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Thread: The "I have a gut feeling that..." thread for '14-'15.

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    As far as Jason Brown getting the quad, has everyone seen this? That's from May of last year. He can land one, apparently, but it wasn't consistent enough for him to put it in his programs this year. I predict a Takahashi-like quad for him next season -- beautiful when landed, but a nail-biter every time he attempts it.

    After seeing Park So Youn give two gorgeous performances at worlds this year, I think she's in for a breakout season. She won't make the podium at worlds, but she'll get close.

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    Gut feelings:

    -Patrick will take a year off, come back for one more season, the retire before 2018.
    -The ice will be slippery for Yuzuru at the start of the season but he'll get it together mid-way and finish strong.
    -Javier will have a great start but struggle in the middle and come back fighting at worlds.
    -Han Yan will make his mark and land on the podium.
    -Song Nan comes back fighting and will show us what he's made of.
    -Jason will have a quad and have a rough season as well.
    -Machida will have a great start to the season but will have to face challenges from the top-tier guys at worlds when they step it up.
    -Aaron will have an amazing season but will not be on the worlds podium.
    -Kevin will get better but still lags behind the other guys and won't land on podium.
    -Mao will stay for another season then retire
    -Kanako will stay for another 2 season then retire before 2018
    -Yulia will struggle but still has a fighting chance for world champ
    -Adelina will have a strong season as well, occasionally lands on the podium.
    -Anna will land on the national's podium
    -Nam has a great season,Canada pushes him and he won't be back in Jr's.
    -Shoma Uno will finally get that axel, although it'll still be inconstant.
    -Boyang will fade into obscurity (They need to stop trying to force this kid's quads he has so much potential )

    In Team Japan, the women's are going to have a rough time keeping those 3 spots after 2015... And thats not just a gut feeling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phaeljones View Post
    Jason Brown starts developing his quad but also pushes his technical development generally all the while keeping his artistic presence. People will start to realize that Jason Brown is more than Riverdance.

    Joshua Farris stays healthy, becomes consistent and starts to get noticed for how good he is.

    Max Aarron never falls (although he may kick the boards down once or twice) on any of his jumps and starts to acquire a smoothness with a unique kind of (albeit a muted yet muscular) artistry.

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    Polina will struggle with growth spurf this season and might not be able to attend 2015 worlds.
    Adelina will come back but she won't be able to win worlds because one of her teammates (possibly Lipnistkaia) will outskate her.
    If Mao and Carolina actually retire, there will be a Russian sweep next worlds in the ladies' competition.
    Ashley Wagner will surpass Gracie Gold at The GP series but will lose to her both at nationals and worlds.
    Patrick Chan will win silver or bronze at 2015 Worlds.
    Hanyu continues to be the king at least one more season.
    V/T will keep up the good work and might win at Worlds.
    Last edited by jcsamex; 04-03-2014 at 09:05 PM. Reason: Oh and D/W keep skating and winning it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pangtongfan View Post
    I also find it funny so many thing Machida will be a bigger threat to Hanyu than Fernandez next year. On that we will see, but I doubt it. It isnt impossible but I suspect this years worlds was the closest Machida will ever get to a world gold, and while Machida will remain a medal contender and could win other world medals, Fernandez is by far a bigger threat to Hanyu moving forward than Machida is.
    My wish is for Yuzuru/Javier to be this quad's Yagudin/Plushy but without the animosity and bitterness. The question is can Javier get it together in time? I really hope so.

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