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Thread: Most electric programs...your thoughts?

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    Question Most electric programs...your thoughts?

    Now that the competition season is over I’m bored and I have lots of time to reflect back on my favorite figure skating moments. Here is my list of the most electric performances… in no particular order.

    Please add your own favorites to the list

    MK- LP at 2004 Nationals: I honestly feel this was her best skate ever. And as far as engaging a crowd, they were on their feet before her straight line footwork was over. I cried a lot, and I’m not one of those dire hard MK fans.

    S&P- LP at 2002 Olympics: I usually am bored by pairs skating, but they peaked my interests again…. And not because of the controversy surrounding the judging.

    Tara- LP at 1998 Olympics: I can still hear the sound of her shrieking in my ears late at night. She was like a little lightning bolt on the ice, and although my heart broke for Michelle I couldn’t have been happier for her.

    Oksana- LP at 1994 Olympics: Despite the pink marabou it was a captivating skate. No one will ever doughnut like she did. Magic.

    Nancy-LP at 1994 Olympics: Gorgeous. I felt like she had the world behind her, she was skating for so much more than an Olympic title. The turmoil of the months leading up to the event really added to the electricity as she overcame so much.

    T&D- Bolero at 1984 Olympics: Set the bar pretty high, and I don’t think anyone has ever matched them.

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    Pairs and Dance:
    S&P- LP at 2002 Olympics: I usually am bored by pairs skating, but they peaked my interests again…. And not because of the controversy surrounding the judging.
    I agree with you.
    D&S- FD at 2004 worlds: Simply amaysing

    A&P- Fd 2000. Carmina Burana. I wanted to jump into my TV to see them closer
    D&S- FD 1999. I just loved that one
    T&D- FD 1982. Mac and Mabel. The best ice dance couple of all times. Do I need to explain?

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    Definitely Michelle Kwan's Lyra Angelica program at 98 Nationals. She was recovering from the fractured toe and hadn't competed in awhile--you could tell she had missed it and she went out there and skated perfectly and with so much feeling. It's too bad that she held back a little when she performed the same program a month later at the Olympics. If she had skated like she did at Nationals in the Olympics, there's no question she would have the gold medal.

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    Usova and Zhulin 1989 &1991 Worlds and 1992 Olympics: The best ice dance programs ever
    Klimova and Ponamerenko: 1989,1990 & 1992 Worlds, 1992 Oly-

    Shizuka Arakawa: 2004 Worlds: What a moving program by such a beautiful woman. I have seen this program numerous times already and I am still moved.

    Paul Wylie- 1990 Nationals ; I think this is the one where he got those 6.0s for artistic impression: I'm not sure which year this is but I think Todd won it b/c Chris was out with a back injury. People talk about Paul's Olympic program , it really wasn't that good. This lp was the best I've ever seen Paul skate and it was magnificent.

    This was the defining moment of Brian Boitano and ALL skating for me. Everything was perfect and this program was the greatest skating moment of all time for me.
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    Electric Programs

    Soogar -

    "Canvas On Ice". I've always wanted to remember the name of that program! Thanks so much for reminding me of that great skate on the glacier. Favorite part of the show: Brian performing those progressive axels: first the single, then double and then triple. Amazing stuff!


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    Dick Button
    Tenley Albright
    Peggy Flemming
    Dorothy Hamil
    John Curry
    Torvahl and Dean
    The Duchesnays
    the protopopovs
    Kurt Browning
    Michelle Kwan

    The above listed are my personal HALL OF FAME; there are many other fine skaters, and even better sportspeople, but the above are special for what I like to see in skating.


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    Shizuka- 2004 worlds LP
    Midori-88 Oly, 89 & 90 worlds (all LP's)
    Sasha- 2004 worlds SP
    Michelle-Lyra Angelica USN 98, worlds 2001 LP (SOTBS), Aranjuez USN 2003, Tosca 2004 worlds
    Irina-GPF 2000, 2001 GWG (Tosca)
    Tara- Oly 98 LP
    Chen Lu- worlds 96 LP (Rachmaninoff)
    Oksana- 93 worlds LP

    Pairs (my most favorite discipline):

