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Thread: Yuzuru Hanyu: Links to Media Only

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    Just saw an article about Yuzu's father. Could anyone kindly translate?
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    Can translate, but it seem thet said his father is very strict, they call him spartam and a demon.

    And said that maybe Yuzuru is so good because his dad is so strict.
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    There's a Yuzuru Hanyu corner at Kinokuniya's in NYC if anyone is interested. I have to go to the city this weekend, so I'll go and pick up the Number's magazine + a copy of his book
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    I just watch this Yuzuru interview after Worlds 2012~

    at 0:17ish mark
    Interview: So you're in Sendai now? What you've been doing?
    Yuzuru: Well~ just rolling around/relaxing (Ma~ goro goro to..) hehehe
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    A translated interview with Hanyu...some hilarious comments about the 'Russia!' calls during the Olympics and how Hanyu dealt with them.
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    Looks like a limited edition of stamps for Tohoku has been launch, it will ship around Japan


    The stamp collection has a special message from Yuzuru

    "When someone believes in me, I can believe in myself. That is when hope is turned into strength. I was able to mature this far because of the thoughts I received from many people. Everyone in Tohoku, thank you very much for always warmly watching over me."
    Special thanks to Nonchan for always helping with translations, girl you are a MVP
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    Yuzuru has many talented fans indeed:
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    ok, let's give this another try and see how long it lasts this time
    Sochi SP German version
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Yuzuru "received" an a award for devotion to the region of Tohoku, he wasn´t in attendance. Here are the scans from the newspaper. Credit to troublemakerstorm in tumblr.
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    He looks so cool pitching he mentioned in this interview about baseball and skating "Being able to pitch so gracefully with a skinny body; I wanted to do something like that with my own skating."
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    The Olympic channel on Youtube just uploaded something called: "The Art of Figure Skating's Triple Axel | Faster Higher Stronger"

    It's a short talk/explanation on how to do the 3A (with Alexei Yagudin and Denis Ten), and it uses Hanyu's 3A from Sochi as an example, replaying it multiple times.
    Quote Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post
    Hi there!

    I've been lurking here for a while and decided it was time to come out from the shadow
    First of all thank you to all of you for all the effort and time you put in updating this thread quite frequently.

    And as a way to repay you, here is the translation of Sochi SP by the French-Canadian commentators. I have no idea as to how make subtitles and I don't own the video so here is the translation with the timing so you can follow it more easily. Also I'm not that great at translating the "technical parts" but that was the best I could come up with. Enjoy!

    - 00 :00 : He’s representing Japan of course.
    - 00 :11 : And now the Olympic race, the race for the gold medal has finally begun.
    - 00 :28 : He’s gliding at high speed. Watch this…
    - 00 : 36 : 4T. Perfect ! Perfect! Nothing can beat that.
    - 00 :43 : And now the flying spin, the camel spin, on the outside edge. Changing of position there, the donut spin. He’s increaing the speed of his rotation.
    - 00 :54 : This is a very long rotation. Very good!
    - 01 :01 : And now the steps that lead to the sitting spin. Excellent position he gets there. The rotation is very fast.
    - 01 :14 : and there he goes again.
    - 01 :20 : The spread eagle. He’s gaining momentum.
    - 01 :31 : for the 3A. Yeesss ! He’s done it ! Preceded by a three-turn, something which is incredibly difficult because he goes into the jump by turning over and pushing on the leg, while it is usually done by transfering the weight from one foot to the other.
    - 01 :53 : Watch this now… 3lz, yes ! 3T, yes ! Perfect ! No mistakes so far.
    - 02 :04 : He’s raising the level of this competition to such heights!
    - 02 :12 : This performance will serve as a benchmark for the judges.
    - 02 :19 : And he’s holding nothing back! Now it’s not the time to make a mistake with the steps.
    - 02 :26 : (Yuzu performing his pistol pose) Oh oh oh! He doesn’t shy fom anything. He can do whatever he wants with his body on the ice.
    - 02 :37 : The camel spin. He changes from the inside edge to the outside edge to make things even more difficult. He changes to a half-sitted position. Changing of foot. He’s jumping, goes back to a sitting position. And this is Yuzuru Hanyu at his best!
    - 02 :53 : Bravo!
    - 02 :57 : This was perfection.
    - 02 :59 : the stage has been set!
    - 03 :00 : the stage has been set indeed!
    - 03 :09 : What an incredible skater!
    - 03 :16 : And Orser, the skating genius has made a wonderful job in preparing him for here. Brian Orser is the one who gave to this exceptional skater the tools to get there: on both the psychological and the physical level.
    - 03 :39 : We’re talking about someone who got 99.94 this season.
    - 03 :44 : What a programme!
    - 03 :48 : I get the feeling he’ll get over 100 this time around. This was remarkable. Completely error-free!
    - 03 :59 : Yes I think you’re right.
    - 04 :01 : So here he is with Brian Orser.
    - 04 :10 : Wonderful!
    - 04 :13 : Let’s take a look at all this once again.
    - 04 :16 : Let’s take a look at his 4T first. Look at the way he prepares for the jump, the way he throws himself, the rotation of the upper body and then the way his left knee goes up, allowing his free leg to go forward and then back, all this without losing any speed before he turns around again
    - 04 :33 : Then the 3-turn preceding the 3A. Look at the rotation, the way he puts his free leg back. This is once again perfection and he knows it!
    - 0443 : Then the 3lz – 3T which is literaly a walk in the park for him! And look at Orser who is living every second of the programme with his athlete.
    - 05 :54 : What a great performance from Mr Hanyu, Yuzuru being his given name. He’s waiting for the judges’score.
    - 05 :23 : I bet it’s going to break all previous records!
    - 05 :27 : 101.45 !!! Yes !!! 101. 45 !!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post

