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Thread: Yuzuru Hanyu: Links to Media Only

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria Victoria View Post
    ^Really appreciate the time and effort you put in in updating this thread, Pamina. I also apologize for not always posting the media links in my Yuzuru fanfest thread posts here, thus adding to your work. I'll try to do better. Have a safe trip!

    Thank you, I appreciate it but you really don't cause me all that much work if you don't post your links here. I follow the other thread anyway, save the quotes with links in a word document and then post them here whenever it seems appropriate. This wasn't meant so much as a complaint and more like an "FYI" for the people who only have time to look at the media thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonesfan View Post
    Interview - Daisuke MURAKAMI & Takahito MURA & Yuzuru HANYU|GPS NHK Trophy 2014

    What I liked about this video:
    A glimpse of the chaos backstage
    Tracy Wilson interviewing Murakami in English, then him rushing out to K&C for interview in Japanese
    Yuzuru - how he skillfully interacts with the interviewer and the crowd at the same time.
    Poor Mura - he had just finished skating and was sweaty

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    Quote Originally Posted by channah View Post
    Here is the first part of the NHK Gala interview.
    (Start to 7mins 56 secs)
    Part 2 to follow later.

    NHK GALA INTERVIEW (Hanyu, Murakami and Mura) (Part 1)
    O=Oda / Y=Yuzuru Hanyu/ D=Daisuke Murakami / T=Takahito Mura
    Start – 7mins 56 secs
    MC: Welcome to the interview corner. The exhibition will start at 3pm and we will be inviting some of the skaters here to talk to us. Soon, Oda Nobunari will join me to interview the skaters. He is on his way. Here he comes. I’m going to move seats so he can sit here.
    O: Excuse me.
    MC: So, in this first segment we are going to interview Hanyu Yuzuru, Murakami Daisuke and Takahito Mura.
    All: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (formal Japanese expression used in these situations)
    MC: The whole arena is very excited to see you all. First I’d like to ask all three skaters to give us their impression of the competition that has just ended. Let’s start with the nearest person, Yuzuru Hanyu
    Y: I’d like to thank everyone for their support. Even in this kind of unstable condition I was able to skate to the end. I am also very happy that I have made it into the final. It is greatly due to your support. In this competition I found myself dealing with very difficult conditions but I really feel that I was held up and supported to the finish but you all. I will continue to do my best from now on.
    MC: Now let’s turn to Murakami Dasiuke. This was your first win, wasn’t it?
    D: Yes. Thank you very much.
    MC: You have completed the competition and it is now one day later. How do you feel?
    D: Well, I had to compete with the two athletes sitting beside me and I didn’t imagine that I would get the result I did. I also want to say that I think Mr. Hanyu really did his best (did a really great thing) during this competition. Mr. Mura also made it to the final so Congraltulations”.
    T: Thank you very much.
    D: I really want to thank everyone here for their support during this competition.
    MC: And now Mura Takahito, please.
    T: Thank you all for your support. When I finished top after the short program I started to think that I could win the competition. I guess I focused on that a little too much and made some mistakes. Both Hanyu and Murakami performed really well. We are all going to try really hard from now on so please continue with your kind support.
    MC: There are a lot of things we want to ask all of you but let’s ask Oda to put some questions to you.
    O: Oh. You want me to start? Oh ok. Well, I’d like all to think back on your performances.
    Y: (Interrupting) Why are you mainly looking at me??
    O: I want to ask everyone…How were the last two days…three days..? no two days? Including both the short and free programs? Thinking of your total performance how was it? Basically how was the NHK competition for you?
    Y: I first want to say… Oh excuse me for speaking first…..Speaking personally, unlike the two people sitting next to me, this competition gave me so many things to work on. But I also want to say that while I was skating I was able to feel the power / energy of the spectators.
    O: I wonder if it is ok to even ask you this????
    Y: Please ask.
    O: During the 6-minute warm up I saw that your quad salchow had become very good. And we talked about this backstage, too. Of course there must be some effect from the injury, but the actual jump is getting better and better. That’s my impression anyway. What do you feel about it?
    Y: The actual jump is better but deciding where or not to include it into the program is a really important thing. I just think I need to push harder to do it properly from now on
    O: Thank you very much. Dice…. Congratulations!!!! You know, when you landed that second quad I couldn’t help but shout out “Wooo” when I was backstage. It was a very moving performance. How was this NHK competition for you?
    D: I was able to get a lot of experience by taking part in this competition. What I’m most happy about is the fact that I was able to give two clean performances.
    O: Regarding quad jumps. During the short and the free programs you landed all three….so….was that the first time for you?
    D: Yes. That was my first time to land all three in competition. It was my first time to even include two quads in a program during a competition.
    O: They were very beautiful.
    D: Thank you very much.
    (5.00 mins) Video replay of Murakami’s program
    MC: Here we can see you performance on the screen. This is Murakami Daisukes program. The opening quad was fantastic, wasn’t it Oda?
    O: It really was. I’m really bad at salchow jumps so I am really jealous that you can jump such a clean/ beautiful salchow. It is perfect. It is beautiful. After the jump the flow of the program is also great and very much improved. Just wonderful. Here comes the second quad. Ahhhh the video stopped. Sorry. I was expecting that it would be shown. Even so, what a wonderful performance.
    MC: And Now Mr. Mura.
    O: Mura…Are you doing your best to help with bringing up your child?
    T: I’m working hard at that. / I’m doing my best with that.
    MC: That’s right. You are both fathers…
    O: Yes. I’m really wondering about how things are going for him in that respect. Your kid is getting bigger, right?
    T: Yes. A year and a half old now.
    O: Has it been a year and a half already? Children grow so quickly.
    T: Yes they sure do.
    O: It is shocking how fast they grow.
    MC: Mr. Oda. Do you have any advice to offer a new father?
    O: Well, I just want say that when you have a family to go home to, the way you are able to relax is completely different. It is completely separated from the world of skating and you get pulled into another world. That’s a really big thing. Don’t you think so, Mura?
    T: That’s a really big point. When I get home and I say “I’m home” my kid shouts “papa” and runs to me and that is a really great thing.
    O: Ahhhhh that’s a really happy home life. You made me want to go home to my own house. I’m sure you received / borrowed a lot of power for your family to take part in this NHK competition. How was the competition for you?
    T: Well after I won Skate Canada I was trying to go with the flow. I did get a bit nervous but the short program went better than I expected and I then became too nervous as I realised I would be the last to skate in the long program. I started to think…”What’s going to happen to me in the free skate?” But all things considered it was a very good experience for me.
    O: I talked with you about this before, but wasn’t this the first time you have ever skated last in the free skate?
    T: Yes, it was my first time.
    O: Don’t you feel it is really scary to be last to skate?
    T: Yes.
    O: I have had that experience in the GP series. The wait time is longer, so there is a longer time to be nervous about and that makes people more tired than ever. You can also hear what is going on with the other skaters? You can hear the parts when other skaters are being cheered for loudly and that give me the feeling of “Ahhhhhhhhh”
    MC: You explain that waiting time really well.
    O: It really is a nerve-wracking experience having to skate last.
    (7mins 56 secs)
    Quote Originally Posted by channah View Post
    Here is part 2 of the NHK Gala interview with the three male skaters.
    7mins 58 secs - to end.

