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Thread: Wagner and Suzuki underscored?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skateluvr View Post
    Am I the only one who sees her portrayal of black swan and Delilah as first class. Ashley is dynamic. Who cares about occasional two foot when she is so fluid.
    Yes, yes. You are. I would be happy to call it second class as it wasn't bad by any means, but once again she was just trying too hard on all her expressions.

    RE two footing, Phil Hersh once called it an "idiocy" that two-footed jumps were given full BV. Of course he was not talking about Ashley and I disagree with him but it does seem at least some people care. Definitely the people who award GOE do care.

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    Ashley and Akiko are known for ur's and double footing . especially with Ashley on replay you can see it.

    however if they overlook them like others are vastly underscored.
    see Olympics.

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