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Thread: Sarah Hughes at 1999 Skate America

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    Sarah Hughes at 1999 Skate America

    I just downloaded and watched Michelle's Red Violin at 1999 SA, it was truly a beautiful performance despite the fall on her flip jump. Besides that hauntingly beautiful performance, something else struck me - Sarah Hughes. The camera showed her clapping when Michelle was taking bows after the program and Sarah had this look on her face that made me adore her. She was sincere in her expression of respect for Michelle even though she was competing with her. I'm not saying this because she has always liked Michelle, I 'm saying this because I really feel she is such a great kid. After SLC, she's appeared really grounded. Although Michelle's failure to capture the Oly gold made me really moody for 2 weeks, I could accept that it was Michelle's own undoing, she let the pressure get to her. Just too bad. I want her to compete at 2006 Olympics. As for Sarah, I feel sad her career has suddenly taken such a bad turn. Hope she'll be fine.

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    Re: Sarah Hughes at 1999 Skate America

    Apache ... I have that tape and recently watched it. That was a terrible skate for Sarah ... 3 falls. I do remember the shot you are referring to. That was when Sarah was still in awe of Michelle.
    As for Sarah, I'm sure she'll be fine ... even if she never wins another competition. As has been stated several times ... "noone can ever take the OGM away from her."

    Edited this to say ... I think it was Skate America I watched ... could it have been Skate Canada?

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    Congrats HK, and Beijing are taken off the WHO SARS list.

    Oooooups!! What does that have to do with Sarah Hughes. I guess not much. Maybe that has something to do with Michelle? BTW, this is a thread about Sarah?

    nymkfan, you watched 99 SA, Sarah did not have a good skate, and like Dick Button said, it happens to all skaters, for Sarah it was 99 SA, and for others, the Olympics or worlds. Even though SH had a bad skate, there were shades of brilliance in that program, and Turandot is one of my all time favorite sarah program.

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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: Apacheapache

    I felt sorry for poor Sarah when she fell three times in her Skate America free skate that year. I just love Sarah's skating! It is very elegant. Loved her 02-03 programs also. They were just wonderful, especially the "Cello Sonata" short program! :D

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    Re: Sarah Hughes at 1999 Skate America

    I barely remember 99 SA, I only saw it once and its Michelle (of course!) that I was focused on. Yet, I will definitely agree that Sarah's "Turandot" was one of her best programs. It was a mature, elegant program that highlighted all of her best moves...especially the spirals and spins. I think it also helped that it was Puccini, I love him and "Turandot" in particular. I'll also say that in 99 Sarah was still in that "Oh gosh, its Michelle" stage, but by 2000 that would all change. Sarah was on the level and developed her skill enough to move up on the podium. That must have been very interesting for Sarah, to have idolized a certain skater...and all of the sudden she's competing with her for gold medals. Whatever happens, I think Sarah just needs a little time to get everything straightend out. Her body is developing and so is her life, but I still think that skating holds a special place in her heart. As an amateur or a pro I expect to see her bring back what it was that made everyone notice her in the first place.

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    Re: Sarah Hughes at 1999 Skate America

    I think Sarah is great. She is gracious to all the skaters, not just Michelle. I think she handled her win at the Olympics with great aplomb and despite her recent setbacks has shown her courage and determination without losing her "down to earth" persona. I wish her the best in the upcoming season.


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    Re: Sarah Hughes at 1999 Skate America

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