    NHK GALA INTERVIEW (Hanyu, Murakami and Mura) (Part 2)
    O=Oda / Y=Yuzuru Hanyu/ D=Daisuke Murakami / T=Takahito Mura
    7mins 58 – end
    MC: Today we are going to get some insight into each of the three skaters. We want to see them from different sides. So we have asked all of the skaters the same two questions. “What is your “winning” song? And what is your “winning” food? All of the athletes have written their answers on the boards in front of them. Would you show us your answers please? I think we would like to see all of the answers at the same time. So, all three of you please lift up your answer boards. Can the camera zoom in please so that the audience can see what is written on the boards. So, let’s start with Hanyu. Please, tell us about your song.
    Y: The Sketchbook san – it seems a bit strange putting the title san on the end of the name of the band, but anyway… It is the Sketchbook ‘s song “Kaku Sei”. Basically the meaning of the song is “Things don’t end here. / Things can’t end in this way” That’s what the lyrics are about. It is a very powerful song.
    O: Would you please sing it for us now?
    Y: That’s impossible! How can you even ask me that! You know that is something I can’t do.
    O: Would you like me to sing it in your place>
    Y: Oh, please do!....I can’t hear your voice…. Your voice isn’t coming out???
    MC: When we filmed you before the free program backstage you were kind of dancing singing along to something. Was it that song?
    Y: I’m not really sure about when you are talking about? I haven’t seen the footage.
    MC: Ahhh of course. It was when you looked really lost in the music.
    Y: Before my programs I do listen to various songs. They all tend to be positive forward looking songs with up tempo beats. I choose songs that I really enjoy. Songs that I can really feel deep in my heart and that make me aware of my present condition.
    MC: OK. So for your winning food you have written rice. Is it really rice?
    Y: Yes. Rice. Rice is the food of life for Japanese people.
    O: That is totally right! Rice is delicious.
    Y: When I travel abroad it is difficult to cook rice but I always take dry rice grains with me and heat them in boiling water and that’s what I eat. (Murakami is laughing at him but he keeps talking.)
    O: I find that when I travel abroad I want to eat rice even more than usual. Bread is of course delicious but….it is rice that we want to eat, isn’t it.
    Y: If someone gives me bread to eat before a competition I start to cry. That’s what I experienced in my first competition abroad. Bread was the only option…
    O: Do you take rice balls to eat (onigiri)?
    Y: No, just in the natural form (meaning a plain bowl of rice).
    O: Do you mean like in the plant form?
    Y: That would be impossible. I do it properly. It is in regular bags / packs.
    MC: Ok. Let’s turn to Murakami. Let’s zoom in on the board in front of him. Here we see his winning song and his winning food.
    O: Moves like Jagger
    MC: When do you listen to that particular song?
    D: I listen to it when I am travelling to the arena when I’m abroad. It’s an up tempo song.
    O: Maroon Five?
    D: Yes.
    O: It’s a good song.
    D I feel the rhythm and enjoy the sound of the song as it plays in my head.
    MC: Do you know that words?
    D: Yes.
    Y: What kind of song is it?
    T: Oda can you sing it?
    MC: Oda will you sing it?
    O: (Singing) I got a moves like Jagger dada moves like Jagger ahh ahh ooh ooh ooh
    D: Like Jagger
    MC: It has turned into the Oda one man show.
    O: I apologise for my poor singing voice
    MC: You have put down Vanilla Latte as your winning food.
    O: Would you say it with your correct pronunciation? “banira ratte” (Japanese pronunciation)
    D: “Vanilla Latte”
    O: I like your pronunciation of the letter “V”
    D: “V”anilla Latte
    O: Your pronunciation of “V” is beautiful.
    MC: That’s right. You have lived in America since you were a small child. So, now to Mura.
    T: Do you know this song? It’s Coldplay’s “A sky full of stars”. It is a really up tempo song but it is really typical of the music of Coldplay and I really like it.
    MC: And your winning food also includes rice. It is sushi.
    T: Especially at Japanese competitions, I mean competitions held in Japan I usually eat sushi before a competition.
    O: I also eat sushi before competitions.
    MC: Really?
    O: I love sushi. It’s delicious isn’t it?
    T: It’s really great!
    O: I know that before a competition I should avoid eating raw foods and be extra careful about what I eat but at that time I always just eat sushi anyway.
    T: Yes, things like raw oysters that are more risky to eat I usually try to avoid but I too really want to want to eat sushi.
    O: Well, it seems like we agree that rice is a great food.
    T: Rice it is.
    MC: From now the athletes are going to take part in the exhibition gala. We are running out of time but I’d like to ask each of the athletes to speak a little about what they are going to do for us in the gala. Let’s start with Hanyu.
    Y: Yes. In the exhibition I’m going to perform to “Hana wa saku”. That song / performance was created really quickly. It was done in about only 3 hours. I haven’t skated it very much but it is a really personal program and I put all of the feeling in my heart into it. So I hope that everyone will first get to know the song and then be able to enjoy my interpretation of it. It is all about looking forward to the future.
    MC: What about you Murakam?
    D: Well, yesterday I hardly slept. I only got about two hours sleep. But anyway, in this exhibition I am going to perform for you all “Say Something”.
    MC: Now, Mura please.
    T: I have taken part in several exhibitions with this particular performance now. It’s “Feeling Good”. For the people watching in the arena today I hope you can feel the sexiness of the song.
    MC: You sound really confident about that. I would like to that all three of the athletes for speaking with us before then perform in the gala. We are really looking forward to seeing you performances.
    All: Thank you very much.
    MC: Here on the video we see the three athletes back stage with the NHK characters. This is the footage from the “Domo-kun” camera. They all look very relaxed.

    => (re last post p.848)
    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post
    It's about a ranking of book sales in Japan (18 Nov. 2013 - 16 Nov. 2014)

    As to the photo books, the top 3 are books of magnificent landscapes of the world or Japan.

    And other books (of persons) are all AKB (Japanese idol group) related ones, except Yuzuru's photo book.

    It seems only Yuzuru was capable of competing AKB
    Quote Originally Posted by Nemorml View Post
    From the video of that interview, his reaction when he saw Noburari coming as an interviewer
    Quote Originally Posted by Bonesfan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Birthday wishes, fan arts, video, gifs on tumblr part 1.....

    "Happy 20th Birthday Yuzuru Hanyu! Congratulations on reaching another milestone! I hope you have the happiest birthday ever and may your future be filled with happiness, love and many many more triumphs. I hope you remember to love and look after yourself. Thank you for inspiring me to become better and to always work hard and for introducing me to a sport which is so beautiful. Congratulations for all the things you’ve done while you were 19 and I look forward to what you will do as a 20 year old!" from anniesgifs

    “My birthday wish for you is to overcome all the challenges ahead of you. I wan’t you to smile like you’ve always did. The bright smile you naturally show when you achieve what you aim for. Bloom once again like the flowers and never wither. Yuzu-kun is my inspiration and would always be.” from rock-deities

    “Happy 20th Birthday Yuzuru!! (✿ ♥‿♥) Congratulations! I’m guessing you will never read this, but I’d like to say a few things anyway Thank you so much for giving me hope, when I was down. Thank you for being strong and never giving up, it always taught me how to do the same. Thank you for being our champion, our means us fans, that don’t care if you win or not. You are a true champion to us. Please take care. You’re officially an adult(!) in Japan now, so have fun! (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥” from londonarrows

    “To one of the most special existence on earth - Happy Happy Birthday YUZURU HANYU!!! I wish u all the wishes u have in mind & i pray u all the prayers u have in your heart.. May God bless all the aspects of your life abudantly for u well-deserves it! Thank u for the happiness & inspiration u put in our lives without u even knowing.. U infinitely have our support & respect.. We love u Yuzu, always & forever. ^_^” from simplysublime-yuzuru

    "December 7, 2014 - Happy 20th Birthday Yuzu!
    Dear Ice Prince,
    Thank God I saw you on tv (that was during the Sochi Olympics). Yuzuru caught my attention the moment he stepped on the ice. The way he skated is really something different. Its beautiful and breathtaking. Plus you gotta see that wonderful smile and that face that says I’m here to be remembered. Been following him since the Olympics up till the Cup of China accident. I just wish you all the best Yuzu. Keep fighting like you’ve always did. Don’t ever lose that smile and determination. Remember we, your fans are always here as well as Pooh (you still have tons of Pooh to receive so never give-up). Goodluck on the upcoming GPF Barcelona (^o^)/
    Love you!" from lollipopicecreamcake

    “To the cutest, most stubborn dork that changed my life. Happy 20th birthday Yuzuru! Thank you for making me smile, laugh, and cry. I hope you have a great birthday and don't even worry about skating right now. Have fun and enjoy today! Love you ♡
    (DON'T DRINK TOO MUCH NOW LOL)” from yuzuru-michael

    “Happy 20th birthday to my inspiration/favorite figure skater! I hope this upcoming year is as bright as your smile(^ー^” from yuzulist.tumblr

    "Happy birthday darling! I couldn’t make something elaborate since I’m overseas OTL but I can’t express how grateful I am for your existence. You’ve saved me countless times, every single time when I was about to give up this year. Thanks for teaching me to be a fighter, and HAVE AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY AND GPF BBY ❤️" from theyuzuphoniumist

    "2014.12.07 | 二十歳の誕生日、心からおめでとうございます。一人前の男になりました。いつかあなたと会えるように、わた しも頑張ります。ずっと応援します。Happy 20th, my ice prince. My only wish is for you to stay healthy and be able to achieve what you have hoped for. Keep smiling always! <3" from a-m-n-o-s

    "You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. I’m telling you why. Yuzuru Hanyu is coming to town.
    Happy 20th birthday to the 2009-2010 Junior Grand Prix Final Champion, 2010 World Junior Champion, 2013-2014 Grand Prix Final Champion, 2014 Sochi Olympic Champion, and 2014 World Champion! Happy birthday, Yuzuru! Best of luck to you at 2014-2015 GPF!" from 311mi

    "Yuzuru Hanyu’s 20th Birthday Celebration Post [ part 1 ]
    His charms outside his superb magical skating abilities :
    1.His humbleness and down to earth personality + respect his rivals profesionally.
    2.His sportmanship is top-notch.
    3.His never-ending motivation on his athlete career and for the sake of growing the sport up, pushing the boundaries, challenge the infinite possibilities.

