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Thread: Yuzuru Hanyu: Links to Media Only

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    Quote Originally Posted by giulia95 View Post
    Yuzu’s counter 3A appeared in Etude SP for the very first time during the 2011-2012 season, when he was a 16 yo kid. It's amazing not only the exceptionally difficult 3A entry, but the whole choreo , above all the stunning transition after the 3A landing , a sort of rotational movement the leads him directly into the spin … so natural, so difficult...I love Etude SP so much..
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    Absolute skating

    Dreams on Ice 2015, articles and photos
    Quote Originally Posted by Jo de Souza View Post
    2012 Hilton HHonors Skate America Recap
    Fonte: あ っ き ー

    hope you like it, has been posted on my blog in Portuguese, and then did the translation with google so do not know if I lost a little bit of sense
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    Top best male skater programs of season 2014-2015, Russian site:
    Yuzuru's Chopin is 1st.

    Of course I guess it's just fan vote, but it's lovely.
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    I like fierce love of GPF Barcelona for yuzu shown in their official account. Sometimes I forget they are official….. To see the below, I know well they want to have him at Barcelona...
    “Believe” art
    “SEIMEI” art
    Magazine cover page
    Quote Originally Posted by margarethuililin View Post
    We did the drawings besides Yuzu's design.
    It was fun family summer project.
    GO YUZU!!
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    nice photo set..from last year's toront? Look at brian and yuzu! and coool and sweet yuzu!
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    (1) Translation of the 24H TV Charity Special
    - Yuzu explaining the drawing
    - Full interview translation

    (2) Yuzu participated in a recovery campaign created by NHK Tohoku.
    - The theme of campaign is "Daisuki Tohoku (I Love Tohoku)". They use Yuzu's handwriting into the logo design (the pink color logo) and invited him to speak out this theme at latest promotional video. Tohoku is the northeast area of Japan, where is the main damaged ground of 311 earthquake and tsunami in 2011.
    - Yuzu appeared in last few seconds of the video (scroll down after the first photo). In this video, local professional people were invited to introduce their hometown.
    Credit: Echo Cheng YH International FB group.

    (3) Translation to some parts of Hana ni Nare, Prince Ice World 2014 video
    Quote Originally Posted by mandylazio View Post
    Haven't been here for some time. I have made a video of Yuzu. It's an LP made up of different program with the music Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (which is a piece of music I really hope he will skate to some day). I hope someone will like it. BTW I am really new at making videos
    Quote Originally Posted by Jo de Souza View Post
    Also think on some songs for Yuzuru that would be interesting but not good for competition.

    Yuzuru the piano sound, beautiful!

    SP de Yuzuru Hanyu (2015-2016)
    Quote Originally Posted by won0066 View Post
    Hi everyone:
    One more new blog entry. Just my thoughts over the past couple of days...hope you enjoy. Its an easy, casual read, I think, I avoided going down the route of using heavy technical scoring discussion on purpose, its fun to discuss amongst us all here, but heavy tech discussion probably would be boring to read as a blog post.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    I wonder how many toys they manage to sell. That was one of the lovely K&Cs...Team Japan + hugs + Phantom unmasked + the Reed's puppets

    Chopin in snow

    Polite young man

    Pooh and costume

    Another of his tendency

    Believe nail art

    Tukitao arts

    Yuzu + mascot art
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    Another toy art. There’s yuzu in team Japan suit at the down right. Isn’t it a bit unusual?

    Yuzu dolls set
    Quote Originally Posted by mikaboo View Post
    From Kotaro Fukuma's instagram
    Quote Originally Posted by kiches View Post
    For those of you who enjoyed the Nobu, Yuzu, Shoma chat from FaoI Kobe I put together an English sub for the video using the translation Yuzuland posted of the preview of the interview on Kansai Pia and the translation Newbiespectator did as a base.
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    This news seems to mention that Yuzuru isn't at JSF camp because he's at Toronto (and Mao isn't at JSF camp either)

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    Naming elements/moves after Yuzu
    Quote Originally Posted by Pika-Alva View Post
    This spin with the foot over head could be named after him.

    Quote Originally Posted by nagini View Post
    Well here's a Beautiful close up of the spin.. in his training gear... starting at 4:15
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    The same with this pancake twizzle: Anyone can do it like yuzu?
    white legend in Nice , 2:35-

    Quote Originally Posted by nagini View Post
    Here's a set of gifs of White Legend from Olympic Gala 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by Moria Polonius View Post
    I've got White Legend from Sochi bookmarked (it's the performance that cemented my love for Yuzu after seeing PW).
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Let's start naming it. Feel free to propose another name to the below as I'm not very creative.

    - The "Yuzu 3A entry" move, the one-footed back counter to 3A. It can be called after him as (1) It's one of Yuzuru's signature moves which he has done in almost all competitions (2) He popularizes this move.

    - The "Yuzu 3A sandwich", the spread eagle-3A-spread eagle. He is the first skater to perform this element in competition and he also been doing this in gala/shows the past season. Credit for "sandwich" naming.

    - The "Yuzu spin", where he has his feet over his head.

    Yuzu is confirmed in Toronto
    Quote Originally Posted by mikaboo View Post
    From Joshi Helgesson's blog
    Denna veckan är Yuzuru här så nu är det ännu högre nivå på åkarna här! Jag får massa motivation och inspiration och eftersom träningarna går bra är det ännu roligare!

    Google translate:
    This week's Yuzuru here so now it's even higher level of riders here! I get lot of motivation and inspiration, and because the trainings are going well, it is even more fun!
    Quote Originally Posted by ficelle View Post
    - Picture from Gabrielle Daleman's twitter ! Well you don't see his face, but definitely in the second row it's him, in black as always.

    - Another one "one second before we all fell down"
    Quote Originally Posted by kora52 View Post

    Yuzu's wishes at Japanese Star Festival (ie Tanabata)
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    Yuzu’s new “tanzaku” (a strip of paper to write a person’s wish) at Ice Rink Sendai

    This year’s wish of Yuzu:
    I wish to do my best in every competition.
    I wish to improve myself much finding a lot of challenge.

    P&G "Yuzu Days" 2nd interview
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Sharing info shared by Echo Cheng in YH International Fan FB group
    - P&G released the second interview of "Yuzu Days" series on 31 July and photos.

    - News release in Japanese from P&G:

    - The article is exclusive to P&G members only. P&G myrepi member registration website. It's free. Afterwards, you can login with your facebook account as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Cricket pyramid fanart........and what we did not see was Pooh at the back.

    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    Have you noticed it? "Begatta Sendai" was under Pooh!
    Begatta and Yuzu at Soccer studium
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post
    "Yuzuru is always positioned upper." "Always treated like a girl in a meaning."
    "First time in the middle in the pyramid!!"
    "But it seems girls are beneath him in the pyramid too (laughs)"

    Everyone thinks the same. The fanart link introduced by alia;

    The tweet says (as imaginary talks);

    "Boys, you form the base. Oh, Yuzuru is here, in the second!"

    And, I had a similar feeling as the second sentence of the tweet:

    "I feel like crying when I see Yuzuru relaxing and enjoying. Is this a sign of old age ? (laughs)"

    Also, I feel my heart being warmed up when I see Yuzuru relaxing and enjoying
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    - Yuzu's summer 2015 ice shows fanart....the creator explained "Yuzu SEIMEI'd like to practice early.He's full of enthusiasm" and Angelica Yuzu @YHIFG FB translation of the creator tweeter post "That summer, this summer, a photo to commemorate your hard work. May everyday from now be free from mishap too."

    - Yuzu's 2015 ice shows photos memories
    Quote Originally Posted by ficelle View Post
    A fan vid with plenty of Yuzuru smile : Yuzuru pre-season smiles. Too cute !
    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post
    This is a bit old and some of you might have already seen it, but I love it and want to share it with you again. Hope you can reach it.

    The lyrics "Titanium" - David Guetta feat. Sia, is exactly Yuzuru.

    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    The link of the video in Tudou for those that cannot access Nico.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    - Yuzuki & Yuzu in traditional chinese costume fanart?

    - Is this video from CoC or Worlds?

    - Wowser! the jump was greatly captured

    - Then and now

    - Look under what names these guys book their Irish Rail #1, photo #2

    - Requiem fanart

    - Romeo & Juliet fanart

    - Wow! amazing detail in this SEIMEI toy

    - Yuzu say hi! to everyone

    - The boy in a black coat

    - A challenge for your Starbucks' barristas, here's the sample

    - Body alignment 101

    - At first glance I accidentally read the wording on the pot as "hunky"
    Quote Originally Posted by os168 View Post
    Cuteness overload...Where can i get one!
    Quote Originally Posted by Lindacrow View Post
    Updated Poll and new Link's Page!

    Previous poll results: Favorite Commercial?
    1.Amino Vital (15)
    2. Love in Action (14)
    3. Monster Hunters 4G (5)
    4. Ghana Chocolate (4)
    5. Xylitol Gum (3)
    6. P&G (1)
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    SP 2015-2016
    Quote Originally Posted by scintillant View Post
    He's doing ballade no1 again this season, and his first competition is going to be the autumn classic!!!

    He said in the interview he is going to attempt the original layout, and in the public run thru practice he landed 4T in the latter half! The article does not say anything about the 3a, so he may have fallen on that.

