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Thread: So Youn Park

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    The reason Soyoun belongs to ATS could be one reason. ATS is a company not the Fed. KSU or other Feds could be upset or threatened by new system. It’s quite New isn’t it? KSU don’t get a penny from it. So they could be mad in some ways??? It’s all guessing. I’m not sure

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    Just watched SoYoun's EX. apparently she didnot expect to skate at gala, so didnot bright EX costume.
    One suggestion, please do not wear black gloves in Gala, cos it is dark and people won't see, especially, when there are tons of amazing hand/arm choreo is this ex number.
    Other than that, a fun performance, SoYoun is a definitely a good performer, worthy much more than her PCS.
    on a side node, when SoYoun was introduced, what the host said is, SoYoun is a skater famous for her performance/artistic ability.
    At least the Chinese gala host get it right!

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