    P.S : dear Yuzuru, now you have stepped the important milestone ladder in your life, the 20s age zone. You are already called as an adult. All of your speech, doings, and decisions will be looked at by your juniors. Remember to be wiser, though it may take times. It’s not wrong to sometimes stumble in your life, but keep in mind to learn how to deal with it. Perhaps one day in your career life,People may turn their back on you, please don’t let it bug you, believe me, there are thousands of fans like me will always support you till the end. May you always be healthy and free from severe injuries (athlete without injuries is rather impossible so yeah if it’s small injuries i forgive you LOL JK) , May long live career succesness be with you, May you reach and achieve your goals one by one. God bless you, sweet heart! ^^" from troublemakerstorm

    “Happy birthday! 2014 1207 I had finished this picture in August 20. lol I have prepared until this time!
    たくさんの感動をありがとう。そして、これからも貴方の時代は 続きます. 自分を信じて輝き続けて下さい。もう無理はしないでね。
    羽生君の競技中の姿も好きですが、練習に打ち込む姿に心が惹かれますし、自分も必死に頑張ろうと思えます。 競技中のあの美しさは、熱い練習があってこその美しさですからね。初めて羽生君の練習している姿を見たとき は、翼が生えそうだな、と思ったものです” from benten73
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    I love to read all the birthday wishes for Yuzu, here are some from FB group

    "In the middle of studying, but I can never forget to celebrate the day God placed you in this world. Happy birthday. I dont buy cake for my b-day but I will always celebrate yours." - ovy_oh

    "Happy birthday to my sweet mushroom~. I went to NHK trophy for giving yuzuru kun my present in 29 November 2014, but I have no ticket for get inside so I left my present with media interviewer in front of the event. I m not sure that he will get my present or not. But thanks God it is Maybe reach to him ^^. Otanjoubi omedetou~" - Moskito Caesius

    "Fly, Yuzu!
    Higher than Mountains
    More beautifully
    Like a Golden Butterfly
    Like a Feather in the Misty Blue Air

    Fly like an Eagle, Yuzu
    May God of Ice Save Our Ice Prince

    Happy Birthday Dear Yuzuru san!
    Wishing your new life with a lot of
    Love and Happiness"
    - Miharu Suzue

    "Happy 20th Birthday Yuzu ^^ You're growing to fast ;3; First of all I want to thank God for atleast letting me to know you despite the fact not knowing me. Oh! please don't change just stay the same. You have many fans out there, around the world and when I say around the world even the smallest island exist is included. \^^/ Don't forget that each and everyone of us loves you and Winnie the pooh too.
    Good luck in the next tournament you'll be attending and hopefully you won't get any injury. Please don't forget to smile , the smile that I-we adore so much. The smile that is as brighter as the sun. The smile that is always painted on your face. Take good care of yourself. Enjoy your day and even the next, next, next day. I love you Yuzu, may God bless you all the time." - Thea Mercado

    Adorableness to the max

    "To the person who was born on my favorite month.. on my favorite number.. And on the same year as me, who knew mushrooms would grow up so fast happy happy happy birthday!!" - Nicole Ledesma

    "happy birthday yuzu!! we love you!!"

    "Today our boy is now an adult. I wish our boy keeps giving us beautiful moments that will remain forever in our hearts. I wish our boy wins many more medals and that he enjoys skating for many years too so we can enjoy with him. I really wish him the best because he is just a too precious person and it's amazing how he inspires all of us to be better people. Thanks for existing Yuzuru Hanyu. Happy Birthday!." - Michelle Ramirez Lerman

    Yuzu birthday party - May He

    "happy birthday Yuzuru , I wish you a plenty of succees in your life and in your skate" - jocelyne.lepelletier

    "On this day 20years ago, Yuzuru Hanyu was born. The one and only man who made my heart go dokidoki. What impressed me the most was that he reached the peak of his career at such young age, which ashames me when i compare myself to him. Humble, graceful, hard-working. I learned many things from your way of life, and got the most beautiful feelings from you. Thank you and Happy birthday" - Ундармаа Г

    "Happy Birthday Yuzuru Hanyu! Thank you for being such an inspiration. (Iol...I'm pretty sure he doesn't eat that much cake though ;P)" - Kimwell Gamao

    "Happy birthday my lovely Yuzuru. Be healthy and be happy. Your my love. I wish all the best. I wish you to be win in Gran prix final. I love you." - Kim So Hee

    "Happy Birthday, Yuzuru ! You, 20 years old, can and have to go to vote !" - Mayako Muto

    "Hey mushroom head it's your birthday I just want to greet you HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hard working man. The olympic champion is now turning 20 years old *Q*. Good luck to your Ice skating career god bless you prince. You're my inspiration. still looking forward to see you on 2018 winter olympics.
    Nyaha. I forgot to mention that I baked Vanilla cupcakes for this special day XD hahaha lol . Love Lots"
    ~Carmela Tunay

    Gorgeous cake

    "The first time I have baked a cake for someone. It must be love. Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu!!!" - Vendula Jurcekova

    "Happy Birthday, my prince" - Elaine Vanessa

    "Happy birthday Yuzuru, who has changed my life in so many ways! Because of him, I have met so many amazing people, made so many friends, woken up super early to watch him compete, get to know how much of a dork someone could be, and learned so much about figure skating and how much fun it is. Hope he has a great day!" - Shannon Zheng

    "Happy Brithday Yuzuru Hanyu. The best and admirable Yuzu :')" - Melissa Elizabeth

    "Happy Birthday Yuzu!!! I wish you strength and health!" - Törteli Szabina

    "Happy 20th Birthday to the most inspirational, Yuzuru Hanyu! May you always achieve what you set out to accomplish! Wishing you great success and supreme health!" - Alison Gan

    A beautiful post from Jade Cheng
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    The twitter fanarts celebrating his birthday are amazing . Ryuzumi-chan retweet a lot of it

    This one is absolutely gold, morphing of chibi Yuzu to adult Yuzu in ina bauer
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    new clip from yusu01207, yuzuru's part starts at 6th min, what are they talking around 11:30 about his spin? timing of the end of the spin being right with the note?? just guessing since i dont understand japanese at all
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    Javi and Nam greeting Yuzu, cricket brothers
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Win a copy of Brian Orser´s book Team Brian. Open for JAPANESE and overseas fans
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    Misha Ge's birthday post and trying to justify himself for greeting late "still on time Canada/China still on 7th"
    and japanese tweet from Javi, i bet he asked help from Miki
    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessBeany View Post
    Check out the Yuzu birthday post on my blog: 20 videos for 20 years of Yuzuru Hanyu!
    Quote Originally Posted by giulia95 View Post
    “In the exhibition I’m going to perform to “Hana wa saku”. That song / performance was created really quickly. It was done in about only 3 hours. I haven’t skated it very much but it is a really personal program and I put all of the feeling in my heart into it. So I hope that everyone will first get to know the song and then be able to enjoy my interpretation of it. It is all about looking forward to the future.”

    Yuzuru Hanyu - NHK GALA INTERVIEW

    After one week Hana wa Saku reaches 99.500 views
    Quote Originally Posted by annca View Post
    Oh how pretty is this fan art!!
    cr: manami-nanana

    Yuzuru's 20th birthday tweets collection

    Some interesting blog posts (both are written in japanese but the blogs can be viewed in english through google translate, not that accurate but still makes sense.)
    *Italian commentary (nhk w/gala ex of yuzuru) + news
    cr: kosumo70
    *Yuzuru numerology
    cr: michiko3070100
    Quote Originally Posted by firal View Post
    So birthday boy got an award as a 20 year old already:

    It's the yahoo 2014 most searched (or most increase in search numbers) award. Apparently he said that he also search video of himself sometimes to check his jump form. They also asked him about his 20th birthday and he said (rough translation) that even though he is aware that he is an adult now, he will still continue to dream and to learn like a kid.

    Here's an excellent video I found called Triple Axel Revolution; it's so great to see how he had really worked hard for the jump that he is able to master today.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lindacrow View Post
    It seems Yuzu won 2 awards at the Yahoo!検索大賞. One for most searched athlete and most searched overall?(sorry my Japanese is questionable...)

    New Reports:
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    tumblr user ice-kingfisher 's translation from today's news
    Quote Originally Posted by Nemorml View Post
    Very well made sand drawing video for his birthday.
    Quote Originally Posted by sonora View Post
    I saw a translation of the last chapter of Brian's new book, which particularly addresses to Yuzu.

    I am trying to put a rough translation of some points there:

    Brains says Javi is like a lovey & handful (this may not be so accurate) son to him, while Yuzu is like his twin brother when he was at the same age. He understands Yuzu because he sees himself in Yuzu.

    As a coach, Brian sees something he did not see as a young athlete. Yuzu has been trying to put out 100% in his performance, 365 days a year to fulfil his responsibilities to the people who support him, just like him when he was young. Brian says he feels it is unnecessary to be your best every day. If (Yuzu) keeps his best performance during practice, such peak conditions may have been advanced before the real competition. Errors and mistakes are actually helpful before the competitions. He says Yuzu may have realized this and started to learn to control the wave of the “peak performance”.