    He also stated that he definitely does plan to retire after Pyeong Chang.
    Quote Originally Posted by mikaboo View Post
    Autumn Classic Int'l schedule:
    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    October 14th
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    about broadcasting, if i remember right, they were livestreaming from this DM channel last year and there were videos as well
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post News article: Brian is considering, "Ballade is the program which can get the score of 105 - 106".

    About retirement and turning pro, the gist of his words:
    "I’ve decided that I shall turn pro after I get Gold at Shochi and Pyeongchan since my childhood. I want to avoid turning pro after losing my best fit. Absolutely I shall end my competitor life with GOLD”
    He seemed to emphasize the title at Pyeongchan...

    You can see video:
    Other sources:
    Quote Originally Posted by Lindacrow View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by won0066 View Post
    On 10 August, Yuzu is supposed to appear in the "Let's stop bullying" campaign in Sendai by video message.

    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    The information has yet to be published except this I’m not sure the video will be uploaded after August 10, but at least the content of the message will be known on a twitter or so.

    KENJI'S ROOM PREVIEW (Talk show of Kenji and yuzu)
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Preview information on Kenji's Room interview.

    Photos shared by fans: #1, #2
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    "KENJI'S Room" preview video of 5minutes is uploaded!
    KENJI'S Room Preview video

    Edit: My gist about the KENJI'S Room Preview video is as follows;

    (1)They talked about “figure skate” and “choreography” deeply or professionally as a top skater and choreographer, respectively. The content of the talk sounds interesting.

    (2)Talk show often enables long and relaxed talk unlike interviews. Yuzu emphasized the benefit of it. Yuzu talked about his daily life and hobbies. He said he could show another side of him fully in the relaxed talk.

    (3)Yuzu mentioned their regional difference about temper (In a nutshell, Tohoku region people are Serious (ex.yuzu); Kansai region people are merry or comical (ex.Kenji, Nobu), which leads to the funny contrast and effect. Other than that, there must be a good chemistry between them, like that of Nobu and yuzu or of Tatuki and yuzu.

    (4)Kenji just admired yuzu’s intensive practice. About the episode of their choreography work, yuzu puts on earphone and moves all the time, following the movement. Yuzu doesn’t take a break during the choreography work.

    (5)Surprisingly, yuzu said he’d imaged just all the things in the case of Olympic gold medal, since he was a small child. Now, he becomes Olympic Gold Medalist. We can hear his current state of mind considering that stuff, his childhood thought.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Full preview translation by yuzuland@tumblr.

    (1) Do I understand correctly that there will be 5 episodes of Yuzu's interview? And these are the broadcast dates Sept 1, Sept 8, Sept 15, Sept 22 and Sept 29?
    (2) Anyone knows how do we can watch the interview? Will it be broadcasted on TV or via online at Jsport?
    Quote Originally Posted by ficelle View Post
    (1) = You understand correctly^^ Each episode will last 30 minutes (from 10 pm to 10:30pm)

    (2) = It will be broadcasted on JSport 4 (private channel with access through the cable in Japan). Otherwise it seems there is a plateforme where the program will be distribued on vod (not free of course). But you can't souscribe if you don't live in Japan. I tried and I got the "this service is not available in your area" message.

    But I suppose some kind fans will upload the video for us on youtube/dailymotion.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post
    nonchan1023 posted "Guys Talk in Kobe" with revised translation.

    She corrected minor mistakes that I also noticed in the previous post. Thank you nonchan.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Nonchan1023 has translated Part 1 of Data Man documentary which analysed Yuzu's jumps with +GOE and the physics behind it.

    Together with Takeshi Honda, they first went through the basic rules, elements and scoring of SP & LP. Followed by a thorough analysis of Yuzu's Olympic SP jump and flight distance including simulation by other skaters. As Nonchan1023 stated "This is a MUST WATCH for anyone who likes figure skating but never really looked into the physics behind it."

    Links of "Data Man Part 1" per Nonchan post for easy reference:
    - Download video with hardsubs
    - Download video RAW
    - Alternative watch link

    For other videos' translations refer to her masterlist.

    Thank you Nonchan1023.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ranran View Post
    I was just watching the fancam from 2015 WC small medal ceremony and just noticed that at 2:22 Denis Ten and Yuzuru just realized that organizer got their placement according to ranking all mixed up and they were trying to confirm it among themselves before informing the organizer. It's so cute haha

    Quote Originally Posted by YesWay View Post
    I recently re-uploaded lots of photos from Finlandia 2013, including some of Yuzuru.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pika-Alva View Post
    This portrait is magnificent
    Quote Originally Posted by YesWay View Post
    Thanks for the kind words! That particular photo is apparently very popular.

    I didn't capture it very well - difficult angle from where I was sitting, and lots of people in the way with only occasional gaps to see him, so I had to be quick when the opportunity appeared! There is some blurring due to "camera shake" as a result, which I've tried to clean up using Photoshop.

    But, it captured "that" expression :-D (He's waiting to go onto the ice for the 6 minute warmup before competition starts, and he looks very serious and determined...!)

    When he's goofing around off ice, he often acts a bit childish, funny and well, "effeminate".
    But when he's got his "game face" on like that... wow... you wouldn't want to mess with him!
    He's like, radiating power and energy. The aura of a winner, a champion...
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    this and this..These photos were in this June. He looks like a boy..
    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post
    When Yuzuru was said by an interviewer that his family must have worried about him, he replied "My grandma said to me, '寿命が3年縮まった - Jyumyo ga sannen chijimatta'." Usually, this means the speaker himself/herself who felt as if his/her life span has been shortened (as a joke anyway) by something, without the subject in this case. I suppose what she wanted to say actually was, "No more worry please, for God's sake." And, I'm sure Yuzuru knows that, and his priority now is his own health, not to worry anyone. Yes, he is a good kid, but our concern is his challenging spirit sometimes goes too far betraying his first decision, as we all know
    Quote Originally Posted by won0066 View Post
    With today's news and events…I quickly wrote out my feelings on the Yuzu news….hope you enjoy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    The eagle 3A eagle is coming back...I still think the landing of his lutz is problematic. But it's great to see him again on TV after a little space.
    Quote Originally Posted by HanDomi View Post
    Another video including quad salchow and some part of step seq of seimei

    Quote Originally Posted by Pika-Alva View Post
    At the end of the report, I guess with the pictures they ask something about the accident? Can someone let us know what did he say?
    Quote Originally Posted by Geo1 View Post
    He said that (since the COC collision and aftermath) there is nothing that he is afraid of. Since he was able to overcome that, he feels that he would be able to overcome anything.
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    and another news clip! this one is longer
    "i cant, i cant, no!" and that entrance to 4T

    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    This clip is my favorite. He yells, "I can't do it! NO!" in English to his Pilates instructor. It's his childish side. Seeing him training those beautiful jumps also makes me happy.
    Quote Originally Posted by mikaboo View Post
    Yuzuru's part on Figure Skating TV today.

    Quote Originally Posted by dasani View Post
    He explained in the interview yesterday that "试合のプログラムでは自身初めてとなるピアノ曲で、「昨季の世界选手権の前から决めていた。成长できるプロ グラム」と理由を说明した。" He's already decided to give the SP another season before going into Worlds this year.
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    About videos and reports from yesterday, some interested in his statement about retirement, career, and the accident at COC..
    Today, the article describing them a bit in detail is uploaded, so I made rough translation focusing on his words. Anyone who understands Japanese correct me please.


    The last season’s accident at COC or something brought him about some sense of mission.

    “I had that accident, which enables me to convey the danger of brain concussion with more persuasion. My experience with mental care after the surgery will help me to support others. Thus, (my works should range to) not just figure skate, but sports overall. I hope to try to approach these areas little by little.”

    His study at University relates to psychology, physical overall. Further, four years have passed since he came to Canada. He’d already had the unconventional career plan, but last season’s experience strengthened it.

    “My career of becoming a coach seems to be fading away. I dislike being obsessed by some conventional framework. I want to be "Koushi"
    (*Note: he said “講師 (koushi)”, which is difficult to translate into a word. This term includes much wider range of subjects than a specific coach. Further, it also means something academic. Probably, to instruct, lecture, advise,,, in various sports and towards various athletes. ), if possible. I suppose I can, since I’m studying the areas around mentality or practice circumstances.”

    His role is to convey his experience with “Gold medal”, which is not limited to winter sports.

    “I hope to work in Japan, focusing more on supporting younger athletes. If I exclusively belong to a certain organization (about my job), I may get more stable income. But I don’t wish it. My wish is I’ll go to as many places as possible (as a freelancer)”

    Gold after three years is the unchanged biggest goal. At the same time, another dream is there.

    “Pyeongchang (The next Olympic after Sochi) has been my goal since I was very young. It’s to end with Gold medal at Sochi and another at Pyeongchang, and then turn professional. I’ve wanted to perform as a pro still in my best shape, rejecting turning pro after losing my best. There should be what it needs to be a professional.”

    Now he intensely concentrates on his competitions without a single of indulgence.

    “My impression is I come abroad just for the sake of skate. I must devote myself to skate more and more. There’s no classroom, but study is necessary. Thus, I seldom go around, eating out only a few times per year. At my days off, I just take a rest for skate. Sometimes I do training; I do something refreshing; and when I stop practice due to any trouble, I study about that. “

    That accident at COC generated another feeling.

    “I come to have less of fear. It’s feel like not something to fear but something to awe. Difficult... Even if I fall in any conditions or circumstances, I can feel that the things will be settled, since I was able to get over that (COC accident). I'm sure that I can improve my skills, I can do skating with more confidence, and I can get my practice more effective.”

