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Thread: 2014 Worlds - Ladies Short Program

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    Quote Originally Posted by winky97 View Post
    Yeah, I agree it is at this point useless to debate the Olympic results. People feel how they feel about the results and no one will likely change their minds based on these debates. I will admit that I liked Adelina's story of being pushed aside in favor of Yulia, but rising and skating the performances of her life. I thought maybe there was a particular performance of hers that she won you over with and I was going to go watch, but it seems that you just like her for bunch of reasons. I get it. I certainly don't think she skated badly, but her skating was not my cup of tea. She is clearly very athletic and has some interesting spins. I tend to prefer more artistic, though not over the top, performance and I think she needs work in that department. If I were her, I would stay away from the controversy of the OGM, especially if she is getting hit online as badly as people are saying. As far as the online stuff, my experience is that the world is full of keyboard cowards who use the internet for mischief. So I hope she and none of these other ladies are letting online comments bother them. I have heard several famous people say they don't read stuff online about themselves because people are so brutal. Yuna herself has been the subject of not so nice stuff on the internet with so-called fans sending her nasty emails about her performances and people who are not fans, including purported defenders of Adelina's, writing nasty comments. Unfortunately, it happens. I really hope Adelina is not getting death threats like I have read she is because that is ridiculous. I suspect that some of the "hate" Adelina is getting it no fans of any skater, but trolls stirring the pot.

    I don't have a problem with people defending Adelina, but honestly I have found some of her defenders hostile about any criticism of the result or her programs. Maybe that is the result of Adelina's online attacks. After reading some of your posts, you seemed approachable so I thought it safe to try to get some enlightenment from you. Thank you. Good luck to your skater next season. It should be interesting. Many skaters have difficulty being hungry, so to speak, after winning the OMG and competition becomes harder. Also, it is a lot easier being the hunter verse being the hunted. It will be interesting to see how Adelina deals with this next season. I have no seen Worlds yet, because my cable network does not have the channel that carried it live. It will probably show up next week. Maybe I will find it online to watch. Take care!

    Thank you for responding.
    You're welcome Winky. You know if there was one Sotnikova performance besides the Olympics it would be when she won Russian Nationals at only 12 years old. That is on youtube and she was such a twig then.

    For sure it will be interesting to see how Adelina will handle the fame, controversy, the OGM and the pressure to win from her federation. Let's be honest they pull the strings which is why I think Anna was in Japan. Now Anna impressed beyond anyone's expectations and she may be a factor in the future. Can Adelina handle the pressure Yulia, Anna, Elena and other young Russians put on her in the coming years? I think so. We will find out. And we will find out if she can develop her game into a more well rounded skater to compliment her spins and athleticism as you pointed out. I think she can.

    I like how Adelina shows her emotions. But I also understand how some people may be put off by her running down the hallway or jumping up and down on the podium after her gold. I'm okay with her running down the hallway that was natural delight of course. I kind of wish she didn't jump up and down on the podium. But she did. She's a kid and she couldn't control her emotions in her home country. I can't really blame her. Speaking of kids not being able to control their emotions you have got to watch the youtube video of the then 15 year old Tara Lipinski winning the Olympic gold medal in 1998. I had not seen that video in many many years and Tara's screaming after her scores came up showing her she won gold over Michelle Kwan was amazing as were her reactions. Sometimes a kid will be a kid. And Tara's screams of joy will give you shivers.

    And yes the world is full of keyboard cowards. It's bizarre but that's the way it is whether it's sports, politics, religion etc.

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    can't agree more!! !

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