    And here is the link to the video. I hope it works for everyone!
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    Pictures of yuzuru from 2005 competing at asian novice championships

    Here are video collections of yuzuru's spins from 2008 to 2014 (+ some galas) that you might like
    cr: sorairo oriaros
    Quote Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post
    You're all welcome !

    Actually while I was doing the translation I realized there was also the Team event SP there I had never seen before! So I did this one too in case you were interested. As the commentators are Canadian they talk a lot about Brian too of course ^^

    If you ever need other translations from French videos just give me a shout. I might not do it right away because of lack of time but I'll get to it at some point. It helps me work on my translating skills anyway!

    - 00 :00 : And now someone who’s having quite an interesting season so far. The Japanese Yuzuru Hanyu who’s being coached by Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson.
    - 00 :27 : I’ve sometimes seen him making poor performances but when he’s on, boy HE IS on. (chuckling). This whole season I’ve seen him making errors and then at the GPF he completely owned the competition!
    - 01 :08 : 4T!
    - 01 :14 : He’s on a mission for Japan here. He’s settled his goal and his coaches told me he put a tremendous amount of efforts in his training. Have you seen the donut spin he’s just performed after the camel spin?
    - 01 :42 : Wonderful position in the spin here.
    - 02 :03 : And now the 3A preceded by a three-turn. Which means he doesn’t shift his weight but that he turns over and pushes on his leg.
    - 02 :11 : And this will add bonus points to the base value of the jump.
    - 02 :28 : Now the 3lz followed by the 3T. He’s in a tough position here with his body leaning forward but still he is able to perform the following jump. He’s got springs instead of knees !
    - 02 :41 : The skating quality is excellent. And this is Brian Orser’s work here. Brian Orser who’s a skating god, an exceptional coach who led not only Hanyu but also Yuna Kim to this kind of level.
    - 03 :03 : What a wonderful skater he is!
    - 03 :11 : On the outside edge, the camel spin here. He reverts to an upright position on one foot. Sitting spin. And here you’ve just witnessed the winning programme from this section of the competition.
    - 03 :28 : This season he got 99.84. I can’t wait to see how the judges will score him here. But in any case he was way above the other competitors.
    You’re right. That was wonderful. Quite extraordinary. A very high level of skating here. And this is such an extremely nice person, so pleasant to talk to, and a wonderful skater on top of that. Congratulations to Hanyu and to his coach who you’re going to see on your screen any minute now. Brian Orser who went from being a competitor to a coach, a very high-level coach, which is something that you don’t see that often. Here he is. Here is the man who was able to pass on all his knowledge and sensitivity to this skater.
    - 04 :20 : Let’s watch his 4T again. Look at this. Perfect ! He knows what he’s doing here!
    - 04 :30 : (Talking about his 3A) Then see how he turns over here. This is what we call a three-turn. And here he goes again on the same leg. This particularly difficult move requires quite exceptional strength and precision.
    - 04 :43 : (Talking about the combo) And that’s where it got tough, his exit from the 3Lz wasn’t that good but still he went on.
    - 04 :59 : I was looking at Orser from the corner of my eyes during Hanyu’s performance and you should have seen this. He was skating too!
    You did good to watch him. He is quite a sight to behold !
    - 04 : 59 : And he is not a constraining coach, he is always able to play on nuances and sensations. He is equally good with the steps and the jumps. And he had such a difficult time you know. He’s always been beaten by the Americans for the Olympic gold. It was Scott Hamilton in 84 and Boitano in 88. So he never got the medal he had come for, the gold medal.
    - 05 :50 : I can’t wait to see the score. A personal best to beat for him… 97.98. It’s below his 99 points but it puts him in first place of course, above Plushenko and Patrick Chan. Han Yan is 4th and Florent Amodio 5th.
    For now Canada is in 3rd position.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yhmafan View Post
    See compared 2011 to 2014 , He has actually grown up!
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    Hi, also my first time posting on the thread despite checking in everyday since sometime this summer