    Forgive my poor English, especially this is based on the Chinese translation of the original Japanese version. The credit of the Chinese translation goes to羽生结弦资讯台
    Quote Originally Posted by Nemorml View Post
    Congratulations Yuzuru, according to this survey you have the most beautiful eyebrows in Japan ... I can't
    Japan surely has some interesting surveys. The woman at the photo is an actress, probably his eyebrow correlative)
    Quote Originally Posted by Bonesfan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    Yuzuru has been on his way to GPF. ANA gave him a cake:
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    Non-chan and it seems that many other fans (according to Twitter) have just received Yuzuru's reply mail today:
    She said she sent him her letter in 2012!! WOW
    Credit to Non-chan tumblr blog
    It seems Yuzuru used his resting days at Sendai for this. Congrats to all the fans who have received his reply.
    Let's hope the best for him at GPF!
    Quote Originally Posted by Bonesfan View Post
    Yuzuru sighting in German airport from tumblr (no picture)

    He was with his mother and BOrser.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by firal View Post
    An interview with Matsuoka Shuzo-san aired Tuesday....
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    i guess only last part of that interview, from facebook group, thanks to Echo Cheng;
    This is a most valuable live interview to watch about Yuzu’s story in first half of this season (it was interviewed the next day of NHK Trophy but was broadcast till 9th December). He told about the impact of accident of CoC and his struggles to compete at NHK Trophy.
    The last part impressed me most. (Video played from 07:15) And I made brief translation as following:
    Speaking of his going out and competing at NHK Trophy, Yuzu said it’s about pride himself of course and there was pressure (competing rather than withdraw) on him without doubt.
    However, before he considered those things, the more important thing was he found an issue ahead him and NHK Trophy gave him a chance to try to overcome. He regarded it as a lucky thing.
    At last, he used three times of “God telling me” to present his mindset in different phases.
    “When the accident of CoC happened, it was God telling me to take a rest.“
    “If I did not qualify to GPF, it was God telling me to take more rest and prepare for Japan Nationals until late of December.”
    “Now I can go to GPF, it is God telling me to overcome the challenges ahead me.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Journalist sang Happy Birthday to Yuzuru and he got a cake
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    CC brothers and Borser

    Yuzu talking to the media
    Quote Originally Posted by sonora View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by HanDomi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Maria Victoria View Post
    Thanks for all the updates everyone on our boy! I agree with the description of Yuzuru as the wild card in this men's competition. Whatever, I am just happy to see him in the GPF and make his way back to full form. Will be cheering him on!
    Quote Originally Posted by won0066 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by firal View Post
    Spokesperson again?? for the company PHITEN. For those of you looking for Christmas present idea...
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    tumblr fan hanyuedits very kindly made gif set of post NHK trophy interview , its in 3 parts so far, might be more but here are 3 parts
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    they just uploaded FS on fb page
    Quote Originally Posted by HanDomi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by yay View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bonesfan View Post
    Interview with Yuzuru, Javi, BOrser in mixed zone after practice
    Quote Originally Posted by Geo1 View Post
    Here's the video where Yuzuru explains the meaning of crossing himself (with English subtitles):
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    Forget YuzuJavi, we have a new couple:
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    there is a translation regarding to his lutz combo, we will see how it will work for him, hopefully success this time
    and here is something we can relax from competition and enjoy GPF with him, mimicking Javi, he is king of mimicking
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    his SP run through, clean one finally
    Quote Originally Posted by HanDomi View Post
    He looks to me really comfortable on this ice. Even quad salchow is consistent
    Quote Originally Posted by HanDomi View Post

    Sergei and Yuzuru

    Looks like we don't know about something ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Silvia451 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by HanDomi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by FTnoona View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by nsaboten View Post
    Love to see his happy smile again.
    no commentary version
    Quote Originally Posted by HanDomi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    his 4T fancam from Wilson's blade Instagram.
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Yuzuru speaking english describing Javier, he also said "Gracias"
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Yuzuru´s program spanish comment.

    They love him, talk about Yuzu´s friendship with Javi. They said it was a beatiful program.
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Yuzuru and Machida arriving after SP to press conference
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    What I noticed is that Yuzu last night looked like his passionate younger self. And the similarity of the K&C aww moments with Nanami and Orser

    "I just wanted to do skating. I became the feeling of the young time. I loved skating above all." - Yuzuru
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    icenetwork article after SP last night
    Quote Originally Posted by leolion11 View Post
    Fyi, anaandherbrain's translation of the Spanish commentators' comments for Yuzuru's SP Seems like most of the commentators are completely in love with his skating lol
    Quote Originally Posted by leolion11 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by satine94 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by HanDomi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    i think not posted yet, english interview with besp commentary , brian laughing hard after "crazy" comment
    Quote Originally Posted by Gigi13 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post
    Orser said in the interview with Weekly Gendai;

    "Yuzuru clearly told me that he wanted another Olympic gold medal. Not a few skaters lose their motivation after winning the Olympics. Yuna Kim seemed to have lost her passion for skating after Vancouver, and I'm afraid she skated rather obligatorily thereafter. But this does not apply to Yuzuru. He is still enthusiastic over skating with so much love for it. That attitude of his may be attracting people including me." (Please note this is my summarized translation from the article in Japanese, not the original English.)
    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post
    This is Kanako's tweet:

    "Hanyu-kun surely looks a big brother here. Very new to me.

    After all, Shoma is younger _(:3」∠)_ (what's this?)

    He is the youngest in Team Japan top group, and also in the Cricket Club, the impression I usually get is; being teased or cared by Javi, rather than teaching Nam (LOL)"
    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post
    Sorry for one thing. The tweet I introduced is not Kanako Murakami's.

    For your information;
    Quote Originally Posted by 201 View Post
    thank you for the translation! LOL thats not Kanako though...
    Its a fan with the same name.

    This is kanako's real twitter:
    Quote Originally Posted by ranran View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Lindacrow View Post
    I found a picture!
    Quote Originally Posted by Lindacrow View Post
    Is this one better?
    Quote Originally Posted by Esopian View Post
    Someone just uploaded a subbed version of the Spanish broadcast of Yuzu's SP: [Link]
    Quote Originally Posted by AprilS View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Madness-Overload View Post
    Javier's words presenting Yuzuru:
    Yuzu is a natural conquer as we see him. He is a great skater and person and I just wanted to wish him all the luck in the world for the next competitions. Is a pleasure that he had been here with us and that he made us enjoy skating.
    Quote Originally Posted by leolion11 View Post
    Btw, I guess Sota finally got his picture with Yuzuru?
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    This is another journey of overcoming adversity for very happy for him. and I'm loving the victory ceremony so much happiness from everyone and I'm grinning that his jumped up the podium coincided with the song
    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post
    Sota Yamamoto and his idol.

    "My dream came true. Lifelong treasure !"
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Javier Raya and Yuzuru

    Lot´s of picture of Yuzuru if you scroll down his twitter
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessBeany View Post
    I also wrote some thoughts on yesterdays amazing skate on my blog:
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Final number

    From Japan TV, with fragments all the gala EX that Yuzuru has made in GPF
    Quote Originally Posted by yay View Post
    Not sure if it was posted, a picture of the winners
    Quote Originally Posted by Lindacrow View Post
    Interview with Matsuoka-san and Nobu!
    Quote Originally Posted by annca View Post yuzuru with brian and tracy (then yuzuru playing with the camera)
    cr: anipooh1
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Sometimes I think he gets bored of looking pretty in front of the camara
    Quote Originally Posted by WoChair View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    This is so funny I have to share, lol, only one photo about Yuzuru:
    Quote Originally Posted by firal View Post
    For those of you rewatching and rewatching the LP, here is a video of the Japanese broadcast from another angle!
    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    Mii9000 from the Hanyu forum has kindly translated the interview for us. I'm posting this with her permission, many thanks!!エキシ前-修造-織田x羽生インタ_sport
    Yuzu interview with Shuzo and Nobunari before the exhibition

    Putting his medal on Shuzo,

    Yuzu: The reason why I did it was because I have learned a lot though interviews.

    Shuzo: What are you talking about? Well, first, please have a seat.
    Congratulations, again. Wonderful. This was a hard-to-forget season and here you grabbed your victory.

    Yuzu: Well, first of all, I am relieved. I am glad that I kept pushing myself, that is all I can

    Shu: The person who felt that most was Mr. Oda here, who has been watching (your performance) next to me and he went like “Ganbare!” He was with such an enthusiasm.

    Yuzu: He went more excited than Shuzo-san. (Everyone laughs)

    Nobu: Yeah, since that was an incredible performance, so I could not help going like “Ganbare!, Ganbare!”