    This young king has pride and responsibility and confidence. The future with various possibilities lies ahead the way from the stormy last season.

    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    I really love photos by Sunao NOTO.
    - Like an actor, in white ANA jersey!
    - Cool and sweet! in UA
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    I love this photo by Noto (looking up high, at white Legend after the disaster) around 0:48 more than else. Noto’s comment about it is really warm and touching… @Maria victoria introduced this video before.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    - There's bling on his new UA at the upper back @0:17 of this gif. A tumblr post stated that the UA was a gift from a fan.

    - The news broadcast as seen on board a Yamanote Line train

    - Awww!! Nam and his brother Yuzu

    - He is looking at you kid

    - LOVE the first photo

    - Chopin Project Runaway...sample #1, #2, #3
    Quote Originally Posted by Pika-Alva View Post
    Seeing the off-ice training I was wondering how the pupils of the Cricket Club can feel, training just next to an Olympic champion, moreover when it's Yuzuru Hanyu. It must be amazing and incredibly stimulating.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sorrento View Post
    Just a quote from an icenetwork article on Nam: It was difficult for Nguyen to find his motivation this spring, since Orser's top two pupils, Javier Fernández and Yuzuru Hanyu, were not at the Cricket Club.

    "I always like to look up to skaters who are stronger than me, so I am more motivated to work hard when Yuzu and Javi are here," he said. "But Yuzu is back in the rink sometimes now, if he's not working on choreography in a different rink. I am looking forward to September, when Javi will be back as well."
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    how cute sota is! such a fan boy, he says " “Hanyu-kun will retire after PyeongChang Olympics…I will work hard so I can go with him. "
    Quote Originally Posted by xibsuarz View Post
    If I remember right: with PW he broke the WR 4 times right? (Considering both 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 seasons)
    Quote Originally Posted by Geo1 View Post
    1. Skate America 2012 – Seattle/Kent, Washington: 95.07
    2. NHK Trophy 2012 – Sendai, Japan: 95.32
    3. Grand Prix Final 2013-14 – Fukuoka, Japan: 99.84
    4. 2014 Winter Olympics – Sochi, Russia: 101.45
    Jumps BV calculation
    Quote Originally Posted by xibsuarz View Post
    Allow me to do the math.

    Parisienne Walkways
    4T: 10.3
    3A: 8.5*1.1 = 9.35
    3Lz+3T: 10.1*1.1 = 11.11
    TOTAL BV: 30.76

    Chopin Balade no. 1
    3A: 8.5
    4T: 10.3*1.1 = 11.33
    3Lz+3T: 10.3*1.1 = 11.33
    TOTAL BV: 31.16

    DIFFERENCE: 0.4 points. You may have noticed that the BV for the PW combo is lower than the one for Chopin. Keep in mind that I applied the new rules for Chopin, and so the 3T is worth .2 higher than before. Spins and steps were not considered here, but since the spins are basically the same and the step sequences are level 4, the difference in BV between the two programs should not be affected by those.

    4S: 10.5
    4T: 10.3
    3F: 5.3
    4T+2T: (10.3+1.3)*1.1 = 12.76
    3A+3T: (8.5+4.3)*1.1 = 14.08
    3A+Lo+3S: (8.5+0.5+4.4)*1.1 = 14.74
    3Lo: 5.1*1.1 = 5.61
    3Lz: 6*1.1 = 6.6
    TOTAL BV: 79.89
    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, same goes for the SP. And we also have to consider that the spins, steps and choreo were not taken into account here at all, so the BV of the program should be slightly higher.

    Quote Originally Posted by HanDomi View Post
    His full BV for long program (including spins, steps) should be something like 95. Counting possible score for that long program if he skates it perfectly clean it should be score around 205-6 / 113-115 TES ~~ 92 PCS
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    - Another SEIMEI funny fanart, google translated as 'Princess ODA like SEIMEI'

    - Tracking down the new UA shirt.

    - Pooh and Vegatta saving money to go to PyeongChang?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    The entry of Lutz-Toe of Ballade... This complicated step is…
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    More highlights of the SP practice:
    - eagle 3A eagle and the following sequence

    - slowmo of the 4T entry

    - Watch Yuzu's feet in this zoom video

    - A breakdown of Chopin sequence at last Worlds: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6.

    - TwitSound "I can't, I can't..No!...No!" ..just click the orange button to download
    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    Yuzu lends a helping hand ...or not.
    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post
    FOI of some years aired at once the other night.
    This is the part of Etude, Finale and R&J of FOI 2011.

    And, opening just in case:
    Quote Originally Posted by yuzuplease View Post
    Believe's english version overlay it to the japanese version vid. I know there are people here who haven't heard this version of the song yet, enjoy the feels!

    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    (About his statement about turning pro after 2018)

    On August 7, several Japanese media largely reported about it at all once. Finally, foreign media picked it up.

    On August 9, another news was aired, where Yuzu showed embarrassment and surprise about the big impact of his statement. Yuzu provided new interview today.
    (News clip with his interview)

    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Translation by Sophie Moroi @YHIF FB for Aug 9 news

    “I am a bit perplexed as I hadn’t expected such huge reactions [to my comments].”
    “I only expressed my [long-held] dream to become a professional figure-skater. There still remains a possibility that my aim as a competitive figure-skater might be different at the time when the Pyeongchang is over. I would just like to do my best until Pyeongchang, and then think of my next step after that.”
    “I have had a determination to win a gold medal at 19 years old and another gold at 23 years old. I just would like to concentrate on the competition right in front of me.”
    Sophie shared another translation of clarification by Yuzu broadcasted by "News Every" today Aug 10.

    “The only intention I have is to win a gold medal at Pyeongchang. That’s the one and only purpose of the whole hard training I am going through. I would like to accomplish the best possible performance during these three years until Pyeongchang.”
    “When the Pyeongchang is over, I would retire if I feel that I have done everything I could do within the framework of competitive figure-skating. On the contrary, if I feel I could have done something better within the framework of competitive figure skaters, I would probably continue pursuing [competitions]. In any case, I will do my best towards the Pyeongchang, and then would like to think of my future from then on.”
    Quote Originally Posted by yhmafan View Post
    According to the article, as I love these his words,

    He said that “I have been skating for not being famous but for my love to skate and win.
    I am neither an idol nor a geino-jin (celebrity?). Without losing my spirit as an athlete, I will continue while tell that to the core of my heart.”

    Question to Japanese speakers , How should we translate the word geino-jin (芸能人), if not a celebrity, in English?
    It’s a bit difficult for me to convey the detailed nuance.
    In addition, feel free to collect that if there are any better translations.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post
    It's always difficult to translate it actually. I usually use "celebrities" according to the context, but "Geino-jin" does not include sports celebrities, noble family members, those in political circles (?), etc. but includes actors/actresses, comedians, singers, etc. famous in show business. So, IMO, "show business people", "show-biz celebrities", or of that kind, may describe it more correctly.

    I also thought this article is a good one. It describes Yuzuru very well.


    In return, please help me with 前人未到 zenjin mito

    It may be "first in history", but I think it is weak in meaning. Literally, it means "where no one has gone before." Or,
    "something that has never been accomplished in history" ? I could not find a good one

    Other comments by Yuzuru in the article.

    "I just told my future dream that I had drawn up in my childhood. I'm afraid my words were not enough to explain it. I have not decided yet what I would do after PyeongChang."

    "I was very surprised that it was received as the announcement of retirement. Actually, I have no idea what I would think at that time. If I am not satisfied after the PyeonChang games, I would contine till I can satisfy myself. I have not decided it yet specifically. "

    "I like something zenjin mito. I have wanted to become legendary, that is, someone who would be remembered in history. As a major goal, I was going to target two successive Olympic Gold Medals."

    "I know how hard it would be to realize it, because I myself have experienced to become a Gold Medalist in Sochi. It may be a pressure for me to target the Gold Medal in PyeongChang again, but I can't think of any other goal."

    With increased attention as an Olympic Gold Medtalist, he confesses;

    "I'm rather perplexed (by the reactions surrounding me)."

    “I have been skating for not being famous but for my love to skate and win.
    I am neither an idol nor a geino-jin. Without losing my spirit as an athlete, I will continue while tell that to the core of my heart.”

    Please excuse my rough translation. And, please refer to other translations as much as possible to get the exact meaning
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Below are 3 more alternate translations:

    - An English article, but I think the sentence before the last paragraph is not correct. Instead of "public's growing expectations of him winning another gold medal confuse him" it should be "the increased attention as an Olympic Gold Medalist" as you have translated.

    - Translation by Yuzuland tumblr

    - Translation by Mii9000
    Quote Originally Posted by mikaboo View Post

    I don't think there's any new information in it but I don't think I've seen the photos before.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lindacrow View Post
    Anyone want to translate what he said?

    All I understood was he was talking about an athlete and "hanyu" at the end?

    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    The interviewee has some interest about each sound which each name has, a Soft sound, a hard sound or so. He was asked about a name with “a soft sound” and right away mentioned, “Hanyu!”. The interviewer agreed with it. “The name, Hanyu surely has a soft sound.”

    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    As everyone already knows on Aug 22 at 8pm there will be a broadcast of Yuzuru skating (live?) and his June 18 visit to Fukushima as part of the 24hr TV charity.

    Back in June 18, Japan news had shown clips of his visit. Here is translation of those clips.

    A volunteer at the Fukushima disaster-affected area recently wrote an account of Yuzu's visit. Below is the translation done by Angelica Yuzu (for original source please visit her blog). Thank you Angelica and the volunteer.