    I translated the Sochi FS by the French-Canadian commentaters! (Thank you Terrapin, I had no idea Radio-Canada covered the event! )
    Just a few things though, anything between ((double brackets)) are just notes I added and anything in [these] are implied words. Enjoy!

    [0:00-0:12] Because if he skates to the height of his extraordinary talent, I think the slope might be too steep for Patrick Chan to climb.
    [0:13-0:18] I think if both skate well, Patrick Chan could win… even if both skate well.
    [0:20] Thank you.
    [0:23-0:24] So, here we go.
    [0:27-0:33]He opens with a…. a 4S! Missed!
    [0:36-0:40] And the pressure is gigantic. Gigantic!
    [0:43-0:45] Patrick Chan is the chaser.
    [0:47-0:53] Careful, 4T! Yes! He got it!
    [1:06-1:08] 3F! Missed!
    [1:18-1:23] Ohlalalala, what a dramatic start.
    Dramatic, you say?
    [1:25-1:37] Winning a gold medal is a very hard job… Humanly… almost superhuman.
    [1:40-1:42] We ask of them so much ((unclear…???))
    [1:45-1:50] The spin, camel [spin], on the back outside [edge].
    [1:51-1:57] He is already, already….
    He knows.
    He knows.
    He’s got it, that it’s going to be very difficult.
    [1:59] The layback spin ((probably meant Biellmann spin…))
    [2:00-2:08] He is a shadow of himself even in the spins ((literal translation would be: he is diminished even in the spins.))
    He has to get back with a series of difficult jumps.
    [2:09-2:28] And we were talking about the order of skating and you can see how unreliable it is. We think that skating first is easier, but this is proof. It is the skater against himself… that makes the difference.
    [2:31-2:37] Careful, the 3A, [it is with this jump], yes!, in combination with a 3T that he rebuilds himself. Bravo.
    [2:45] He is slower than ever.
    [2:49] Spread eagle.
    [2:51-2:57] The 3A-
    -difficult, with the 2T. Put it in there. ((sounds odd but not sure how to translate “mets-y là-dedans”))
    [3:01] The 3Lo.
    [3:07] Long road/fight.
    [3:11-3:13] First in the short program.
    [3:26-3:32] He takes a breath. The 3Lz, yes! Half Lo- Oh he loses his balance! 3S.
    [3:35] He’s looking for his energy.
    [3:39-3:42] ((unclear????))
    [3:44] The 3Lz yes!
    [3:55] Ina bauer
    [3:57-4:11] And it looks like it’s a ((??)), and an imploration …to the god…to the god of figure skating to tell him “give me the chance, give me the chance to still have the energy to keep going until the end.”
    [4:12-4:25] And to get through… this competition where the result is ineluctable for him. ((unable to be resisted or avoided; inescapable.)) The gold medal is slipping through his fingers.
    [4:34-4:51] Spin… aah but…. On the back inside [edge], sit spin, change of foot, the position of the upright crossfoot spin. And it’s over.
    [4:52-4:56] You can see… he is on the floor, ((unclear???))
    [4:57-5:01] And here is someone who got 101.45 points this season.
    [5:01-5:11] Defeated by himself, defeated by the stress, by the high stakes, and by the Olympic pressure of an Olympic competition.
    [5:15-5:28] Yuzuru Hanyu, a proud soldier, a big performance that I thought would secure his gold medal, but it was far from a great performance.
    [5:28-5:37] But once the first place secured after the short program, all the pressure was on him-
    We’ll see.
    -And that was the game of the competition.
    [5:38-5:46] Even so, coming back to what’s left to come, it won’t be obvious. It could be Denis Ten that brings a surprise.
    [5:46] (mumble mumble…) what surprise?
    [5:51-6:03] Let’s wait for the judges’ scores. First, we’ll see in replay- You can understand just how surprised he is, dazed.
    [6:06-6:11] In figure skating we never know what will happen and how the individual will react.
    [6:11-6:22] So, let’s see… Here we see again… the 4S, the exit… and he misses it.
    [6:25-6:31] It’s crazy isn’t it? And that was played out there, right at the beginning. After that, everything was difficult.
    [6:32-6:37] The 4T, opening the free leg…
    [6:40-6:42] And he couldn’t do the combinations he needed to do ((uhmm…. What.???))
    [6:44-6:50] Next, the 3F, the exit missed.
    [6:51-6:56] He was no longer focused, he was gone.
    He could no longer control what was happening to him.
    [6:56-7:06] The 3A, opening the free leg, the 3T afterwards. This was very good; he was beginning to bounce back.
    [7:08-7:14] He was like a boxer that got a hit to the jaw, he tried to get out of it and get his bearings back.
    [7:15-7:25] He needs 153.66 points to get into first place; first place that currently belongs to Denis Ten.
    [7:25-7:29] But he has the points from his short program, we’ll have to look at the combined total.
    [7:33-7:36] But for the free program… we have the answer.
    [7:42-7:50] So here as well you’ll understand that…((??))... They’re taking their time to analyze everything.
    [7:53] So…
    [7:55-7:57] Maybe the medal… a medal, but…
    [7:57-8:18] Let’s see. How many points have we granted him? 178.64. Despite 2 deduction points, we granted him 90 points for component score. He is in first place at 280.09 points.
    [8:21] Okay?
    [8:24-8:28] Keep that in mind, 280.09, he is in front of- ((Denis Ten probably.))
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post
    I had no idea either RadioCanada had covered the event before I stumbled on this by chance. I hadn’t seen it on any thread so I thought it woudl be nice to share it.

