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Thread: PreOly Worlds and the Olympics query

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    Question PreOly Worlds and the Olympics query

    The 2005 Worlds is the PreOly Worlds.

    Does anyone have the stats on this?

    1. Who won the PreOly Worlds and the Olympics? - when and who

    2. Who won the PreOly Worlds and lost the Olympics? - when and who

    3. Who lost the PreOly Worlds and won the Olympics? - when and who.

    Names and dates would be most appreciate. (I could probably look all this up myself but I am lazy and I suspect there are fans of GS who could rattle these off quite easyily._

    Thanks - Joe

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    All I remember is that MK won the 97 Worlds and Tara won the 98 Olys. I think it was Elvis at the 97 Worlds and Kulic at the 98 Iktnoucs, but just guessing.

    All the other disciplines I am totally foggy for that particular season.

    Can not remember anything about the the 95/96 season or the 92/93 seasib and many years gone bbefore them.


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    I think before Salt Lake there was a definit pattern to the pre-oly worlds and winning the following olympics. I think in all events except ladies it was considered a bad omen to win the pre-oly worlds. I think it was a very higher percentage of ladies that won worlds the year before they won the olympics. Of course Sarah disproved this theory by winning in Salt Lake after finishing third in Vancouver :P

    Plushenko lost in SLC after winning in 2001.
    F-P/M lost in SLC after winning in 2001.
    Kwan lost in SLC after winning in 2001.

    Baiul won in 94 after winning worlds in 93.
    Browning lost in 94 after winning in 93.
    U/Z lost in 94 after winning in 93.
    B/E lost in 94 after winning in 93 ( although there were returning pros)

    I will be back with more later, I have class to go to :P!

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    Ladies First

    OK, Joe. I'll start from 2001/2002 and go back to 1955/1956:

    2001 World Champion - Michelle Kwan
    2002 Olympic Champion - Sarah Hughes

    1997 World Champion, 1998 Olympic Champion - Tara Lipinski

    1993 World Champion, 1994 Olympic Champion - Oksana Baiul

    1991 World Champion, 1992 Olympic Champion - Kristi Yamaguchi

    1987 World Champion, 1988 Olympic Champion - Katarina Witt

    1983 World Champion - Rosalyn Sumners
    1984 Olympic Champion - Katarina Witt

    1979 World Champion - Linda Fratianne
    1980 Olympic Champion - Annett Poetsch

    1975 World Champion - Dianne DeLeuuw
    1976 Olympic Champion - Dorothy Hamill

    1971 World Champion, 1972 Olympic Champion - Beatrix Schuba

    1967 World Champion, 1968 Olympic Champion - Peggy Fleming

    1963 World Champion, 1964 Olympic Champion - Sjouke Dykstra

    1959 World Champion, 1960 Olympic Champion - Carol Heiss

    1955 World Champion, 1956 Olympic Champion - Tenley Albright

    Of the last 13 pre-Olympic year World Champions, 10 went on to win the Olympics the following year. That translate to 77% for the ladies.

    Herm (sk8ngnutt)

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    2002 Olympics: B&S/S&P
    2001 Worlds: S&P

    1998 Olympics: K&D
    1997 Worlds: W&S

    1994 Olympics: G&G
    1993 Worlds: B&E

    1992 Olympics: M&D
    1991 Worlds: M&D

    1988 Olympics: G&G
    1987 Worlds: G&G

    1984 Olympics:V&V
    1983 Worlds: V&V

    1980 Olympics: R&Z
    1979 Worlds: B&G

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    Originally posted by lulu