    Shuzo: So, how was it? I think you were tired in the end?

    Yuzu: Well, yeah, after I landed on the 3 loop, I felt I was getting tired.

    Nobu: The exhaustion got into your legs?

    Yuzu: Yes, into my legs and I could not do anything (to fight against it) only with my fighting spirit.

    Nobu: I think I was screaming most at that time. That was his last jump, so I went like “Ganbare! (Hung in there)”

    Yuzu: But as for 3Lz, I was not confident. I have not been confident and I have popped the jump often before, so I think I could not do it with my full confidence.

    Shu: Well, what I think everyone in Japan may be wondering about is,… well, let’s see the scene. This (Yuzu pointing his finger up), what did you mean by this?

    Yuzu: I meant I came in the first.

    Shu: The first! Well, you skaters don’t usually do that kind of thing, right?

    Nobu: But that performance was really overwhelming. I was overwhelmed.

    Yuzu: Well, for me, that was the first competition in which I had a clean landing on my quad sal, and I felt happiest about landing on the sal and continuing on to the clean quad toe loop. I was really glad. The last 3Lz, I could not help it, well I could have helped it, though, well, let me just say that I could not help it. (Everyone laughs)

    Nobu: Well, that quad sal, I think, after the accident at COC, your salcow has gotten better with no unnecessary tension in your shoulders.

    Shu: Despite the accident?

    Nobu: Despite that accident, I think the quality of your jumps has gotten better.

    Shu: What do you think?

    Yuzu: Well, I, with Mr. Oda (laugh)…, Is (calling him) “Mr. Oda” OK? I have been with him at the ice shows during the off-season, several times, no, more like all the time (laugh), and during that time he saw my salcows and loops ((could mean that he has given me advice on the jumps)) and after that and before COC, during the practices the success rate for the jumps went up. The stability (of the jumps), … or I was getting the knack how to jump them during the practices and before COC my jumps were fine. So, well, when I went to China, I was not doing very well, though, ((aside from that time at COC)) I had a feel that I am getting to master the sense ((to jump those jumps)). Also, I had done run-throughs ((before the GPF)). I practiced paying attention to how I succeed on the jumps with the music.

    Shu: Well, that scene (please). I think you have not seen your salcow, yet.

    Yuzu: No, (I have not).

    Shu: Acutally the scene where you jumped the sal this smoothly…,

    Nobu: Really beautiful.

    Yuzu: That went clean. Rare for me, (Laugh)

    Shu: I want you to do a commentary by yourself.

    Yuzu: All, I did everything as I planned. Well, I…, before starting the sal, (the move) so called chasse, that is one of the steps, and I did that, and at which note (of music) I do that chasse, which timing I raise my arms and my head, when to rotate three times, to pull my legs swing my arms, which timing I land, I put all in my head and I did them all.

    Shu: That was difficult, so what is “chasse”?

    Yuzu: Well, “chasse” is, what can I say, a move to see the timing (for the next move) in a brief moment? (Nobu trying to help Yuzu to explain in the background.) Can we see a video?

    Shu: Yes, it is coming.

    Yuzu: Well, if you can start with the back-cross..,

    Shu: You are the first person who explains ((to us)) like this. (Laugh)

    Yuzu: 3Axel after the counter ((turn?)), … after this, well this was a kind of chasse, too, I turned forward here, and here I did chasse once, a little, a little, I was doing it not fully、because it was before the jump, I did not do it fully, though. A little, at instance, there is a move to hold and make time. I did that and I could jump (the sal) at the practice, at the official practice, I could not jump it, only at the real performance, no, during the run-thru at the official practice only, I could do it and I recreated precisely the series of moves at the time when he landed the sal ((in the actual performance)).

    Shu: You said “recreated”. So in a sense, you had no worry cause you just needed to do ((those moves))

    Yuzu: Yes, I believed I could jump that, or I assumed that I can jump that. Just to that flow…,, because the condition of my body was getting better and so my body was able to move, and my body can move the way that I want it to move, I could jump that. This is something I am good at, to move my body to fit my images/to move my body as I imagine it to do.

    Shu: That quad sal, well, you have the quad toe loop, too, but you have been struggling with it, and you have purposely put that in your programs. Landing on the sal was your problem to overcome, and how do you feel about having overcome that?

    Yuzu: Well, to be honest, I am happy, but, first, I thought about why I had landed on the sal. This time, before my name was called, when the skater before me, that was Machida-senshu, was waiting for his score, I jumped a 3Axel.

    Shu&Nobu: You did.

    Yuzu: My 3loop became a double, but I was thinking what to do to warm up my body. In practices, well, it was true in practices in Japan, too, but, my body does not warm up fully for the sal, since it is my first jump ((in the program)), or I cannot wake my muscles up enough. So I was thinking what to do, but in the previous competition or COC, I could not jump 3 Axels ((during practices)) because I was not confident enough, but this time the confidence given by the fact that I had had that tough training before coming in made me jump that and hence I could stimulate my body by that jump. And that steered me into a good direction, and I could think that since I did jump the 3Axel, that was as good as having done ((the full)) warm-up.

    Shu: You have to go to the exhibition soon after this, but you went through difficulties this season. You had talked about what the scenery you see after overcoming your adversity would be like. Now you are finished, how did you feel when you saw the scenery?

    Yuzu: Listening to our national anthem was the best thing. That fact I made it happen. At NHK, I was really upset ((at myself)). I strongly wanted to be the one who makes it happen next. Watching Daisuke Murakami-senshu, I was thinking like “ Next time, really, I will stand on that position.” I am glad that I won.

    Shu: [To Nobu] You seem to be moved.

    Nobu: Yeah, there aren’t many skaters who can make their wishes come true. I felt, because he is Hanyu-senshu with his strong mind, he could do that.

    Shu: Well, now, the exhibition will start, the one people in Japan and in the world are looking forward to, what will you skate?

    Yuzu: Well, I will skate to “The final time traveller”. This is the one I skated when I collaborated. This piece is Ms. Sarah Alainn’s. It is a very beautiful piece. But, it is a beautiful piece in a different way from Chopin (ballade) for my SP. With a very feminine, a soprano voice special to her, so I want to show soft flowing skating.

    Shu: [To Nobu] As an athlete, the same as he, what do you think now?

    Nobu: Well, I cannot express my feelings with any words because he is too great.

    Yuzu: Well, but you have to do that. That is your job.

    Shu: We are running out of time. Please tell them.

    Yuzu: Your job. ((Do)) your job. (Everyone laughs)

    Nobu: This was so wonderful. I can only praise him. Congratulations.

    Shu: With our praises, we would like to wait for the exhibition. Thank you very much.

    Yuzu: Thank you.
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by yuz View Post
    Oh, and one other thing! I wanted to celebrate Yuzu's comeback at GPF so I made a fanvid dedicated to him. It's my first video EVER and thought it'd be nice to share with you all haha. Hope you guys enjoy it!
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Fan footage of SP and FP .
    Quote Originally Posted by sonora View Post
    Not sure if this picture has been shared before.

    Yuzu was too cute to watch described him as "a startled bunny". Wonder what the media there has done to him...
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    haven´t seem this video posted, but it looks hillarious... they explain Javier and Yuzuru relationship... don´t understand what they said but it looks like they think real love is not between Javier and Miki, but between Yuzuru and Javier... lol...they even do a diagram...
    Quote Originally Posted by dia View Post
    Nobody in this clip thinks there is "love" between them but friendship. They talk about Orser's comments on Yuzuru and Javier's different personalities and the good influence they have on each other (as he described them in his book "Team Brian"). Sorry I have just summarized, but have no time to translate everything now.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    skating fugly strikes again, poor Yuzuru lol
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Speaking of, didn´t see it mention here, but this Italian media said that Yuzuru is the first Olympic Champion that wins the GPF in the same year that OG was obteined. Can we confirm this=
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Another anime/manga character cosplay as Yuzuru. From Diamond no Ice (sport anime-baseball) Furuya .

    The image appear at the end of last week episode
    Quote Originally Posted by Bonesfan View Post
    GPF fancam from a Spanish man.

    What a huge fan = OLE after each jump and in tears towards the end.
    Quote Originally Posted by suizmi View Post
    I'm not sure if it's new to you, but bromance from a different angle
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    So... Apparently it seems a new couple is on the rise:
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Ooh! la! la! wish it was just Maia and Yuzu.....he is super dashing 20yo in this pix

    The prince has arrived home

    And his usual adorable self
    N Sync
    17yo playing with camera and 20yo version
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    interview took place at airport today, from a-m-n-o-s tumblr
    Quote Originally Posted by ngml View Post
    The Chinese fans did a great job in compiling videos (with behind the scenes which I cannot find in youtube) and providing Chinese subtitle. Unfortunately my Youkou does not work well in my computer and I can only see the first 5 mins of this video . Does anyone know if this video is hosted in youtube or daily motion ?
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Yuzuru teaching Shoma how to take a group picture and wave to the public and telling Javier to go take a victory lap

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    Quote Originally Posted by firal View Post
    Funny you mentioned that, since this news just came out today along with his return to Japan. They asked him why he sang along with the lyrics, and he said "it's not like if people asked me not to sing then I won't sing haha! But my mouth just started moving naturally as the song starts."