    Just a few precisons with the parts that had you confused :

    [1:40-1:42] We ask of them so much ((unclear…???))
    >>> « On leur demande tellement de choses » : Your translation is fine here.

    -difficult, with the 2T. Put it in there. ((sounds odd but not sure how to translate “mets-y là-dedans”))
    >>> He doesn’t say « mets-y là-dedans » but « mais il a tenu » : 'But he held on to it’

    [3:11-3:13] First in the short program.
    >>> He doesn’t say this but « trois minutes de programme écoulées » : ’We are three minutes into the programme’

    [3:39-3:42] ((unclear????))
    >>> He says « Voyez, petits pas, plus d’amplitude » : ’See how he skates cautiously (literally ’with small steps’), how there is not as much ice coverage than usual’

    [3:57-4:11] And it looks like it’s a ((??)), and an imploration …to the god…to the god of figure skating to tell him “give me the chance, give me the chance to still have the energy to keep going until the end.”
    >>> I must say, here it is unclear for me too. I hear « Et on dirait que cette fente est une imploration… » : ‘And it is as if this split (??) were an imploration…’ (maybe it is some weird Canadian slang I don’t know about ^^)

    [4:52-4:56] You can see… he is on the floor, ((unclear???))
    >>>He says : « Il est à terre, au propre comme au figuré » : ’He is down, both literally and figuratively’ (referring to his ending pose)

    [7:42-7:50] So here as well you’ll understand that…((??))... They’re taking their time to analyze everything
    >>> He says : « Alors là aussi vous comprendrez l’enjeu, on prendra bien son temps pour analyser tout cela » : ’Here as well, given what is at stake judges will take great care in analysing... ‘

    Sorry if I’m being a pain in the *** but I thought this might help ^^ Otherwise you did a great job
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    Whoops the bow is here lol. The video I linked there was a video of Yuzuru and Mao versioned Hina Dolls. They're the Emperor and Empresses

    *These authentic dolls are very expensive, usually ranging in the thousands (each one) and are passed down from generation to generation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    Can Japanese posters please help me with this information: i've read some where saying when Yuzuru was still in high school he got All 5 or something like that.
    I don't know much about Japanese school system so I can't tell for sure. But it seems All 5 is a good result in high school? I know it's a school for young athletes so the standard might not be too high. But it's good to know he and his family value education that much.
    Quote Originally Posted by ranran View Post
    Apparently Han Yan was "informed" by fans about his and Yuzuru's pictures when they were novice that surfaced recently and he commented on it.

