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Thread: Amber Corwin

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    Amber Corwin

    Interesting article on the USFSA web site. If she manages all that she's set for herself technically will she be able to break into the top three at Nationals? She's been around for a long time, but never been a serious competitor. Will this change with the added content? What has been holding her back in the past? I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to her because there's something about her style that I don't care for, but it doesn't seem like she lags behind her competitors technically. Why is she perenially in the 6 - 8th placement at nationals?

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    Re: Amber Corwin

    looks like she's been working really hard. She could have medalled at 99 nats, but she bombed the free. Her 3toe always seemed "heavy" to me, but if she can do a quad, hey, I want to see it!


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    Re: Amber Corwin

    Me too! I want to see it. Amber has a number of problems:
    1. She is seriously going to college (she is now a senior). Even part time takes away from skating.
    2. She is not beautiful.
    3. People usually complain that she cheats her triple/triple. However, having seen it, lately it's more like she turns her body like it was cheated, but her foot is really making the 3 rotations.
    4. Her lutz has always been so so. Which is why she used triple toe triple toe in the SP. Under the old system, with no fixed values, triple toe/triple toe was getting less credit than triple lutz double toe.

    However, I have never seen her do 3lutz 3toe, and I'd like to see that too!

    Her efforts with the athletes organization sound very very commendable.

    I am impressed with her a lot of ways.


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    Re: Amber Corwin

    She certainly seems to have alot on her plate right now. If she manages to pull off everything she's working on ... well, won't that upset the old apple cart!
    Certainly would make things interesting.

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    Re: Amber Corwin

    [c]<font size=7>[b]<font color="#FF8000">More Look-alikes?<font size=2>
    <font size=4><font color="#FF0000">Click on <a href="" target="_new">THIS</a> then click on <a href="" target="_new">THIS</a>.

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    Re: Amber Corwin

    Amber has long been one of the most underated and undermarked skaters on the American scene. She isn't a little "pixie Barbie doll" she's all woman and a wonderful skater and athelete. I hope she does well with the new COP.

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    Re: Amber Corwin

    I agree sk8m8 - The COP would work in her favor at least for the tech marks.


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    Re: Amber Corwin

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>2. She is not beautiful.[/quote]

    How is that a "problem"? You don't have to be "beautiful" to be a champion, just look at Debi Thomas, Midori Ito, Tara Lipinski, Sarah Hughes, and Barbara F-P.

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    Re: Amber Corwin

    I always felt amber was undermarked in the past, but I felt at nationals this year that the skaters that placed above her artistically were much better than her, she has always just been ok, not a bring down the house skater.

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    Re: Amber Corwin

    This isn't the first time that I've heard people say Amber was undermarked. How can judges get away with that? I'd think that, for the sake of the sport, there would be complains. However, if she's consistently undermarked, maybe the marks are appropriate? I have no idea, but it seems as if there's consistency to something, there might be a reason.

    As to her looks, she put's herself together well. There aren't a lot of skaters out there who are drop dead gorgeous - rather, they do their makeup well and wear nice dresses. I can't imagine that they'd hold that against her - although, I could just be naive.

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    Princess Leppard 625

    Re: Amber Corwin

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">I felt her SP at Nationals was severely undermarked, or perhaps others with mistakes were severly overmarked. In any case, if she hadn't skated first, she would've been in the last group of six.

    She skated very well at Bofrost, that was the first time I saw her, and I think she was a late addition to that, and did great. I've read a lot about her role as the athlete representative, and I wish her good luck in everything she does!



    PS: I think she is very pretty, but not "classically" good looking, like VV. I don't think this is why the judges mark her down, though.</span>

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    Re: Amber Corwin

    Amber has never been a serious contender and never will be. She is adequate, but not outstanding. She's good but not great. Basically she has so-so programs that lack spark and originality, choreography that's extremely blah, and she's completely lacking in the "it" department. There's absolutely nothing about her or her skating that would make any judge remember her at the end of the day. She'll make a good coach or possibly a good skater for a cruise line, but that's about as far as I see her going.

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    The New Judging System

    The day figure skating becomes like watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" is the day I stop watching.

    I respect and admire Amber and her skating, but I sure hope her evaluation of the new judging system was just a poor analogy.


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    Re: The New Judging System

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>PS: I think she is very pretty, but not "classically" good looking, like VV. I don't think this is why the judges mark her down, though.[/quote]
    Wouldn't that be sad if they did.


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    Re: Amber Corwin

    I'll agree with whoever it was that said Amber Corwin is "good, but not great." She's a 5th-7th place skater. Her style is far too relaxed and unstructured for me (Usually I like the laid back approach) but when I watch her perform it almost seems as if she's bored as well. It's TOO relaxed. She has some nice moments and there is nothing that really sticks out as being bad or horrible, its just that the jumps aren't there and the package style-wise isn't a complete one. That being said, I would enjoy seeing her hit all of the jumps and improve her choreography, a Nationals medal would probably mean so much to her after all of these years.

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