    The other thing I thought was so interesting from that he said he always jump the 3lo while the person before him is waiting for his mark. He said that it had became a habit to the point that he is only going through the motion and not really concentrating on the jump and not warming up his body. So he decided to to the 3A instead before the FP at GPF. I wonder if he'll keep on doing that for the future? I really admire how he seemed to be so superstitious regarding certain aspects, but then again can change his routine just like that without hesitation.
    Quote Originally Posted by skatefan22 View Post
    Yuzu & Shoma acting like twins

    This gif with Shoma sums up his S personality

    And this article tells Yuzu's childhood anecdote. According to a translation I saw, it says Yuzu used to fight, not even once, with those seniors at ice rink when he was in primary school. Though often lost, he was never intimidated and he would often yelled something like "who says I will lose to you?!" before the fight. I find this amusing and I like this another side of him.
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Transcript of Yuzuru sp frm gpf from Universal Sport Online, of you live in USA I think you can watch the video
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Look after 14hour of flight with backpack still on his back deeply he bowed to the fans that greeted his arrival in Japan
    Quote Originally Posted by Silvia451 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Commercial for Japan National 2014....going to be one big battle
    Quote Originally Posted by perdita View Post
    There's an article published today on the web in which Brian Orser is being interviewed by Japanese magazine, Shukan Gendai.

    Talking about what Yuzuru needs to improve more, Orser says:
    "He also needs to learn to say 'No.' After he won Sochi, many people have tried to be connected with him. He's gentle so he tried to respond to all of them, which sometimes even disturbed his training. If he wants to win Pyeongchang, he needs to save his time, sometimes by saying 'No.'"

    I think this answers enough to the change of his attitude. It's something he's told to do, and definitely something he needs to do.
    As I'm in Japan reading Japanese web articles, blogs, SNS etc., I scent that his surroundings are becoming more and more difficult, after Sochi and then after that CoC accident.
    I'm actually really glad that he's now starting to protect himself.

    By the way, I couldn't help but laugh about what Orser said right after that:
    "I want him to improve his English. He has the habit of saying 'Yeah' and when he says that, he's normally not understanding me. When he says 'Yeah,' he does the same mistake which he had done before I explained. So, these days, when he say 'Yeah,' I tell him 'Come. Let's talk.' (laugh). Perhaps through that, his English is getting better day by day."

    I can vividly imagine Yuzuru just saying 'Yeah'...:P
    I remember the days when I first lived abroad, I was just like him indeed.

    And here is my most favorite part:
    "'Why is Yuzuru attractive though he falls?' That's the best question I've ever asked. Talent, technic, appearance...there are may answers to that, but I think his spirit is the best answer. Yuzuru loves skating. That passion even attracts me as a coach. It's been 17 years since I retired, but I also loved skating and worked hard on training as he does. Yuzuru's performance reminds me of those days. His skating not only moves me but also moves all audiences. Of course he has excellent technics, but 'the love for skating', that is exactly what makes his performance more attractive."
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Gif from th nationals japanese competition credit to nonchan, link for the CM at the base
    Quote Originally Posted by HanDomi View Post
    this quad salchow from side view looks quite spectacular, he travels in the air a bit on it
    Quote Originally Posted by YesWay View Post
    I've uploaded about 97 of photos I took of Yuzuru, at the Grand Prix Final in Barcelona --> HERE.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nemorml View Post
    Fancam of the Gala finale, it includes him talking to Shoma, Sergei, Kovtun and Kaitlyn.

    Before practice: He goes to talk with Tatsuki but I guess that's actually the moment of when he started to be friendly with Maxim?

    edit: His face It looks almost like he's being scolded
    Quote Originally Posted by nsaboten View Post
    This kid is amazing.
    How he could do this within 2 weeks
    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    Here is my quick translation of Hanyu's FS from the Japanese broadcast which was delayed quiiiite a bit as the live was at 5 in the morning. -I wish they had shown it live.
    Feel free to correct me if I got anything wrong. Sano Minoru, is a former figure skater...but I don't know who the other comentator is.
    Sano Minoru and one other, I’m not sure who.
    Commentator 1(he’s) at the top coming from the Short program. I would never have imagined this situation.
    So much has happened, but he has scaled the wall.
    Hanyu Yuzuru Phantom of the Opera
    First Jump….
    Both Commentators yell: KIMEMASHITA!!! (the literal translation is Decided, but it’s more like completed or successful)
    Quadruple! First time he’s landed this this season and beautifully!
    Commentator 1: One more Quadruple and this time the toe loop. Landed this one too!
    Sano : What a man! Wow.
    Commentator 1: Here’s the triple flip.
    This is the flying change-foot spin.
    Commentator 1: He said he always wanted to perform to the Phantom of the Opera.
    And after becoming world champion, he’s doing it at last.
    The lutz jump is to high-light the part where the Phantom expresses his grief.
    Sano: Straight! Keep it straight!
    This one also successful!
    Commentator1: Triple axel triple toeloop. Triple axel going into a triple salchow 3 jump combo amazing. Triple loop. Triple lutz!
    Fell on the last lutz!!
    Despite that, the stadium can’t take their eyes away from Hanyu’s performance.
    Flying change foot spin.
    Performance ends:
    Both Comentators together
    Isn’t it amazing?? Listen to this! My….
    How much stronger will this man get? Wow.
    The last event of the Grand Prix Final, Men’s Singles-- the last performer Yuzuru Hanyu. The whole stadium is giving a standing ovation.
    There are smiles in the audience and some tears.
    All the people here know what’s happened to Hanyus-kun this season. To be able to do this at the final.
    It’s been 1 year since the last season, the last final and he’s gone to the Olympics and Worlds. He’s come into this season very tired I’m sure in body and mind.
    So many, many things have happened before this free.
    Look at this Salchow. Quadruple jump. Yes, that was amazing. Next the toeloop. This season he hasn’t jumped a quad this whole season until the final.
    Oh, he has jumped it, but he hasn’t landed any. But to jump them so easily now…
    The challenger Hanyu has come back after NHK.
    This lutz… he has to do it. It’s ok that he fell. For the next step. I’d like to think so. This will make him stronger for the future. He’ll challenge it again. I think he should always be a challenger.
    His smile has come back at last. Here are the scores.
    194.08!!! A personal best score after overcoming so many hardships. Hanyu Yuzuru Grand prix final GOLD MEDALIST! (Yelling quite enthusiastically)
    First Japanese man to win 2 in a row. More than that, more than anything, this shows his strength to the world. Hanyu Gold, Fernandez Silver and Vornov Bronze. Mura 5th, Machida 6th this is the result of the Men’s singles.
    Quote Originally Posted by leolion11 View Post
    Ok I translated the Chinese commentary for Yuzuru's LP. It's an extremely rough translation (because some parts would sound very weird in English if translated literally) and I literally did it in 5-10 min so there may be mistakes. I know there were people complaining about the commentator butchering the last character of Yuzuru's name (she pronounced 'xuan' not 'xian') but I thought the rest of the commentary was okay.
    Yuzuru Hanyu, being a representative figure of Men’s Singles skating, created history at the age of 19 by becoming the youngest olympic champion in 66 years and the first Asian olympic champion in men’s figure skating, as well as winning the world championships in the same season.

    -after performance-

    The technical score has already gone past 100! Even though there was a single fall on a triple jump in the middle, it did not affect his perfect interpretation of this program (Really really rough translation of this line because it would sound weird if translated literally).

    At the beginning of the season, Yuzuru Hanyu also had some setbacks, and entered the GPF at the very last moment. However, after coming to Spain, using his own words, he has already recovered, and skating was extremely comfortable and smooth.

    -commentator talks about how an athlete’s feeling of their own physical health is extremely acute and how that affects their performance-

    This program, except for the fall on the triple jump, the rest of his elements (literally: movements) were done with the highest quality, especially the opening two solo quads, which were awarded +2s and +3s in GOE.

    The thing that must be specially mentioned is that he did not merely complete his difficult jumps, and that his speed of rotation, timing, height and distance were all outstanding.

    -commentator goes into the specifics of rotational speed, timing, height and distance, and then notes that Yuzuru has really good rotational speed, and the ease at which he completes his difficult elements-

    Being the last skater to step on the ice today, Yuzuru Hanyu gave what can be considered to be the best performance today. Even though there was a fall, the technical score still surpassed 100 points.