    He said "Since I was a kid, I looks best if I was in shirt and he(Yuzuru) somehow seems to prefer frills since he was kid. haha"
    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    Quick correction, "Since I was a kid I wore a vest and shirt..."
    B and V are written the same in Japan. In this case, I think vest is meant.

    ...and I think we have a new winner in the 'Hanyu's ugliest costume' contest. It's neck-and-neck with the vertigo shiny-pants, but it just might win gold!
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    Like this by @AXEL1271
    Quote Originally Posted by ~Pamina~ View Post
    How about those?
    Quote Originally Posted by baterka View Post
    ... and I might take you up on your offer
    I´ve always wondered what where these commentators saying ...
    Quote Originally Posted by giulia95 View Post
    Stairway to heaven.

    How to neutralize physical pain and to defeat personal ghosts…
    unintentionally sharing some tragic sides with the phantom himself along the way.

    A very emotional journey.
    many thanks to Saizo K!
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    Anyways, according to this news:
    Yuzuru will appear on a VTR for the Big Sports Award in the end of this month. I guess he will not be there but they will show a clip of him saying thank you (???). I hope Japanese poster will help me with this. Maybe he's already on his way to Toronto already.
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    I hope you won't mind Terrapin, I was bored so I decided to translate this as well Please feel free to read over and add corrections!

    [0:04]Now, Yuzuru Hanyu, the other Japanese.
    [0:09]4th at CoC and winner in Moscow.
    [0:17] You know, at CoC he had a few mishaps, the young boy.
    [0:21]The free skate/long program.
    Yes, he missed out on the long.
    He is currently in 4rth place, skating to the soundtrack of Romeo and Juliet.
    [0:30] It’s Craig Armstrong’s version.
    [0:44] Technically, he’s solid, but it’s in the interpretation, again, and the components that he’s a little…
    Like a junior?
    Yes, a little like a junior.
    [1:01]He seems to likes it, doesn’t he? That arm movement.
    [1:05]He seems to like what?
    He has an arm movement, you’ll see, count the number of times that he’ll do it. It’s quite impressive, that upward arm movement.
    [1:14] Beautiful quad to open.
    [1:21]There, that’s already three, four (counting the arm movements).
    [1:31]A 3A, without fault (literal: something of purity).
    [2:33]It’s always very beautiful, jumps like those with the arms above the head.
    Yes, it’s not very very difficult
    [2:36] It seems like it’s not very difficult, but only very few do it.
    [2:40]With a triple at the back would have been better.
    [3:13]And this one, you don’t count it.
    No, I don’t count it, it’s only half done.
    [3:17] Oh, he’s missing an arm?
    [3:35]Come on, seven and a half.
    Ah yes, I’ll stop.
    [3:39] Yes, he’s solid, isn’t he, tactically? He would [be], wouldn’t he?
    [3:45]Junior world champion in 2010.
    [5:30] In any case, he gave it his best in this program, Yuzuru Hanyu.
    [5:36] He gave it his maximum, he didn’t save up, he gave it his all and he’ll make it out of the final not too badly.
    [5:43]Yes, that score x2
    [5:45]he has clean technique. ((something about that last 3S??))
    [5:48]We talked about it last time, his problems with his physical condition. We insisted on it, it was ((??)) enough, given his morphology.
    [5:56]And we have the explanation; actually, it would be asthma problems. It’s probably linked with those.
    [6:01]But, still, there is still content, content at the opening and middle of the program.
    [6:07]It’s quite dense, technically. But when we look at this program, I don’t know what you think, Philippe, but I- There’s a certain standardization between the men and women.
    [6:16]It’s not a “feminine” program, but we almost have the same programs, if we think back at Tuktamysheva earlier, it’s longer with the men, but…
    [6:31]Yes, I’m thinking of Yuna Kim.
    [6:33] In any case, looking at this boy- yes- it’s…. we can see the same thing, finally, in the men and boys. Some sort of standardization in the programs, in the morphology/forms/format (?).
    [6:41]The principle goes like this; the first structure goes quad, 3A, Triple-triple. Either 3A with a triple or 3A then triple-triple. And a Spin, a first step sequence, then a second 3A, followed by a 3lz-3t or a 3f-3t with a 3lo
    [7:05]And we finish, usually with a salchow… and a 2A. So we find those with a second step [sequence] inserted in there. And this, in practically every program.
    [7:15]Yes, but it’s not on that that I wanted to-
    [7:16]Yes I understood , I understood, but on the other hand, it should be said that Hanyu is certainly already very mature on the technical level. And we’ll see it, notably the 4T.
    [7:29]But, he’s still a skater that seems like a junior, if not like a novice, when it comes to gestures. It’s quite poor.
    [7:38] It would be important for this boy that has potential to podium at the [Olympic] Games to take up some dance.
    [7:45]But, actually he doesn’t have an assigned choreographer, it’s his coach that takes care of it and it’s certainly a problem
    [7:53]While it’s true that sometimes there are coaches who are also great choreographers, but when we work with the same coach/choreographer, we have difficulty getting out of our comfort zone. Which is why it’s good most of the time to see… to have an outside point of view.
    [8:07]Listen to his result, he (??) of his performance, Hanyu.
    [8:21] Yes, 166.49, it’s a little less bad than Takahashi, but it’s better in the technical score, evidently it’s not as good as Takahashi in the component score. And so he is second, in total scores. Maybe a podium, we’ll see.
    Quote Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post
    No I don't mind at all ^^ Actually I had decided to wait until I have more time but going over some parts you didn't catch up doesn't take that much time (team work is always better)