    Written by a volunteer at the disaster-affected area in Iwaki, Fukushima, who was there when Yuzuru visited on 18 June 2015. She wrote about it in twitter on 15 Aug and I have translated most of the content here~

    "When Yuzuru-kun visited the temporary housing in Iwaki, I went to be a volunteer from morning. I remember everyone was in smiles because the gold medalist was coming. Just seeing their smiles made me happy. The disaster was more than 4 years ago but Yuzuru-kun made his way here to the affected area; I am writing to carefully convey the feelings.

    In the temporary housing, there are many elderly people (grandpas and grandmas); people of that generation are strong in endurance and do not complain. But to Yuzuru-kun, they told everything, that their homes were washed away, that they have no family, that they are all alone, that they want to go home; I was relieved they talked. Yuzuru-kun created the place and the atmosphere where one could talk.

    Just because Yuzuru-kun has come, the entire place dazzled and brightened up like flowers had bloomed. All the grandmas clapping with smiles that they never had before this, just seeing this made me break down and my tears could not stop flowing. What was aired on TV is only one part; I wish they had aired the whole thing.

    Yuzuru-kun looked at everyone with eyes that were gentle, warm and beautiful, and his words were spoken with great care and kindness. There was a grandma that started crying. Yuzuru-kun went to her side and was crying with her and saying ‘I will come again’. This remains a deep impression in me.


    In the evening, when they saw themselves on TV, everyone was noisy and excited; it was heartwarming to see them like that. There were also some who were moved to tears. After this, there were people who feel so proud that Yuzuru-kun came. I am happy that everyone became so “genki” (invigorated). I am full of gratitude to Yuzuru-kun. Thank you."
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    - 24hr TV icon vs real life

    - You can attach Yuzu’s 24hr TV icon on your Twitter or Facebook profile photo. Go to NTV main link and follow the English instruction on these screen shots.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jo de Souza View Post
    I do not know if you saw this news

    Quote Originally Posted by mikaboo View Post
    The photo is of a TV guide. Yuzuru will be a guest on NHK's morning variety show called Asaichi on August 28th.
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    The biggest part is, in this talk, viewers can send fax and email to the broadcast during the program. The fax includes some messages(sometimes hand-written pictures!), questions towards the guest. They pick up some of them in the talk.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    This explained the many Japanese tweets with the word FAX in them that I've seen these past days...even Pooh and Vegatta are busy at it .
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    Pooh writes “Tell us about your height!”

    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    The only info on tweeter currently on the bullying campaign is memos shared by @yujurunrun and translated here by SophieMoroi from YHIFG FB.

    Hope there will be a broadcast of the video message as there's some meaning unclear in the tweet.

    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Set of photos by Noto Sunao released by Sportiva

    - Yuzu in training , he is holding the position all the way to the fingertips...good boy.
    - Yuzu & Nam....according to Nam IG they were talking about earphones
    - Yuzu & Jeff....both working those jackets
    Quote Originally Posted by Pika-Alva View Post
    I don't know if this has been already posted here: a chinese fan painting iphone cases (and she does beautiful paintings too) inspired by Yuzuru and other skaters. Some of them are pieces of art.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    - Black and red UA

    - Beautiful set of drawings Yuzu@TCC by Manami

    - So close yet so far .

    - OMG! that awful lots of gift, someone please help the boy

    - If looks can kill

    - Another GPF Barcelona tweet..."Smile" "Time flies whenever I'm with you"

    - Still can't get over his laughter

    - Yuzu's beautiful 4S during the 6min warmup at Worlds 2015

    - A throwback to Skate Canada 2013 gala practice which Shawn Sawyer was choreographing, watch till the end......Yuzuru Hanyu!

    - Fans detective work finally discovered the designer for Etude, White Legend and R&J1 costumes .

    - Could anyone help to translate this fanart....I can see him pulling the blue UA down a few time in the video and it looks a bit short.

    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    The situation is a bit complicated.

    First, the left picture,

    Begatta is irritated. The reason is as follows:

    The other day, in japan, the lottery was done online. This was for the members named “アイクリ”(aikuri)(the abbreviation of “ice crystal”) who can get the privilege of figure skate tickets or so. Now figure skate is popular and the rate was incredibly low, about 300/13000. Begatta lost the lottery (me too!), so he is disappointed.

    Then the irritated Begatta gets into a mischief! He cuts yuzu’s UA shorter (He stiches the skirt with the sewing machine. )!

    Then, the right picture,

    Yuzu puts on the UA to find it gets shorter!
    (You know, his abs is well improved and attractive. Some fans are pleased to see it. Accordingly, Begatta did a good Job!)

    Both in the left and right pictures, watching Pooh is funny!
    Quote Originally Posted by firal View Post
    Not sure how recent this is, but posted on the same day as media day in Toronto (and possibly wearing the same shirt as photo with Nam? )
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Remember after the collision at CoC he feared of getting into collision; and during practice at NHK we saw he ducked out of the way (I cannot find the video for this now) and another time he hugged the board.

    What I did not realize was at Worlds practice session, the venue of the collision, he ran out of the way when he saw Veronov coming towards him (photos & clip in this blog).
    Quote Originally Posted by yhmafan View Post
    Here is an interesting article that 10 Figure Skating champions before they were famous.
    The article says that Yuzuru Hanyu (2004), age 10 : The recent Olympic champion started with skating at the age of 4. Few years later and he has already started to win the competitions.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Thank you Xibsuarz, Gsyzf and HanDomi for calculation of BV.

    SEIMEI Full Planned BV (assuming the same steps/spins as Poto)
    1 4S: 10.5
    2 4T: 10.3
    3 3F: 5.3
    4 FCCoSp3p4: 3.50
    5 StSq4: 3.90
    6 4T+2T: (10.3+1.3)*1.1 = 12.76
    7 3A+3T: (8.5+4.3)*1.1 = 14.08
    8 3A+Lo+3S: (8.5+0.5+4.4)*1.1 = 14.74
    9 3Lo: 5.1*1.1 = 5.61
    10 3Lz: 6*1.1 = 6.6
    11 ChSq1: 2.00
    12 FCSSp4: 3.00
    13 CCoSp3p4: 3.50
    TOTAL BV = 95.79

    Just for my understanding of protocol calculation...a full maximum perfect marks which not is improbable is 234.79 --> TES=95.79 + (13 x 3 GOEs)=134.79, PCS=100. Is this how it is calculated?

    Quote Originally Posted by xibsuarz View Post
    +3 across The board from the judges leads to different additions per element depending on each BV. For example, you get 3 extra points if you get staring +3 on a 3A, but for the spins is only 1.5. For the step sequence level 4 is 2.1 and so on. You can find it here:
    And I'm not really sure how it works for the combinations
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    for combinations they look at biggest jump at the combo, 3Lz3T gets 2.1 max, 4T3T- 3A3T gets 3 max, 2A3T- 2A1Lo3Sal gets 2.1 max, 2A2T gets 1.5 max and so son
    Quote Originally Posted by won0066 View Post
    My latest blog entry….l started wondering if the city of Lethbridge is truly prepared for Yuzu's visit? For those of you that are not aware, Lethbridge is a "small" city.
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    24hr TV Charity Show
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    This is a 1 min program teaser shown on Aug 16.

    This is the program shown today Aug 18 including his R&J1 skate. Translation already shared before here and here.

    Yuri Chinen commented

    "Usually 20 year olds are busy dealing with their own matter. I’m impressed that [Yuzuru] Hanyu cares and considers a lot about his surroundings, including areas that are affected by the earthquake" - Yuri Chinen’s comment on Yuzuru Hanyu translated by Yuzuland
    Quote Originally Posted by ser22 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    What impressed me after watching it is the visit kept evoking his memories deep inside him. Yuzu emphasized with what Endos-san was going through in some ways.

    The man named Endo-san is an activist to convey the current situation of Fukushima. Of course, he himself is a victim; his house was destroyed and his family now live in Tokyo for refuge. His hometown is suffering from the accident of the nuclear power plant.

    Endo-san lost his new house 4 years after the construction (around 7:30-). Yuzu understands the meaning of a house. To build one’s own house is a kind of expression of determination to live here in one’s life. It may be like a symbol of certainty and reliability about life. The disaster destroyed it cruelly. Yuzu’s house also collapsed. Their internal thought is that they cannot reconcile themselves to the fact the house filled with their thought for the future had disappeared.

    Another thing impressed me was the tragedy unique to Fukushima, linked to the nuclear power plant (around 7:45-). The damages are different depending on the region. The two homes across the same boundary received the different amount of money. The town used to unite. They held the festivals before the disaster. After the announcement of damages, people who had supported each other for reconstruction suddenly stopped interacting with those who obtained different damages. Facing the absurdity and the complicated human nature, yuzu admitted the difficulty of human relationships. However, he also remarked the absolute existence of something that can be shared with each other in spite of different standpoints or circumstances. As @alia said, the underlying thought inside him is basically positive, he seems to have sort of the premise of the optimistic view about humanity. But, in reality, the connections between some people of Fukushima are divided and they are far away from sharing their thought and supporting each other due to the damages. Lastly, he found it deeply sad.

    Thinking about it, the choice of music “hana-ni-nare” and the collaboration with the singers really make sense. One of the messages of “hana-ni-nare” is “You shall find the answer. Never give up.” Chorus can play a role to amplify and strengthen the message.