    -reads out scores on scoreboard- This is his highest score in the entire season. This performance indeed came close to perfection. Being a representative of men’s figure skating, it can be said that no matter where he performs, it would seem as if he is performing at home. He is always extremely popular.
    Edit: forgot to mention that the commentator stayed silent throughout his entire performance and then started talking about it only after he ended his performance. Idk if I like that though
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    Yuzuru did the spread eagle-3A-spread eagle at GPF gala:

    Edit: here's the clip
    Quote Originally Posted by ngml View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Nemorml View Post
    He ranked first in something, what is it I don't know; I can't seem to find the video.
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    his honesty is just . another tumblr user hanyuedits
    Quote Originally Posted by ~Pamina~ View Post
    somebody on tublr has translated the German comments from GPF
    Quote Originally Posted by Nemorml View Post
    Yuzuru was the second most searched medalist from Sochi at Google, behind Yuna who dominated the charts:
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    Those ladies can go home. Even ISU Magazine ship him with Javi.
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Winnie_20 View Post
    Anyway, as promised, SP with Dutch commentary version 1. I forgot who the guy is, so I just called him g for guy (*grin*).

    g: So we’re starting with the Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu, who made the GPF by the bare minimum (scraped through), but nobody doubts his qualities as figure skater. The only one who ever scored in the 100s, 101.45 at the Olympics, then you’re not putting a single foot wrong. It’ll be very strange if we’re going to see that level today, but what would it be good for the competition and for Yuzuru Hanyu if he showed here that he’s completely back. Last year, not the exact same scenario, but then he let himself be caught off guard twice during the regular GP, but when it really mattered, he was there and won the GPF in Fukuoka, and finally that would result in a terrific season with the Olympic and the world title; a season cannot get much better than that. And he’s starting here first with his short program. Let’s hope we can catch some glimpses of the Hanyu of last season. Five days ago he turned twenty.

    K, [I think Karen Venhuizen, she’s a former singles skater, 9-time Dutch champion] We are of course curious to see how he has recovered from all the pain [‘leed’] and injuries, concussions [yes, plural! Pretty sure he didn’t even have 1], let’s see how he’s going to fare. He opens with a 4T, at least that was planned, yes! Flawless, combination spin with foot change, flying camel spin. He’s going for the difficult triple axel and the combination in the second half of the program what will give him a lot of bonus points. Triple axel, yes, without any problem. Ho! Triple lutz, triple toeloop, you could already see with the triple lutz that he wasn’t standing correctly. He thought, I’m still going for it, the toe loop, but no. Step sequence, lots of speed, deep edges.

    G: Well, that’s a bit of the Hanyu like we [saw] him the last season, or rather the last couple of seasons, since he’s been a Senior, and in spite of the fall, K, I did notice that by the earlier competitions he opened all the jumps, quads became triples, triples doubles, and look at that technical score, and the fact that he still went for it in spite of the fact that the triple lutz was not ideal.
    K: He’s totally happy, in spite of the fall, I think. He also looked different than at the two GPs, like “Guys, I’m back.” And those quad toeloop and triple axel, those were by the book, and I already had a sense of “this isn’t going to go well” with the lutz, and when I saw the take-off, I thought “No.” And still attempting that second triple.
    G: Yes, nice. He’s completely back, and saves his for the moment best performance for the so far most important competition of the season. Last year the road to the GPF was a lot better, losing to Patrick Chan in the GP can happen to the best of us, he put things right [stelde orde op zaken] in Fukuoka. It’s getting a bit ahead of the game to say that this is the best SP of this competition, but it will certainly have a large role to play.
    K: Yeah, he won’t be placed sixth anymore.
    G: Absolutely.
    K: He did make a big mistake, so you never know, if the others go clean.
    G; but 51 points in the technical score alone, that is---
    K: Yeah, you have to wonder how he got those together with a fall. +3 in the quad—
    G: that must be it, right? Yeah, the [technical] score will undoubtedly be lowered.
    K: surely.
    G: here we see it. [the fall]
    K: he doesn’t land correctly on his foot.
    G: it was round, so he won’t get a deduction for that.
    K: I think he had to smile.
    G: The confidence was there to jump, even though the first jump wasn’t straight. Yes, nice.
    K: yes, he seems to be feeling better again.
    G: that is pretty impressive, because he hasn’t had that much time since Osaka, two weeks. The fact he even started in Osaka was extremely “dubious” [dubious, strange choice of words, this, in Dutch, it indicates that the speaker thinks the situation wasn’t entirely correct, in the sense of suspect, instead of, what I’m guessing/hoping the speaker meant, “twijfelachtig” that he felt it was doubtful whether he would be capable of starting due to his health]. If we may believe the interviews, Orser let Hanyu decide whether or not he’d start. And those 51 points are still in the screen, after all, and we’ll already get to see a ‘fat’ 90s mark on the scoring board. Nice, well, Fernandez will probably be annoyed, although they are training buddies, and he’ll probably prefer winning from a good Hanyu than a Hanyu who had completely lost his way. But it’s also quite good (impressive) when you can show such mental strength to bounce back, because it really was awfully bad what we’ve seen of him in the two competitions. Well, the points indeed remain and 94.08 is indeed, in spite of the fall, the highest score we’ve seen so far [from Hanyu this season, I’m guessing he meant]. Yeah, he’s totally back, the mannerisms [???], the confidence, and it’ll be a terrific FS competition tomorrow.
    Quote Originally Posted by Winnie_20 View Post
    SP version 2, these people clearly didn't feel like talking through the program itself. I think they're Jeroen Prins (he's also an ISU judge/referee and former skater) and Haya Leenards (not sure if she ever skated, probably).

    H: Here we see Yuzuru Hanyu, starting first! He had to skate the SP first, because the Olympic champion kind of failed at the two GPs he skated at, not in good form, barely managed to qualify (hakken over de sloot), managed to qualify as sixth for this GPF, actually I’d have preferred to see that differently, I felt a bit sorry for him in the NHK Trophy where he ended as the third Japanese skater, in his own GP, I thought, Well, it will be difficult for him to start here 1.5 weeks after that disastrous NHK, but he is here [note how she never even mentions his collision, the reason for all the problems! Pffft]. We’re going to watch what he’s managed to do in those 1.5 weeks.
    J: opens with a quad toeloop. Triple axel. Combo triple luts, triple toeloop, but there it goes wrong. It makes him laugh.
    Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu, with a mistake in the combination, but he is back again, gorgeous quad toeloop, beautiful trple axel, but especially that program {kur] , so well timed to the music, with all those difficult transitions, extraordinarily beautiful (fraai).
    H: Yes, for him it is, at least, a victory to at least land that quad toeloop, because that totally didn’t work for him anymore, and he knows that the combo lutz-toeloop, well, that’ll work out another time again, he really did have to laugh about it, like you said, he has refound himself.
    J: at that final jump element, it was already less important because the large two jumps, the quad and the triple axel had already been completed, but still, some points he wasted there, also one for the fall, but it didn’t really have an impact on the performance of the program, not like in Japan where he skated so [badly] (“miserabel”, in the sense of almost catastrophically bad). There is the quad toeloop. Gorgeous.
    H: Beautiful, isn’t it? Beautifully landed.
    J: Yeah, what a landing. In training he jumps three quad toeloops after another. [cue me ??? ]
    H: Really?
    J: Yes, I have seen clips (I think he says clips, as in recordings)
    H: in combination?!
    J: it’s unbelievable, yes, in combination--
    H: *three* jumps?!
    J: three after another.
    Triple axel and then a transition, he immediately steps into the spread eagle. Here he couldn’t properly take off from the triple lutz, it’s a miracle he landed that, but he couldn’t hold the toeloop which he already entered entirely askew (lopsided?). Probably any other skater would’ve already fallen at the lutz. Hanyu’s spins and footwork as always impressive.
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Arakawa talking about Yuzuru, can someone translate please
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    I guess he will win the poll for the "most beautiful hands" next
    Quote Originally Posted by Lindacrow View Post
    I have no idea what this video is about but, It was voted by females and Yuzu ranked first.
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    second part of the interview with Brian from tumblr user a-m-n-o-s

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    As always thank you pamina for your amazing hardwork and thank you to everyone who posted news and updates

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    p. 917-924

    Quote Originally Posted by skatefan22 View Post
    Yuzu mentioned this topic mainly in three interviews:

    2011 with Mai Asada:
    -What type of woman is your favorite?
    -Well. If I am asked "which is your favorite, a beautiful woman or a pretty woman?, I say that I like a pretty woman.I like a woman who is not so tall, and whom I want to protect.
    -You said such a reliable thing though you are only 16.
    -Well. Ahahaha. And I don't want to be restrained so much by my girlfriend.
    -How about (female) figure skater as your girlfriend?
    -Yes, I want a girl who does skating to be my girlfriend basically.
    -Oh! It is unexpected. Because I never wanted it to be, absolutely.
    -Ahahaha. I think that my girlfriend should better be a skater.
    -I cannot see a skater as a love target. Ahahaha.