    So here are the parts you said where unclear to you. I think the rest of your translation is fine

    Hanyu's GPF FS:

    5 :45 : "Il y a du contenu technique, une petite erreur à la fin sur le tripe salchow"
    >>> It’s quite loaded on the technical side, just a little mistake at the end on the 3S.

    5 :48 : "C’était assez paradoxal étant donné sa morphologie"
    >>> Which is quite paradoxal given his morphology.

    8 :07 : "En tout cas ils sont contents, il est heureux de sa prestation"
    >>> In any case they seem to be satisfied, he is happy with his performance here.

    Chan's FS in Sochi:

    1 :25 : "une bataille terrible"
    >>> It’s a terrible battle

    1:35: "Ce que ces jeunes gens ont à subir est terrible"
    >>> What these young people have to go through is so hard.

    2:19 "Quand il bouge ainsi il vole comme un oiseau au-dessus de la glace"
    >>> When he moves like that he looks like a bird flying on the ice.

    3 :35 : "ça va se jouer à très peu"
    >>> It’s going to be a close call

    5 :42 : "va-t-on lui accorder 4 points ?"
    >>> Are we going to grant him 4 points?

    Really these parts were quite hard to catch because their voices go down at the end of their sentences or they're just mumbling. I don't know if you're a native speaker ut even I had to listen to it again 2 or 3 times to be sure.

    Haha I remember being so annoyed at these commentators the first time! Especially the guy named Philippe who keeps counting Yuzuru's arm movements with a mocking tone in his voice gets on my nerves every time ^^ And I think they're really harsh with their comments on the choreography: saying it is poor or insisting also on the fact that Hanyu's interpretative skills are non-existant (he is not a junior but a novice as far as interpretation is concerned here for them!).

    I remember also that in another video (maybe Worlds 2013), one of the guys was annoyed at Hanyu collapsing on the ice at the end saying that he was overdoing it...
    Quote Originally Posted by EloiseDawn View Post
    I don't know if this news has been posted but...JSF official confirmed that yuzuru left hospital a few days ago
    Quote Originally Posted by ranran View Post
    Okay let's try this again. Following Meoima advice I reupload the French-canada commentary that Terrapin translated to Vimeo. Hopefully it will stay this time ^^;;
    Quote Originally Posted by ranran View Post
    Here's the subbed video for your team short program one :D
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by chumelon View Post
    On another note, here's a nice website with video links of Yuzu's programs with different language commentaries
    Just hover over "各国放送(翻訳)", right next to "NEWS", and a list of languages/broadcasting stations should appear. I hope this can be useful for some of you
    Quote Originally Posted by Lindacrow View Post
    Interview with Shae Lynn Bourne. She talks about Yuzu and his choreography for his LP. Starts at 11:30
    Quote Originally Posted by TuTU9678 View Post
    On another note, please help! Found this video of Hana wa Saku at NHK EX. It includes some extra footage that I didn't see before - Yuzu & Nanami sensei in a discussion about the EX and also Yuzu commenting right after he came off the ice it seems. Can someone who understands Japanese please help to translate?
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Another Yuzuru fan boy?