    Yuzu is always striking me as a very persistent and determined person. A newspaper article about one year ago described his wish to suggest new type of charity in the future. What he’ll provide this year is different from that of last year. That interests me.

    I shall take in his thought, his performance tonight. At the same time, like @Moria Polonius said, we, who live in different countries and have cultural backgrounds can share the things, exchange our views through yuzu. It’s wonderful.
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    Video about practice today Aug 22! Further, yuzu will come to the venue of 24TV (Japan Budoukan)!

    24hTV ~ Prologue

    24TV before the Ice show, Yuzu at the 24HTV venue live

    The video of the ice show! (including his visit to Fukushima)
    His performances begin around 8:30-

    This is part of video of 24HTV. Yuzu appeared at the live venue as a guest. It’s about the episode that the boy with the artificial arm tried to perform Japanese drum(“wa-daiko”) . It includes the performance mainly of Japanese drums. (About 10 minutes long)

    The uploader made the video specifying him (enlarged yuzu, sometimes). (about 3 minutes)

    You can see the performance by Japanese drums, flute and shamisen. Further, the Japanese martial art is included. It’s one of the forms of Japanese traditional arts. But this performance added some modernity to the tradition and achieved a nice hybrid.

    Further, yuzu’s comment after performance (around 9:50)! He said something like “It’s fully hard to only beat a drum though, Masaru-kun(the boy) struck the poses (during performance) so beautifully as well and I found it wonderful.” It’s also the case with yuzu. His elements are technically difficult to execute well to much extent. What’s more, he must make his performance aestheticly fulffiling. He might have related the boy’s difficulty to his own. He is always performer and figure skater and seeks to learn something to improve himself. Of course, the boy tackling the hardships talks a lot to us and yuzu's tender and sincere eyes are really touching.
    Quote Originally Posted by won0066 View Post
    My blog entry that contains an english translation of the 24 hr tv special with Yuzu that just aired. It also contains a link to the video.
    Quote Originally Posted by mikaboo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    - Requiem

    - Hana ni nare

    - YuzuCat

    - Holy chest

    - Another Yuzu & Sashida photo

    - "Hanyu-sensyu's skin is white!! Skin is white!!”....Abareru-kun remark which made Yuzu laugh his head off. Translation by Miro Maa at YHIFG FB.

    - His eyes are very tender and compassionate #1, #2, #3

    - No wonder the fanart has a strand of hair sticking up

    - Beautiful Requiem painting which captured his movement and expression.

    - Requiem & Hana ni nare supporting each other.

    - Four years on

    - Beautiful requiem shots

    - Hanyu & Sashida fanart

    - Flowers are blooming

    - The height guessing game continue

    - This is heart warming like grandson listening to his grandma

    - Thanking the audience from Fukushima (about 100 were invited)

    - Fans noticed that he wore the same pair of jeans when visiting the stricken area of Fukushima this year and Ishinomaki last year...pix 1, pix 2
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    " TV documentary (in English) called "Tomorrow beyond 311" .
    It was about Stephan Lambiel’s visit to Tohoku areas devastated by the disaster provably around the 2012 summer. Yuzu didn’t directly appear on the video, but it shows ice rink SENDAI after the disaster, the children there, Yoshida-san (around 4:00, Yuzu’s blade master), Nanami (around 7:00), and so on. The part (around until 13:30) was about Ice Rink Sendai. I want to introduce the video about the 311, the big underlying motivation for his skating before 24H TV ice show.

    MJC is girls’ choir. It’s the documentary they visited Pope in 2013 summer. The members had to move to the different places due to the disaster, nevertheless they strongly desired to sing together in their hometown again.

    Yuzu's Tour de Tohuku shirt auction
    Quote Originally Posted by Jo de Souza View Post

    TV Asaichi live interview and NHK Aug 28
    Quote Originally Posted by margarethuililin View Post
    According to Sarah Alainn's Twitter and Facebook, Yuzu's going to attend her live performance for NHK singing The Final Time Travller on Aug. 28.
    Here's a photo taken backstage of this year's ice show in Japan:

    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Insane steps going in to the Chopin 4T Choctaw→Mohawk→Bracket→Counter→Three turn→change of edge(cross over?)→Three turn→4T→change of edge→counter→twizzle

    Yuzu is so beautiful even from this short clip

    Anyone could help to translate this Yuzu's message on 2010 DOI pamphlet?

    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    “Last season I was able to win the title of Jr.GPF thanks to your supports. Further, I was also able to at the World Jr. Championships which I mostly aimed for.
    My challenge in Senior competitions starts from this season. I shall concentrate on each competition and try to do my best. Thank you for your continued supports.”
    Quote Originally Posted by xibsuarz View Post
    A couple of Business Insider articles were shared a few months ago about the most dominant athletes in general and promising young athletes and Yuzu was on both of them.

    It's about the most dominant athletes for every sport, and of course, Yuzu is the one for men's figure skating. Sort of old and such but it still makes me proud to see him in these articles
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jo de Souza View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by shiroKJ View Post
    Here's a hauntingly gorgeous CG animation of Yuzuru's Ballade No.1. The backdrop to this video is just
    Quote Originally Posted by Moria Polonius View Post
    I found this gif of Yuzuru doing his Ina Bauer in practice. His position is almost an Arakawa bend.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Yuzu dancing in his seat at 1:27 to 1:38 min of this video
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    A colaboration job between Hideiki Ano (Neon Genessis Evangelion) and Hayao Miyazaki (as producers?)

    Hideaki Anno himself is serving as executive producer of the entire project initiative with Dwango President Nobuo Kawakami, and he also designed the image character mascot "(Tor)-kun." Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki created the title logo, and fellow Ghibli co-founder Toshio Suzuki colored it. The shorts mostly feature the voice talent of Ranma ½ and Cowboy Bebop co-stars Kouichi Yamadera and Megumi Hayashibara.
    The short was choreographed by Kenji Mijamoto. But the costumes and movements looks very Yuzuru to me.
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    News (Aug 23) on 24hr TV ice show
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    New video of 24TV Ice show from Today's news clip
    Backstage film, his message to the audience, pictures with singers and audience... (about 15:00)

    full "hana-ni-nare" (aroud 8:00) Camera work is different!

    Aroud 14:50, he presented some ice to the children when practiced right before the show (eta: probably he found some chanks of ice and came up with giving it to children. children love to play with ice. )

    narrator says last that he realized in Fukushima how happy to convey his thoughts with his skating is.
    I’m really glad to hear that. At Sochi conference after Gold medal, he referred to his sense of powerlessness that he might have done nothing for victims in spite of his big achievement. It seems to be meaningful for his skating life that he is aware of what his skate brings about to victims in this Fukushima visit.
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    My favourite scene from today's news, 3rd gif is just lighting is great
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    "hana-ni-nare" of 24HTV of Aug.24 air

    Comparison video of "hana-ni-nare" (Aug. 22 and Aug.24)
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    This is news of August 12,2015 after the Toronto practice opened to media. it says that his current weight is several kg less than his best weight. The article also says he's busy with his assignments for university subjects.

    Narrator said he gave the ice as a present to children! probably he found some chunks of ice and came up with giving it to children. Children love to play with ice. Yuzu really likes children.

    Ghana Event Aug 27, 2015
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    The article says he remarked his skill that is “He can move his ears.” When he was in elementary school, he was concentrating on teacher’s talk in class. At that time, his friend said to him that his ears were moving!
    Further, on his days off, he usually plays portable games. He feels he spends more time on games than ordinary University students.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    - Video of the event. Of the 4 of them the camera panned from bottom to top only on the most gorgeous one (0:31 to 0:36).

    - Video of the Q&A session ...ear moving skills at 6:27min

    - Showing off his 'ears moving' skills.

    - More photos: #1, #2, #3, #4

    - Confetti

    - Photo gallery: CinemaToday, WomanInsight, Wws-Channel.

    - Look at that sweet face and dainty long fingers

    - How many have been trying to move an ear today

    Look at what John Wilson Blades just tweeted

    - Guessing the height again

    Results of Yuzu's Tour de Tohuku shirt auction US$16,500
    Quote Originally Posted by Lindacrow View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by shiroKJ View Post
    Charity auction finally ended and winning bid for Yuzu's signed shirt is 1,997,000 yen ($16,500 USD). Checking the bid history, the last few hours/minutes was crazy lol jumped 1,000,000yen+

    And to celebrate, here are some new mini Yuzu figurines

    MyNavi Survey
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    MyNavi did a survey on "What is the ideal build of men figure skater". Survey participants: 221 male MyNavi readers.

    The survey results and report
    Survey question: Please tell me you are forms of the male figure skater that you think is ideal

    1st: Yuzuru Hanyu (60.6%)
    2nd: Takahiko Kozuka (12.2%)
    3rd: Takahito Mura (4.5%)
    3rd: Evgeni Plushenko (4.5%)
    5th: Javier Fernandez (3.2%)
    Some of the respondents' reasons for choosing Yuzu as having the ideal build. Translated by Angelica Yuzu @YHIFG FB.
    - He is slim, the "thin and macho" type. (33-year-old male; Electrician)
    - His arms and legs are long and his face is small, and he shines in all kinds of performances. (42-year-old male; Automobile mechanic)
    - His body is thin but that body can do all those difficult steps and jumps, it's amazing. (36-year-old male; Metal, steel, chemical technician)
    - He looks feminine because his arms and legs are long, but his jumps are amazing; he looks exceptionally beautiful. (44-year-old male; IT )
    - Because of the feeling that he is in a state of beauty. (33-year-old male; Sales/service staff)

    TV Shows
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    (1) Small video from Today’s variety TV show

    Memorable scenes
    11yo (rope skipping, walk keeping bridge, etc)
    17yo (classroom, etc.) (3minutes)

    (2) Yesterday’s News clip
    Nobu talks about yuzu’s “retirement” remarks. Nothing new though, some film in Toronto is included.