    1980 Olympics: R&Z
    1979 Worlds: B&G
    Rodnina was on maternity leave during the 1979 season and missed Worlds.

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    Note: in parenthesis after the name is the "loosing" place when known.
    [COLOR=blue][SIZE=3]Won the PreOly Worlds and the Olympics[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    2001/2-Sale & Pelletier
    1997/8-Gretchuk & Platov
    1991/2-Mishkitenok & Dmitriev
    1987/8-Gordeeva & Grinkov
    1987/8-Bestemianova & Bukin
    1983/4-Torville & Dean
    1983/4-Valova & Vasiliev
    1979/80-Linnichuk & Karponosov
    1979/80- Rodnina & Zaitsev
    [COLOR=blue][SIZE=3]Won the PreOly Worlds and lost the Olympics[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    2001/2-Plushenko (2)
    2001/2-Kwan (3)
    2001/2-Fusar-Poli & Margaglio (3)
    1997/8-Stojko (2)
    1997/8-Woetzel & Steur (3)
    1993/4-Browning (5)
    1993/4-Braseur & Eisler (3) note: '94 Olympic Winners, G&G, did not participate in '93 World
    1993/4-Usova & Zhulin (2)
    1991/2-Duchesnay & Duchesnay (2)
    1987/8-Orser (2)
    1983/4-Sumners (2)
    1979/80- Fratianne (2)
    1979/80- Kovalev (>3)
    1979/80- Babilonia & Gardner
    1975/6 - Moiseeva & Minnekov (2)
    1975/6- DeLeeuw
    [COLOR=blue][SIZE=3]Lost the PreOly Worlds and won the Olympics?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    2001/2-Yagudin (2)
    2001/2-Hughes (3)
    2001/2-Anissina & Peizerat (2)
    1997/8-Kulik (5th)
    1997/8-Kazakova & Dmitriev (3)
    1993/4-Gretchuk & Platov (2)
    1991/2-Klimova & Ponomarenko (2)
    1979/80- Pötzsch
    1979/80- Cousins
    1979/80- Rodnina & Zaitsev
    1975/6 – Pachomova & Gorshkov
    1975/6- Hamill

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    1979/80- Kovalev (>3)
    Withdrew from 1980 Olympics.

    1979/80- Rodnina & Zaitsev
    1975/6 – Pachomova & Gorshkov
    Did not participate in 1979 Worlds (pregnancy, as noted by a previous poster) and 1975 Worlds (illness), respectively.

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    Some older stuff:

    1923W Gillis Graftstrom didn't compete, Fritz Kachler won
    1924O Gillis Braftstrom won, Fritz Kachler ?

    1927W Gillis Graftstrom didn't compete, Willy Boeckl won
    1928O Gillis Braftstrom won, Willy Boeckly silver

    1931W Gillis Graftstrom didn't compete, Karl Schafer won
    1932O Karl Schafer won, Gillis Gratfstrom silver

    1947W Dick Button Silver, Hans Gerschwiler won
    1948O Dick Button won, Hans Gerschwiler Silver

    1963W Donald McPherson won, Manfred Schnelldorfer bronze
    1964O Manfred Schnelldorfer won, Donald McPherson had turned professional

    1967W Emmerich Danzer won, Wolfgang Schwartz silver
    1968O Wolfgang Schwartz won, Emmerich Danzer 4th

    1923W the Jackobsons won, Engelmann&Berger ?
    1924 O Engelmann&Berger won, the Jackobsons silver

    1927W Szabo&Wrede won, the Brunetes out due to pregnancy
    1928O the Brunets won, Wrede bronze with Brunner

    1931W Rotter&Szollas won, the Brunetes again didn't compete
    1932O the Brunets won, Rotter&Szollas bronze

    1955W Dafoe&Bowden won, Schwarz&Oppelt silver
    1956O Schwarz&Oppelt won, Dafoe&Bowden silver

    1963W Kilius&Baumler won, the Protopopovs silver
    1964O the Protopopovs won, Kilius&Baumler silver

    1975W Dancers Moiseeva&Minenov won, Pakhoma&Gorshkov took year off
    1976O Pakhoma&Gorshkov won, Moiseeva&Minenov silver

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    I think one of the stats quoted prior to 98 Oly's was that US National ladies champion won Oly's when US got gold - meaning the US Silver medalist never beat the US Gold medalist for the Oly Gold. Unfortunately, that streak came to an end between MK & TL.

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    In fact, Heyang, I read that in the good old days it was considered a slap in the face of a national skating federation if an international judging panel went against the ranking by the national federation.

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    Mathman - It seems from the lists I've been reading that there is a 70% probability that a skater or team who win the PreOly Worlds will go on to win the Olympics.

    Am I correct?


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