    The same fan that did the scheme for Yuzuru´s ice coverage, did one only with his step sequence

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    In chocolate related news (please someone translate)
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    Never have seen this video from Nice 2012 before, is only the screem, but the screaming and chearing was insane. Another one of the end of the program.

    And is this video new?, I don´t remember it
    Quote Originally Posted by Lindacrow View Post
    Thought this was interesting
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    I'm having fun here so why not do a 4T.....and not to forget my usual fan service (I'm bored so re-watching his old videos)
    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQ View Post
    French commentators are popular on Niconico video in Japan as "お茶の間フランス実況シリーズ", meaning French Commentators in Livingroom Series (very direct translation)
    Usually volunteer translation is attached under the screen some time later.

    These are Worlds 2012, with full of Japanese comments

    Sometimes Nelson's voice could be heard in the live coverage of other country's video (Maybe their booths were close), and Viewers laughed and commented "Tone down, Nelson !"

    Anyway, Japanese fans are enjoying their coverage very much.
    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    Some Yuzu sketching I did while chatting with my sister about figure skating...
    Quote Originally Posted by sonora View Post
    I am reading Yuzu’s Blue Flame Chapter 9 again (many thanks to千回百慕生who translated it into Chinese she also put on Chinese subtitle for many of Yuzu’s videos). In this chapter Yuzu talked about many skates he competed at junior level.

    Something interesting between him and Han Yan. Yuzu said (almost bragged) that he knew a lot about Han. It was the first year of their novice competition (when Yuzu won the Japanese Novice, so it was 2004?), and Han was the youngest skater (he is about one year younger than Yuzu). Yuzu felt great about his spinning, and Han was good as well. When they were in the open practice they already started competing - If Han did a biellmann, he would do it immediately. They did not talk but looked at each other and passed the messages like “I absolutely can do better!” At the end Han was placed 2nd and Yuzu 4th. Of course, he “regretted”, and he considered Han his first rival and the first one made him “regret”. So when it comes to Han, he had the especially strong feeling “I must not lose to him”. ( this is so Yuzu)

    My memory flashed back to crash between them back in CoC. Yuzu kept asking about Han when he came out with bandage on his hand, and later Han went shake his hands before the competition. Also days ago Han wrote a message on his Weibo about the costumes they prefer since they were kids. Han joked that he has been in vests and shirts since he was little, while Yuzu always likes things frilling. They also had very silly pictures taken together.

    Just feeling sweet about the boys. Yuzu is at a complete different level now, and I hope Han will improve and get closer. He is my favorite Chinese skater in the men’s single discipline.
    Quote Originally Posted by sonora View Post
    I also read some translation of Team Brain (credit to

    Just would like to share a little detail here… LP at Sochi, Javi was the first to skate in the last group while Yuzu was the third in the same group. When Javi finished, Brian did not have time to wait for his score. He rushed to change his Spanish Jacket to Japanese and ran to find Yuzu. When he saw Yuzu at the other end of the hallway, he immediately slowed down, walked over to him instead of running. He tried to act very relax and calm to make Yuzu easy (Yuzu mentioned he only slept 4 hours after the SP, and he felt his body was very heavy during the next morning’s practice for LP).

    Many of us may have seen the video where Brian gently wiped away tears from Yuzu’s face after he had a terrible SP at 2013 WC (he was placed 9th). Brian is a great coach who deeply cares about his skaters.
    Quote Originally Posted by AlexSaytor View Post
    How cute! Look what Brian has on his table
    It looks like a drawing and Japanese charm hanging on the upper corner of the frame.
    Quote Originally Posted by Esopian View Post
    Edit: Miki Ando just posted info about Yuzu being discharged from the hospital:
    Quote Originally Posted by Newbiespectator View Post
    More speed sketching... this time, his Chopin costume which looks great in motion. Also, Yuzu bows a lot, and very nicely too.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    Good angle in the practice, anyone notice his edge on the flip?
    I think it's better than last season but my eyes can be wrong.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    These sketches is funny and awesome at the same time, I'm not really sure whether he could see with the Pooh head
    Quote Originally Posted by cruzceleste View Post
    An article published yesterday about the succes of Team Brian,the CC Bros. and Yuna. (JAPANESE)

    If someone please translate the important points.
    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post

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