    Old Yuzu's Interview
    Quote Originally Posted by tsuyoboogie View Post
    Special interview with Yuzuru from 2010.
    part 1 part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by yhmafan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    Sashida talks about his work and Yuzu and how Yuzu gets mad at him when he sends drunk text messages via LINE.

    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Another radio show, Sashi put out a new song and a fan wrote in to ask if he sent it to Hanyu yet.
    Sashi says yes, he had sent it to Hanyu and he liked it and listened to it like, 100 times. In thanks, Yuzu sent Sashi pictures of Shinkansens that he had taken that day.

    Sashi is a trainspotter. He says he's trying to get Yuzu to become one too little by little. They write each other almost every day.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ~Pamina~ View Post
    Went through some of my holiday photos.

    (PS: I want that flag.

    Quote Originally Posted by yhmafan View Post
    It is the “Musubi-maru” kun flag.

    By the way, if I have the chance to go Sendai someday, aside from the places of connection with Yuzu, I'd like to go Sendai Astronomical Observatory and will buy this earth and moon candies since it looks beautiful
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    I didn’t know about Musubi-maru. Really cute official character for promotion of sightseeing in Sendai.
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by abbyuzu View Post
    This MAD was made with my friends.
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    Asaichi Interview Aug 28, 2015
    Quote Originally Posted by shiroKJ View Post
    The show is currently on air and he's looking good. First time I've seen him wear that type of shirt/color, its very flattering on him.


    - For the first time in 6 years, they received over 6800+ faxes. Also, 2000 of the faxes sent were questions about his costumes.

    - And they displayed some of the messages he received on the boards along with some fanarts that people faxed in.

    - Talked a bit about his first coach Tuzuki-sensei (now Yuna Aoki's coach)

    - LOL! At the mention of possible height measure, the Japanese twitter timeline explodes with hope and excitement. Looks like its not only people here who are curious.
    And this is how they measure?!

    - Lol, what are they making him do?

    - They're building a terrarium right now. And he's being so careful with it. Domo!

    - ✧(。ᵕᴗ•̀)৴

    - lmao what??????? and why??

    - All those hand movements for a wink cr.

    - Part of his earbud collection. Truly an audiophile because the price of those are
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    Full video of the show!

    1編_sport (45min)
    2 (49min)

    1st half: Mainly talk, Tsuzuki-sensei his first coach interview
    2nd half: Sarah, another topic (gardening, etc)

    It was really really good show. He was chilled and showed various things.

    Hamaguri summary

    Sorry there are tons of topics. it's only one part of whole talks. Further, they are random since I write it depending on my memory. Please use it as only a reference, I'm sure more detailed information and translation will be uploaded.

    About his clothes
    He is not so stylish usually. Today is special (lol). He is always in a T-shirt or a jersey. He dislike tight clothes since he moves by vehicle.

    What he does first after getting up
    To correct his bed hairs. His hairs are stiff and large.

    When he sleeps, he sometimes opens his left eye!

    About fan art of works
    He always gets works from fans. He says they draw him better than he is. And he feels a bit shy about facing his faces in those works (lol)

    About costumes
    He washes costumes by hand. They are delicate. Further, at shows, he must do the same performance in a raw. He sweats well and the costume always absorbs a lot. But he has to manage shows with one costume. After the show, he hangs it, sometimes the stuff dries and irons it.

    About costumes, can he wear costumes by himself?
    He can do basically. For example, the zipper is put on front (PW) or back. But the costume of RJ2 was impossible. The ornament at the left shoulder was so delicate that he couldn’t by himself.

    His height.. About 173cm? Inohara-san is 175cm. And the difference was 2.2cm. Further, Inohara-san's shoes had high heels. ( But look at the way she measured it with the scale! )
    He wants larger height since it can help him appeal more and look better at performances.

    About alcohol,
    He seemes to have an allergy about alcohol and doesn't drink. He sometimes envy his friends begining drinking, but he plays games by himself and has earphones!

    Hate-to-lose sprit
    He fought against senior boys when he was a child. He didn’t think them as senior.
    (he repeated this spirit from time to time.)

    He has 8 pieces of ken-dama now.
    He was a bit angry with himself for not making it one time and remembered it again (He said it was due to his hate-to-lose spirit) . He recently has not played it and the Kendama he used (at the stagio) was not his.

    About corabo with Sarah.
    He asked Sarah that she should sing more freely. He tried to harmonize with her sound, not she did with his skating.

    About yuzu’s concentration (Tsuduki’s talk)
    His concentration lasted only 5 minutes or so.
    But, about the competitions, his concentration was magical. He loved competition since he was a child.

    Memory of baseball
    When he was a child, yuzu and his friends played baseball using a ball and bat made of magazines at the rink. Of course they were terribly scolded for taking the belongings of the rink.

    About “being called prince”
    He himself doesn’t think of himself as a prince. He is typical athlete with hot heart, as those who know about yuzu well think so.

    About girls at his school days. He was loved by many girls?
    He didn’t so popular when he was in elementary school. At that time, his cheeks were chubby and his hair-style was as such, the impression was different from now. He never got chocolate from a girl who really loved him on every Valentine’s day (The day (2/14) when women give chocolate to men from true love or social obligation or so (EX. At a workplace, we often give men’s colleague chocolate. It’s like a seasonal gift.) .

    About SEIMEI
    After the WC, he fell in what’s called burnout syndrome. Then he chose his music. But the original soundtrack of “SEIMEI” was very slow, so music arrangement for skating was difficult.

    About sexuality
    He doesn’t feel he is sexy. When he did PW, he was told to arouse that atmosphere, but it was really difficult. Then, he was asked about who he thought was sexy adult men, he mentioned Inohara-san (lol).

    About his falls in jumps
    About falls in jumps, the moment he takes off, he can get whether he’ll make it or not. Sometimes, jumps with bad taking-off end up punk. Or he falls after complete rotations. Now he learns how to fall without much pain, but especially when he was a child, he always got hurt.

    About his jumps. His jumps are great. What does he think while jumping?
    Before he enters it, he thinks several things, but once he takes off, he goes into the state of mindlessness.
    Quote Originally Posted by matmuh View Post
    1) Why did inohara-san wanted to give him napkin?
    2) Did he say anything about design of his costumes besides washing etc?

    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    Sorry, the answer may be a bit rough.

    1) First at the show they talk about episode of handkerchief (the last week’s 24H TV, Inohara-san lent his handkerchief to yuzu.) . At that 24H TV, yuzu sweated much, so Inohara-san next to him did so. That’s why Inohara-san appealed at the beginning of the today’s show that he had a handkerchief for yuzu today. At the half of the show, Inohara-san took it mentioning the beginning talk.

    2) (23:27) About RJ2 costume, the graduation of black, etc. Figure skating costume needs to stretch well. About RJ2, the original design was by Jonny. Based But it was only design. Then, they (his team) usually goes into details checking various points based on the design.

    (25:00) About yellow bird of RJ2. About the question where the yellow bird was, he didn’t want to say. He said the bird was put on hidden place. He explained about it referring to stone at Japanese castle (Creator engraved his name onto stone secretly).

    Costumes of figure skate, he makes it stand out, based on the idea that skaters cannot be lighted. For example, white color should not melt in the color of ice.
    Quote Originally Posted by PatricksGaze View Post
    I also have a question. How did Yuzu fight with his seniors when he was a kid? Maybe there were more details.

    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    The details were not so cleared. What they wanted to say seemed to be Yuzu faced senior boys without running away from them. (But I need more information about that part)

    Edit to add: The detail of the part

    Tuzuki: Those days, there were several naughty boys older than him by one year. They often fought against Yuzu. He bore without crying, and sometimes fought back. He really had hate-to-lose spirit.
    Yuzu: It seemed they didn’t feel like seniors. My thought was I would never lose to them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hanmgse View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    News articles on Yuzu Asaichi interview!

    “Fans were excited! It was a bit of festival. More than 6800 sheets of fax came. Inohara-san was surprised that it was the first time he had such a number of questions!“

    Woman in her 70s, “I want him to become my grandson.”

    “He tried to look sexy consciously at PW. He looked shy with fan’s message saying that he is so sexy.”

    Ghana Event Aug 27...more new reports & videos
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    About yesterday's Ghana campaign news. Today’s News clip (5 minutes) Provably it is the different film than yesterday’s .
    Quote Originally Posted by AlexSaytor View Post
    Can someone translate what he said here?

