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Thread: Adian Pitkeev

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliceInWonderland View Post
    I think that it's pretty obvious who Adian's role model is



    He even wore a black, sparkly, very Evgeni-like costume.
    I have to admit, that is what drew me to him initially. It's a piece of music that is so strongly identified with Plushenko, and one of the best men's programs of all time (imo) - a lot to live up to. That he could do as well as he did with it at 15 makes me very excited to see how he will develop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandpiper View Post
    And the Luis Suarez award of 2014 goes to...

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    A new interview with Adian was published today. Sorry about the poor Google translation.

    Adya Pitkeev: figure skating hooked by the fact that it was not necessary to go to school (lol)

    Silver medalist at the World Junior Figure Skating Adya Pitkeev in an interview with the agency "R-Sport" Maria and Andrei Vorobyev Simonenko said that attracted him in figure skating, why he has a problem with quads and when he expects him to perform, and also told who threatened him with violence.

    - Adya, this season is the first time you take part in a career in adult Grand Prix. Any thoughts on this?
    - It will be interesting. Although to some extent this is a step into the unknown, the transition to a new level. But fear I do not have one, on the contrary, there was the desire to ride even better and more stable.
    - In order not to lose face?
    - Yes.
    - Felt that the preparation for the adult competition is different from training to junior tournaments?
    - Well, for example, is now an arbitrary program was 30 seconds longer. But seriously, I was responsible attitude to training. I used to imagine anything that is not allowed, and now does absolutely seriously approach the process of preparation.
    - Champion of Russia Maxim Kovtun said that the hardest part was "to get" adult programs. You also had to work on the general physical training?
    - I'll tell you from my own experience that the whole burden of the execution of any program I feel just after four minutes. I still can not get used, it's difficult to "drive" the ending of the program - it is not clear how to distribute the forces. And still need to ride a lot more emotional, and I is not yet very successful.
    - How about this work?
    - I help rentals in training, we've been working on such a system, we spend six-minute warm-up and then go out in the order of drawing of lots for hire. It helps to get as close to the competition. Especially if we Sergei Voronov bettors and then compete.
    - On that argument?
    - It happens that on the quad: I have a problem as well as possible to twist jump at the box office, and Sergei, of course, you need to clean it to fulfill. Yes, and the rest of the jump to watch, that is Kata entire program, and then judge, who has the best turned out.
    - And what is the prize for this is supposed to?
    - Respect (laughs).
    - Adya, so the quad you're already starting to be good?
    - We are working on it. It happens that two feet have returned ... I have a personal problem with that jump. Had an injury, a long time I did not jump - the season just started two years ago to perform triple. But I think that is near the time when I can do a quad.
    - You it is difficult to perform technically and psychologically?
    - With psychology there is no problem. Technique quadruple me behind other jumps, so we're working on it most of all work every day.
    - In the competition this season will try to do the quad?
    - Yes. Even if there is no stable checkout will still try to jump at the start. Quadruple the fall is still a quad, not triple.