    2011 with a magazine
    Q: Now we come to the long awaited part, love talk with Yuzuru Hanyu! Firstly what we asked all the other skaters: Do you think being in in love is essential for figure skating?
    A: Not essential. Because I want to focus on skating! Ahhh, but…hmm, hold on! This question is so difficult. Hmm, what were the others’ views on this?
    Q: Among the female skaters, it seems that many of them said it was necessary? Among the younger skaters, for both guys and girls many said it wasn’t necessary.
    A: Hmm, I don’t think it is that necessary. But, if I have a girlfriend, maybe I will feel more reassured. In reality I really don’t know how it would be like. I won’t know until I’ve experienced it.
    Q: You won’t know until you’ve experienced it! Although you are still young, what’s your ideal relationship?
    A: I think it would be great if she’s someone who’s not fixated about certain things. For example, things like “Since we are attached, you must definitely do as such for me” or “It’s not ok if we don’t meet on each other’s birthdays”. I don’t want to feel restricted by such things and neither do I want to restrict someone else like that.
    Q: Between someone who is a skater and someone who is not, whom would you prefer?
    A: The one who is a skater! After all, if she’s also a skater, we would be able to talk about skating and it’s also better as there will be more similarities between us. It would be difficult if she was someone with no connection to skating, like friends in school (so friends in school are ruled out now).
    Q: On the type you like, can you describe based on actresses?
    A: I’ve liked Aya Ueto since some time ago. Recently I started liking Maki Horikita-chan.
    Q: Imagine that you have a girlfriend who is a cute skater that resembles Maki Horikita, but you have to make a choice between skating and her. What would you do?
    A: If I’m really forced to choose…I’ll choose skating. Because our relationship would definitely be one that is connected by skating. Therefore if I give up skating, the connection between us would also disappear! (Looks like he is very determined that the girl should be a skater...)
    (Translator’s note: This was published in August 2011)


    2013 with Yukari Nakano (rough translation based on Chinese translation):
    - I am currently not in a relationship.
    - Is it ok not to be in love?
    - I want to (be in love) if there is a chance. But it is a bit hard because I train overseas. I am not fond of foreign girls (not very good at appreciating the looks/appearance of foreign ladies).
    - How about Japanese girls?
    - Japanese girls, sure! (then he went on explaining there are all foreigners at the rink and he has to speak English all the time)
    - I see
    - I am very grateful that people are all very nice and we get along very well. But I feel a bit sad to have to speak English all the time... Luckily, my Mom is with me, my doctor, and most of my team staff are Japanese. So I can talk with them in Japanese to relax.
    - So, please find a Japanese girl to fall in love with!
    - Yes, a Japanese girl!
    - You must find a kind and nice girl. How about going to social events? Mao mentioned this.
    - Oh, what will happen if some paparazzi come out saying Yuzuru Hanyu is dating a person from the Fuji TV if I do go to that kind of social events?
    - So what kind of girls do you like? How about a news reporter?
    - Do I look like those guys who are fond of news reporters? No way. And above all, I still too young for that.

    So basically, to sum up, Yuzu confirmed that he was not in a relationship at least in 2013.
    And the girl he is looking for is probably a Japanese, a skater, cute, not restraining him to much.
    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    New interview with Hanyu. (actually taken in the Spanish Hotel) About what Hanyu is thinking of when going for his 3rd consecutive title at Nationals.
    He talks about how being really angry can help a performance or hinder it. (he uses the words 'Nani kuso!' when describing his anger at himself which is basically 'what is this sh#t!')
    How he's always changing his goals and thought patters in regards to competition
    He says he does not care so much about winning the national title again as he is with accomplishing certain things and doing what he plans to do.
    He mentions Shoma's high consistency as something the crowd can enjoy and that he looks forward to the competition.
    Quote Originally Posted by yay View Post
    Has it been posted? Voronov and Yuzu congratulates each other: ,
    Quote Originally Posted by yhmafan View Post
    Let’s not forget and considering that he is a machine-gun-talk guy in Japanese but it comes to English, he looks really pitiful
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    OK next topic....costume. This costume is lovely but I think they can make the back plain instead of placing the flowers at the back as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    It´s nice. Speaking of costumes, found this video of the SP warm up. His costume shime so much, looks really pretty
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    Then this is for you.
    the 3A collection --and one of my favorites.
    Quote Originally Posted by ngml View Post
    Even the attendant (not sure whats the term used) is smiling at Yuzu at the Kiss & Cry...
    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    No Chemicals...just a lot of awkwardness.
    Quote Originally Posted by perdita View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Arakawa talking about Yuzuru, can someone translate please
    Has anyone translated this?
    It seemed not, so I did
    The way Shizuka talked was quite difficult to translate...she has a typical Japanese way of speaking without subjects in a long sentence...

    I actually watched this on my TV. It was great to see Yuzuru's performance replayed over and over again, and what Shizuka talked was very nice, too. But, seriously, not an HOUR report of Yuzuru on the morning of the national election... (I still remember that following morning after CoC FS, I woke up, turned the TV on to watch some news, then watched almost un hour report of Kei (tennis player) wining a match in ATP finals, and then another hour for Yuzuru's collision...)

    Anyway, enjoy!


    Commentator1 (in the video): He landed that as well!
    Commentator2 (in the video)(Sano Minoru, a former single male figure skater): What a man he is! Wow.

    Narrator (N): Hanyu Yuzuru decided to challenge the Granprix Final in the season after winning the Olympic.

    Shizuka (S): It was a wonderful performance which he didn't let the audiences know that he had gone through a difficult time.

    N: While many Olympic champions do not compete in the following season, why could Hanyu have a mind to carry on? Shizuka Arakawa, who also have won in Olympic, talks about the biggest factor which let Hanyu win this competition (GPF).

    S: Most male skaters have strong points and weak points, so each skater has a different point-gaining-element, like a quad or a triple axel. But Hanyu has enough skills for both quads and triple axels to compete with. So he showers [weird translation but that's what she said] two quads in the first half, and in the second half, he has combinations with 3A which not only worth over 10 points but also adds GOEs for its quality. That means massive points. So he can spread the elements which he earns points. His skating keeps the audiences' tension, or concentration until the end. When skaters attempt their strong elements in the first half, it's difficult and not possible for them to do something that they can even earn points from its quality in the second half, due to running out of stamina. But Hanyu's programme is composed of point-gaining-elements until the second half, so I think it's hard for other skaters to have a more difficult layout and make a higher score.

    N: Among those, his biggest strong point is…

    terop: Jumps in the second half

    S: (while watching the video) Here he jumped triple axel…in the second half so the base value is multiplied by 1.1…and he did this beautiful 3A+3T. He was not only able to just jump, but he had such a clean straight axis, or he jumped right after steps. This is his strength that he can do such jumps which he can expect GOEs, in the second half. This 3A+1Lo+3S, too, had a flow which adds GOEs.

    N: Moreover, she says that it also shows his strength to do an Ina Bauer, which was a byword for Shizuka Arakawa, in the second half.

    Interviewer (I): We often associate Ina Bauer with how is his?

    S: His Ina Bauer, set in a [choleo] sequence, matches well with the rise of music, and there isn't another male figure skater who can show such flexibility. That makes him distinctive, he can show his peculiarity. These steps matches well with the music, too.

    I: There really is a power to gradually draw the audiences into it.

    S: Yes. His fascinations are that he is also lithe and airy, among male skaters who stand out in power. If you look at his step, that makes it really attractive.

    N: Yuzuru Hanyu is powerful, yet lithe and airy. Arakawa supposes that he must have had a particular pressure to compete as an olympic gold medalist.

    S: This is not something we all can have…to have a courage to challenge, while having fear of unknowing future, yet being looked as an olympic winner wherever he goes, and not having a 100% confidence that he is capable of answering those expectations [I think she's talking about the accident and injury]…I thought it really is his spirit as a genuine athlete, a top athlete.

    N: After his FS, our camera catched an action Hanyu did. He acted as if he would practice a jump, right before he left the rink.

    S: This is his current problem. Well, he himself is laughing. The lutz, this season.

    N: It was the only jump he fall during the FS. It seems that Hanyu wasn't satisfied with that jump.

    Interviewer to Yuzuru after FS: The last lutz, was it an assignment from god?

    Yuzuru: Yeah…but really, as I always think, I am such a lucky person to be able to find a next challenge in a competition in which I produced good results. I could have great cheers although the hall was filled with people cheering for Spain, thanks to all the cheers from the Japanese fans who came all the way to Spain, and the fans from all over the world who came to see this competition. Thus, I strongly thought that practices and a luck are not enough to win [he meant that the fans' cheers supported him to win].

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    Yikes, Pamina! I'm just completely floored looking at all this. I so need to sit down and go through this stuff sometime, wow..

    Love the "rice" and sushi discussions in one of those interviews. Yummy.

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