    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    The girls highly praised the way he contacted women saying he was like a gentleman. He was asked whether or not he changed his way to contact between men and women. He replied that he shouldn’t. He is used to interacting with women in Skating club or so, where 90% are women. But he had a bit tension with those gorgeous girls that day. (About 1:40-)
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Jo de Souza View Post
    Dick button commentating on yuzuru's sp in sochi
    Quote Originally Posted by PatricksGaze View Post

    Sarah Allain has posted a new pic with Yuzuru, this time unbelievably cute. It's from FaOI backstage. They sure both love kids.
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    Asaichi Interview Aug 28, 2015....continue

    Quote Originally Posted by shiroKJ View Post
    Lol, what are they making him do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Geo1 View Post
    They wanted to see his long arms and legs so they asked him to reach for the paper doll on the display and they asked him to do it in a beautiful way. Inocchi suggested that a beautiful pose would be Yuzuru reaching with his right arm while extending his left leg. They then asked him to repeat it by returning the paper doll to the display.
    Quote Originally Posted by daisy616 View Post
    My favorite part is Yuzu's doing terrarium. It wasn't planned, and
    Inocchi suddenly invited Yuzu to join them. It's so nice to see an instructor lady
    was exited and said like, "Really?! Hanyu-kun will join us?? Now, I'm so nervous!"
    Then Inocchi said,"What?! You are never nervous with me!" So funny.
    Yuzu was very keen and careful in doing everything and very neat. Yes, his hands are beautiful!
    Yet, he was somewhat clumsy when putting the plants in the pot.
    After some mess, Domo-kun doll was dropped in, and a caption appeared on TV screen:
    "Domo-kun Terrarium - made by Yuzuru Hanyu." Yuzu said, "Even a caption is prepared?!"
    Others answered," No, no, we've just made it!"

    The whole show is very hilarious, fun and nicely organized to show Yuzu's personality to viewers.
    I hope the subs will be made so that everybody understand all the things Yuzu talked about because
    they were just great and fun to hear.

    BTW, Yuzu said he watches Asaichi(Morning Market) on NHK World Premium everyday in Toronto.

    And this is a blog of the other lady(NHK's announcer) in terrarium section:
    She highly praises Yuzu for his thoughtfulness and politeness.
    Quote Originally Posted by firal View Post
    Did he say he was traumatized eating "paprika" oversea on a burger thinking it was his favorite, tomato? Do Japanese "paprika" equal red bell peppers in the Western culture? Because he also said he likes green peppers, right? Just a little confused since I thought paprika is a spice...

    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    Japanese image of paprika (in English: BellPepper?)
    It's as big as fist, and juicy.
    The different kind from green paper
    Quote Originally Posted by dasani View Post
    Thanks for the explanation. I was a bit confused by the term paprika too, so my initial thought was poor thing bite into a burger with spicy red pepper when he thought it's his favourite tomato. (He did also mention the sweetness of the paprika too but my listening was a bit slow and didn't catch that the first round)

    So it turns out it's the bell pepper that gave him this shock!
    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post

    His mental coach (Pooh) is very sweet with Yuzuru (without forcing him to correct his picky eating).

    "I'll eat that paprika for you."

    "Thank you Pooh!"

    EDIT: Yuzuru said he is OK with Piman (small green pepper), by the way. Children in Japan usually do not
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    The work took me much more time than imagined. The volume is so large, and I divide tho whole by every 10 minutes. I continue my work. I tried to constitute it centering on something new, impressive, funny…And please point out and correct anything wrong.

    Asaichi vol.1 (0:00-10:00)

    (l) lady announcer
    (m) man personality (Inohara-san)
    *Their words are summarized.
    *Some parts are abbreviated.

    (Yuzu) Good morning! August 28, Asaichi.

    (L) You look fresh from the morning. Which time do you get up and how?
    (yuzu) I don’t get up so early. I hardly get up early like this.

    (l) Your two (lady announcer and yuzu) costumes overlap.
    (yuzu) They look like a kind of “pairlook” (Note: When a couple wear the same or similar outfits, it’s called “pairlook” in Japan.).
    (l)They are just “pairlook”.
    (l) Sorry. I tried to express my respect.
    (m) The image may be blue..
    (l) Yeah, it may feel like loyal blue.
    (l) You have the image of costumes on ice. How about your casual wears?
    (yuzu) It’s the first time I’ve come dressing up like this.
    (m) You always?
    (yuzu) Jersey, T-shirt, rucksack, glasses.
    (m) You are an athlete. I could have an image of your jersey.
    (yuzu) Something tight is hard for me, like while I am moving..
    (m)(l) The number of fax is over 6800. We want you to answer as many questions as possible today.
    (l) by man, 92yo, message. You always give me vigor.
    (yuzu) Thank you.
    (l) by girl, 15yo, question. You finished your homework for summer holidays as planned?
    (m) I didn’t do it as planned.
    (l) You are gold medalist. So she expects you are the type of person who would do things as planned.
    (yuzu) I betray her expectation to a great degree.(lol)
    (l) You do it in a hurry at the end of holidays?
    (yuzu) Truly hurry. Especially, in my elementary school days, I was ordered by my mother or sister, “Do it!” and I did “fueeen” ..
    (the episode of 24H TV)
    Last week, Yuzu appeared on 24HTV and next to Inohara-san. Yuzu sweated a lot and Inohara-san lent yuzu a handkerchief. Then Inohara-san appeals that he has a handkerchief for yuzu today. Further, about the handkerchief of 24HTV, yuzu had been going to return it after washing, but couldn’t and rerturned the one with his sweat at that time since he was too nervous. Then, lady announcer asked (5:00),
    (l)Have you got nervous?
    (yuzu) Yes, I am rather nervous now and I get rather talkative.

    (Move to fax corner)
    ~They see faxes and pictures.
    (l)What do you think of being surrounded by pictures with such a handsome face?
    (yuzu) I don’t know how my parents feel, but honestly, I feel a bit embarrassed with too many faces of mine.
    (m) Do you feel a bit shy?
    (yuzu) Yes, I feel shy. Anyway, everyone draws me so that I look better than I am.
    (l) You are like a prince. Do you think so?
    (yuzu) Not at all. I am not a prince-type person.
    (m)Which type?
    (yuzu)Athlete with hot spirit. ~ As some people know, I have hate-to-lose spirit and cherish desire to improve myself. I am not so calm.

    (l) by woman, 48yo, question. What do you first after you get up?
    (yuzu) My hairs terribly get tousled with sleep.
    (m) How?
    (yuzu) This was like a “beetle” in the past.
    (m) Male?
    (yuzu) Of course. Female wouldn’t make up messy hairs. My hairs feel “stiff”... “My bangs”
    Side hairs also stand..” . Further, I turn a lot in my sleep…
    (Then, Inohara-san touches yuzu’s hairs and says they are a bit stiff. Inohara-san’s are also stiff, and they sometimes become like a stag beetle. “Yuzu agreed merrily.”

    Asaichi vol.2 (10:00-20:00)
    Part 1

    (l) What do you dislike best?
    (yuzu)unn. I have a lot dislikes about food.
    (m) For example?
    (yuzu) Paprika (bell pepper)..
    (m) Like green peppers?
    (yuzu) Green peppers are OK. I’m not fond of a sweet taste or somewhat of paprika(bell pepper). It becomes like trauma. At my first overseas competition in Finland, I didn’t take any Japanese food with me. There were something like burger or sandwich. I bit into it happily, “Tomato!” , since I liked tomatoes. Then it was a paprika. It's been a trauma since then. But now I’m trying to overcome it.
    (m) Do you have any dislikes other than foods?
    (yuzu) Nervousness.
    (m) Like before competitions?
    (yuzu) I get rather nervous. It often looks like I don’t get so nervous though.. Sometimes I get too nervous and goes into a mess, and get into high tension-mode..
    (m) It leads to better result?
    (yuzu) Sometimes. But I learn to control now.
    (m) Are you nervous now?
    (yuzu)Now I feel nervous a lot, for I get talkative when I get nervous.

    (l) By woman, 30s. About jumps, how do you feel while you are in the air?
    (m) Before jump, form, speed, stroke, timing or so are in my mind. But once I take off, I go into the state of mindlessness.
    (l) About quad?
    (yuzu)Of course, form. But I rather see myself objectively, jugging the gap. Or thinking the form when I get jumping best. There are many such films in this era. I make the current state of body overlap with the images, and judge how it differs.
    (m) About quad jumps. Fall or something?
    (yuzu) At the moment I take off, I can get whether I'll fall or not. Those bad jumps lead to punk, fall after completion of rotation. Sometimes, I can’t possibly get the cause of the fail due to too bad condition.
    (The topics about slight injuries by practice continue. )

    (l) by 70s. man, “Your responses are great despite of young age. You must have been “a child prodigy”. I want you to become my grandson.(lol)
    (VTR) Tuduki coach
    (Tuzuki) When he was a child, the concentration last about 5 minutes. He was an ordinal boy, loved baseball and had always a ball and enjoyed throwing it at the wall.
    He disliked practice, but at the competitions he was different. The concentration when he determined was remarkable.
    (back to studio)
    (The episode about practice which he disliked continues. And he says he loved baseball.)
    (m) Tuduki coach said you had a ball during skating practice…..
    (yuzu) The ball was not normal. I feel sorry for the stuff at the rink.. I rolled a piece of advertisement of paper at the rink...
    (m) Into a ball…
    (yuzu) Yes. At the front of the rink, I threw it on the wall.. Boys were about only three (of training mates). We curled up the magazines into a bat.. We always did so..
    (m) Did you get scolded?
    (yuzu) Of course!
    (m) You disliked the practice, but you continued.
    (Yuzu explaines he loved competitions and started figure skate following his sister.)
    (m) Did you like to compete with others, or do something before people?
    (yuzu) When I was a child the rink looked all the more large and I loved to perform in it.

