glad I got to see her skate that program at Champions on Ice. Considering she performed it around 100 times, I bet her gold costume was probably worn out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cinnamon View Post
    I'm not trying to spread a new belief or something, but Mao's gala dress was gold. And I remember Michelle also once prepared a gold dress, and ended up not having a gold medal...
    What did she wear? I didn't see gala. Her SP/FS costumes were.. not my taste, to say the least. She has a very different taste from mine when it comes to fashion, apparently.

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    Speaking of weird costumes, does anybody remember the Wendes' SP costumes from 2010? Those were horrifying! I forgot they even wore them and then saw a picture last night.. they look so classy now! It's hard to believe they're the same team, especially since Maylin's hair is no longer dyed blonde. Nicole Della Monica looked so different as a blonde, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icey View Post
    Yu na is wearing Olive green for clowns according to her designer. It looks yellow to me though.
    Chartreuse ala Fleming - not considered a particularly flattering color for most skin types - best is cobalt or electric blue actually according to my prof. Kind of true pale or black looks good. never wear puice or wish someone to wear puice - it is an insult apparently and bad luck (color of a dead beetle when it is squished an d left to decompose).

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    Quote Originally Posted by figureskatingfan100 View Post
    Mao, Kanako and Gracie are wearing blue this season. Girls who wore red in the Olympics made mistakes in their free skates and Julia is wearing red this season.


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