    Wanted to jump like Yagudin, and became a figure skater

    - Adya, you are one of the most promising Russian singles, but quite a bit about you know. Tell us what you all hooked in figure skating that made this sport a try?
    - Yeah, I just saw record any program Alexei Yagudin at the Olympic Games-2002 "The Man in the Iron Mask." Saw some guy jumping on the ice, and I thought, "Wow! And that, as you can ?!" Told my mother that, too, ever want to have to jump. After about six months, she took me to the nearest ice rink, where I started riding. But generally at a younger age skating I was hooked by the fact that my school did not have to go (laughs).
    - Wait, but that athletes usually tell how hard it was to get up at five in the morning to go to the gym, then to school ... You have all been different?
    - I was training once a day. So I, too, got up early, went to the gym, respectively, skipped school, got home and sat down to watch cartoons or play the computer. That's why I like to practice (laughs).
    - So what do you, the school had never attended ?!
    - Well, why. We had a weekend, during which I was very, very reluctant to attend classes. Later, however, such as the schedule changed and I was able to combine sport and studies.
    - A jumping immediately became your favorite element in figure skating?
    - The first time I had any sort of favorite elements were not. But here's a couple of years ago I was madly in love to come to the gym and work out exactly jumping. If something did not work, I do not like creepy, and I started to change my own technique to jump higher, spin faster ...
    - And his first jump, remember?
    - So, now remember ... From serious, probably a double axel.
    - And now you have one of the most stable and high-quality jumps - a triple axel ...
    - Yes. Apparently, it's not by accident. Just a memory I have just deposited a triple axel Yagudin. Hence, some special relationship to this jump.
    - When do first performed snipe, what feelings were?
    - Something like "finally" (laughs).
    With Yagudin-you, by the way, meet?
    - Yes, most recently in the show Ilya Averbuch. Only now I do it for some reason, I forgot to say that I am because of him came in figure skating ... But suddenly he took it as an accusation? So it is good, what is not said (laughs).
    - And now what you are attracted to figure skating? Not only is jumping?
    - Yes, I just get pleasure from it. I like to drive at that speed on the ice, like rotate, and even jump can (laughs).

    After the Olympics, the night woke up from what fans wrote Lipnitskaya

    - After the 2014 Olympics felt sort of special treatment for your entire group due to the fact that Julia Lipnitskaya became the Olympic champion?
    - I have a very good feel for when the night was awakened by what I wrote Yulia's fans (laughs). But, honestly, when the Olympics is over, we will not forget that, but just one does not focus on the achievement of this Julia - all just work as before.
    - Fans Lipnitskaya asked to meet her?
    - Yeah, asked me to convey to Julia that she added them to friends. Some have such funny names were obviously not real ... It is ridiculous that some first graders sometimes wrote and threatened me with some violence.
    - Looking at this development, the desire to become an Olympic champion does not vanished?
    - No, still every athlete dreams about. If he stayed in the sport after a long period of time, then just wants it.
    - So you deliberately go for that, for example, will not be able to ride on public transport, to appear in public ...?
    - I was just afraid of how Julia goes to the shops, shopping centers, a movie? I have something like this to do. I just do not understand what would happen if you suddenly someone finds out and just starts to tear you to pieces?
    - We'll have to abandon such activities.
    - So I do not understand how you can give it up. It is necessary to ask Julia ...
    - Seriously, participation in the Olympics - your goal?
    - Honestly, I just important at the start of each ride as much as possible. Probably in front of me are the problem to be selected for the Olympics, but I do not think about it.
    - But dreams, it is still there?
    - Of course.
    - Same Lipnitskaya told me that as a child sitting on his bed, listening to the national anthem, and imagined that stands on the Olympic podium. You have a history of childhood is not?
    - No, I have a child in other values ​​and interests were.

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    Congratulations to Adian for medalling in his very first senior competition

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    Congratulations on the bronze medal!
    I have been Adian's fan since 2014 Russian Nationals. Wish him good luck for his first season in seniors.

    BTW, I just came across an interview with him on the official website of RusFed. It seems that the interview was done during the test skates.
    Sorry for Google translation since I don't really know much Russian :(

    Adya Pitkeev: "I ​​do not like people who are energetically promoting itself"

    September 21, 2014

    For the skater Adya Pitkeeva this season will be the "debut" as a disciple Etery Tutberidze acts already masters at senior level. At the end in the Italian pre-season international tournament "Lombardy Trophy", which became one of the competition «ISU Challenge Series», Adya Pitkeev won the first season in the bronze medal. However, in this interview will not report on competition, since our conversation took place long before the competition. Superstition of the interview, we agreed to put only after the first start. "I do not really like talking about myself, prefer others to do so" - warned the athlete.

    -Program this season you put Alexander Zhulin. How to work with a new director?
    -Cool and easy.