    Asaichi vol.3 (19:35-33:50)
    Part 1

    (l) What is the words of your parents which impressed you?
    (yuzu) In the case I cut my practice for baseball, I was told something like “Do you like skate? If you don’t, quit it and do baseball. If you do like state, continue it” This was every time so that it became a kind of trauma. What was important to them was whether I did skate because I loved skate.
    If they had told me to continue skate and I had done so following the words, I might have had feelings like being compelled to do skate. Something would have been different.
    Further, figure skate is a sport needs much cost, which burdened our households. My sister also did skate..

    (As an example of his hate-to-lose spirit, Tuzuki disclosed his childhood episode)
    (l) (Tuzuki’s words)
    Those days, there were several naughty boys of his training mates older than him by one year. They often fought against yuzu. He bore without crying, and sometimes fought back. He really had hate-to-lose spirit.
    They didn’t feel like seniors. My thought was I would never lose to them. I hate to lose about everything, study, games… This spirit comes from some DNA, though I can somewhat imagine from who the DNA is passed on (lol).
    (l) If you couldn’t win despite of a perfect performance, how would you feel?
    (yuzu) I’ve never done a perfect performance itself.
    (l) Also about that Sochi’s SP?
    (yuzu) Short was not so bad though... I could have done more. I’ve never been satisfied with my performance thinking I could have done more. Something to be improved is always found.

    (move to costume corner)
    (l)By 78yo, man. How do you determine your costume?
    (l)For example, about RJ2?
    (yuzu) This was designed by Johnny Weir, who is not a choreographer and I respect. No to emphasize the male too much, to express both man and woman around left arm. And black gradation.. If the boundary was too clear, this would look like a shirt.
    (m) How did you proceed?
    (yuzu)Various points are to be considered. Figure skate costumes need to stretch in every direction. … Design itself was Johnny’s but we didn’t follow as it was. We went into details based on the design.
    (l) question, I heard a yellow bird in designed somewhere in RJ2costume.
    (yuzu) It doesn’t appear on the photo... I wonder where… I would rather not say. …
    Designer may have put it in a hidden place. In Japanese castles in old days, the creator or maker engraved his name onto a stone of ”stone walls” secretly. The yellow bird is something like that.
    (l) Try to increase the number of spangle?
    (yuzu) About spangles, in many cases, we decrease them rather than increase.
    (m) Consider the balance with spotlight?
    (yuzu) We make costumes based on the idea that skates are not spotlighted. For competition costumes, we work out so that the white costume should not be melted on white of ice.
    (m) Then, pants are black?
    (yuzu) About me, they are basically black.

    (l) By 35yo,woman, About costumes, can he wear costumes by himself?
    (yuzu) I can do basically. The zipper is put on front (PW), back or so. But the costume of RJ2 was impossible, since the ornament at the left shoulder was so delicate. In case of a costume of a back zipper, I put on it by myself.

    (l) By 50s, woman, What do you do about washing costumes?
    (yuzu) Costumes are washed by hand every time. They are delicate.
    (m) When you have 2 shows in a day?
    (yuzu)I sweats a lot. I just hang it. Sometimes costume stuff dry or iron it. But basically the care of costumes are to be done by ourselves. We must manage the shows by only one costume.

    (l) By 39yo, woman (total 800 over!) You seem to be taller than your official height of 171cm.
    (yuzu) I’m often told that. It partly owes to the improvement of my muscle. But I don’t think I get taller so much..
    (Measurement time! Inohara-san is 175cm. And the difference was 2.2cm. Further, Inohara-san's shoes had thick bottom. They come to the conclusion that yuzu may get a bit taller.)
    (yuzu) I wish there were not gravity!
    (l) Do you want more height?
    (yuzu) Yes. The larger height makes the performance better. And it can help me stand out despite of lack of skills (lol).

    (l) What do you do to make your legs look longer?
    (yuzu) Our pants, including today’s outfit, are high-waist. Black color also helps. Then, the edge of the blade is 8-10cm long.
    (l) Are there any trick to make your arms or so look attractive?
    (yuzu) That’s the part that I have to learn.
    (m) Have you ever done ballet?
    (yuzu) Only two or three months.. Just little..
    (m) How about training on land, not on ice? Dance?
    (yuzu) The aired film included me doing hip-hop, but it’s basically only during summer training camp. There aren’t any case where someone teaches us dance and we do it on land.
    (m) When you work on choreograph on ice and you want to confirm it on land, what do you do?
    (yuzu) I confirm my body, like an angle of my arm, watching a window glass. But it is only recently that I began that thing. For one period in the past, I devoted myself to jumps mostly though...I can become an Olympic medalist. About artistic side, I have to improve myself more and more.

    It is vol. 4. Vol.4 includes topics about SEIMEI. I don’t know if I continue any more.. (there are some in the latter half.). Someone help me, please . He talked a lot about SEIMEI.

    Asaichi vol.4 (33:50-)
    Part I

    (Talk about walking on land for skater yuzu, who is used to skating on ice. After practice, the sense of touch on ice remains. He’s been told why he so stumbled. When he was a child, his shoes’ bottom was fast to wear out, since he rubbed his shoes onto the ground.)

    (VTR of DOI)
    (Yuzu explained about the difficulty in ice shows. The rink size, ice melting due to temperature of crowed… It’s hard for him to do quad in ice shows. Every time he troubles.)

    (l) Why have you decided Japanese taste?
    (yuzu) The FP music should be ready after WC. I had another competition after WC and felt frustrated with being late for new program. Further, I went into a bit of state of burn-out after the regrettable WC and the satisfying WTT. In searching of piece among various music, I was inclined to go for Japanese taste. The thought popped up when I was listening to the piece of Japanese historical dramas.
    (m) Do you have any image of the scene where you are skating while listening to those music?
    (yuzu) Yes. Music needs to harmonize with a program. For example, this theme (Onmyoji) is main theme of the program, when I was listening to it first, the image where I was skating came to me. I was concerned with the music arrangement for the first time. The arrangement was made of the original sound track. But the rhythm didn’t harmonize with that of skate because of its slow Japanese rhythm.
    (m) You already had the image though, the Japanese music was difficult…
    (yuzu) Yes. The sense was different. In the process of music arrangement, we must mix and pack various pieces within 4:40. The slower rhythm of the piece means less rhythm will be included. So we needed to adjust the rhythm, heightening the speed and lowering the pitch and reproducing the original sound.
    Even one second over leads to one point reduction. The scoring system of figure skate may not be so easy to understand though, the difference of one point is large.
    (l) Challenging music as well as 3 quad.. You try to heighten all...
    (yuzu) Putting 2 triple axel and quad in the latter half is unusual and challenging. Not just the layout, but the firm execution is necessary. The step before jump and so on is also important…
    (m) How about your private life? You devote your life only to skate?
    (yuzu) Not at all. Music.. Games..
    (m) Do you go out to play?
    (yuzu) No. I basically don't go out. I feel unsettled when I go out. I like to be alone, though I like to play or talk with my truly close friend(s). On my day off, I stay at home by myself. I have done that way since I was a child, for my practice of skate or so.

    (l) By 40s. woman. I wonder why you are so sexy despite of stoical life in Canada.
    (yuzu) I’ve never felt I can show the adult sexuality.
    (l) Have you ever thought of the sexuality?
    (yuzu) Yes, at PW, I was told to show that manly sexuality, but it was difficult.
    (m) That sexuality may be made by various experience. But you don’t go out..
    (yuzu) I have many experiences in my figure skating field. Those experiences may help me mature.
    (m)Are there any experience to make you resolute?
    (yuzu) Especially, the experience at the COC was tough. Most of you would rather not even hear about it. But thanks to the experience, I could stay resolute whatever would happen.
    (m) Such an experience may lead to the manly sexuality..
    (yuzu) I hope it will (lol).
    (l) Who do you think is the man with sexuality?
    (yuzu) Here is. Next to me. Inohara-san (lol).
    Quote Originally Posted by Jo de Souza View Post

    Ghana Event Aug 27...more news report/videos
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    News clip about Ghana (3 minutes)

    News clip of Aug.30, About Ghana, a film where he did SEIMEI pose is included.

    24hr TV Charity…more news report/videos
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    News clip about 24h tvジ_sport
    (7 minutes) " hana- ni- nare " old camera work ., it may include new film at the last part?

    Kenji Room pre-broadcast
    Quote Originally Posted by hamaguri View Post
    Another article about “Kenji’s Room” was uploaded. You can see some photos!
    We still have another fun before season

    Part of Kenji's comment about earphones or so was interesting.
    “He collects earphones, and a large amount of knowledge surprise me. He explains about earphones willingly. When I can’t understand some of his explanation, he continues referring to examples until I get it totally. That’s where his earnest and gentle personality is shown. You may be impressed with his determined spirit, but on the other hand, he is very punctual and prudent and deliberate. This leads to the achievement in his practice, which gives him more confidence.”
    “His is aiming for new goal towards this season and his smile is shining. I want you to see that smile.”

    Quote Originally Posted by won0066 View Post
    My latest blog entry - I wanted to put the Yuzu bike jersey auction into a different perspective.

    Quote Originally Posted by Geo1 View Post
    If a laundered bike shirt that has nothing to do with figure skating and worn only once by Yuzuru in a CM promoting Tour de Tohoku garnered a final auction bid of ¥1,977,000 ($21,600 Canadian or $16,500 US), imagine what an unwashed UA training outfit worn by him would sell for, let alone the OGM winning PW costume! It boggles the mind.
    Quote Originally Posted by abbyuzu View Post
    GOE of Yuzuru's Triple Axel TOP20. From Year 2011.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jo de Souza View Post
    Yuzuru bracelets and necklaces
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