    -What emerged this ease and proficiency?
    -The fact that we can easily find a common language. Both programs are delivered quickly. At each took three workouts. With Zhulin actually works and, though easily. There was some tension that sometimes arises between people that have little to each other talking. With it you can make a joke, laugh. And at the same time, he taught me a lot - that I've never done before.

    -For example?
    -We did two different programs. Short on the music of Niccolo Paganini's "Caprice №24» and arbitrary «Muse» Symphony «Exogenesis» Part 3: If the short program is closer to me in style, then any completely different, so it is a bit heavy for me. In it, we have included a lot of different bundles that have not previously performed.

    -And where to start? Came Alexander Zhulin, brought the music, turned and said, "Like it?"
    -It was so. And I said, "Like". With short program there were no problems. Started to work and immediately flew all. A lot of things in an arbitrary change. There has been more difficult.

    -The director talked about the images that you have to portray?
    -Of course. In the short program, I - a composer of genius, a little crazy, like all men of genius. And in any given me room for imagination, because the program is complicated, and it to me in the first place, it is necessary to cope with the technical part, fulfill all the elements clean.

    -Not afraid of the transition to an adult level?
    -At first thought about it, but then decided that all once begin. The only problem is the lack of stable quadruple jump. But I'm working on it, I leave for training with a quadruple toe loop. But need stability and confidence. Not sure, but I think that in the course of the season we will try programs quad.

    -That advises the coach?
    -Jump. But she does not press. Understands everything. We have a good relationship Etery Georgiievna. When necessary, it is good when you need to - strict. Sometimes it can support, and when necessary, it may say so, that will not find. But you have anyone in our group to say that she is a good coach.

    -You're a lot of time talking about how to come in figure skating. But now that you like in this sport?
    -I just get pleasure from the fact that I was on the ice.

    -At the gathering Novogorske saw you in the room electric guitar. Do you play?
    -Yes, for yourself. Notes do not know, learned to play on the internet. Bought with his own money two electric guitars, well, everything you need for them, and we are with Vlad Tarasenko (he trained in our group) try something to do. Vlad's brother plays the drums, so that a whole group. Now time to the music is not enough. Laziness or fatigue piled. But we agreed to meet on weekends at home Vlad and rehearse. But it's just for fun.

    -What kind of music do you prefer?
    -Heavy. Metal. Beautiful, aggressive. I like that.

    -You've got to hand bracelet. It is a talisman?
    -You could say that. It was a gift from his grandfather. Sanctified Buddhist bracelet.

    -Grandpa - the person whom you trust?
    -I have all the family in a normal relationship. But if something happens, you usually share with friends. Mom will not ship. Why? They without me a bunch of problems. True, it happens so bursting that want ponyt. And listens to a mother. I'll start as whining, do not stop. But I think that I just need to talk. Relieve stress. However, this happens very rarely.

    -Want something else to add?
    -Do not like to talk about myself. Prefer others to do so. I do not like people who are energetically promoting themselves. What's the use if there is no action and results.

    Olga Ermolina
    Photo Olga Timokhova (rental Novogorske)

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    Thank you Sofia! Great read and I too want to add my own congratulations for his bronze medal. Hoping he finds the podium again this year.

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    Thanks for posting the interview, Sofia!

    Having read several of his interviews now, I've concluded that he is rather introverted and shy, so it's difficult for him to be expressive on the ice. But I do think he can only improve with time. I also wonder how much practice he had with the new LP since it changed after the test skate. Is it normal for skaters to have a backup program or would they have had to put it together at the last minute? I'm so relieved he changed the music, as Exogenesis is very subtle and slow...not a good fit for someone who isn't a more lyrical skater. Sarabande Suite is quite a dramatic piece (I've loved it since Johnny Weir used it for the "Fallen Angels" program he did with Denis Petukhov & Melissa Gregory). I hope we'll see an even better version at Skate America.

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