    B&S- 2001 COR LP (Citylights), 98 GPF LP (Dark eyes), 98 Euro SP (Swan Lake), 2001 worlds SP (Meadowland)
    G&G-89 worlds LP (Die Fledermaus), 88 Oly LP, 94 Oly LPMoonlight Sonata (inspite of the flaws)
    M&D-92 (Lieberstraum) & 94 Olympics LP's(Rachmaninoff)

    Ice dance:

    Klimova&Ponomarenko- 92 Oly FD (Bach)
    Dushenays- 91 worlds FD (Missing)
    T&D- Bolero 84 Oly FD
    Usova-Zhulin- 89 worlds FD (Planets), 92 Oly FD (Four seasons)
    Grishchuk-Platov: 98 Oly FD (Memorial)
    Krylova-Ovssianikov: 97 worlds FD (masquerade waltz)


    Boitano- 88 Oly LP
    Orser- 88 worlds LP
    Kurt- 93 worlds LP (Casablanca)
    Viktor-88 Oly LP, 92 worlds LP
    Paul Wylie- 92 Oly LP (Henry the 5th)
    Yagudin- 2002 Oly SP (Winter)
    Plushenko- 2003 GPF LP (St.Petersburg 300), 2004 worlds LP
    Johnny Weir-2004 USN LP (Dr.Zhivago)
    Rudy Galindo- 96 USN LP (Swan Lake)
    Kulik-98 Oly LP (Rhapsody in blue)

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    Ohh I totally forgot about Kulik!

    I got to see him live at COI in 98 in San Antonio!!! Tara was there too, but she did the "I'm walking on sunshine" exhibition program that makes me want to vomit.

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    1. Paul Wylie, 1992 Olympic LP - WOW! I read the title of this thread and immediately thought of Wylie. That was an electric performance! I loved everything about it, but the last 20-30 seconds were just brilliant. The footwork into the 3t, the spread eagle, the splits.....wonderful!

    2. Nicole Bobek, 1995 Worlds SP - That SP was such a vivacious and peppy number, and perfectly suited for Nicole's style. I was proud to see her shrug off all of the pressure and deliver such an astoundingly energetic program. Too bad about the long...but I'll always remember that magnificent short!

    3. Tara Lipinski, 1998 Olympic LP - I'm with Liz, this is one of the most fiery performances I can recall. Tara was rolling right along with the vibes and emotions of the moment and it showed, she was spectacular.

    4. Michelle Kwan, 2004 Nationals LP - Okay, maybe because I was there I am biased, but the electricity in that arena was almost palpable. It was like everyone let go of themselves for a moment and went stark raving mad...then realized they were in public and straightened it up! It was yet another vintage Kwan mega-skate...but I'd stamp this one as her most electrifying.

    5. S&Z, 2003 Worlds LP - It was a lovely, classical program...but talk about power and electricity! They mowed through the last 20-30 seconds with such abandon and genuine joy. I was electrified just watching on television.

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    -Alexei Yagudin, 2001 worlds sp
    -Elvis Stojko, 1994 worlds lp, 2002 nationals lp
    -Evgeny Plushenko, 2001 Worlds lp
    -Paul Wylie, 1992 Olympics lp
    -Kurt Browning, 1993 nationals lp

    -Tara Lipinski, 1998 Olympics sp and lp
    -Sarah Hughes, 2002 Olympic lp
    -Michelle Kwan, 1997 Worlds lp( i know, i know, the doubled lutz, but still she was on FIRE!), 1998 nationals sp and lp( still think these performances are untouched by anyone), 2000 worlds lp, 2003 worlds lp, 2003 nationals lp
    -Sasha Cohen, 2000 nationals sp
    Maria Butryskya, 1999 worlds lp( she isnt a fav of mine at all, but she had me drawn in with this performance)

    -Sale/Pelletier, 2000 nationals lp, 2001 worlds lp, 2002 GPF lp, 2002 Olympics lp
    -B/S(because I cant spell :P), 2001 worlds sp
    -Underhill/Martini, 1984 worlds lp
    -G/G, 1994 olympics sp( still one of my favorite programs ever)
    -M/D, 1994 olympics lp
    -Shen/Zhao, 2003 worlds lp

    Well to be honest I cant really think of a dance performance that made me go WOW!!....but I'd say A/P at worlds in 2000 with their lp. It was a great moment , especially in their home country.

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    Apparently, posters do not know wonderful skaters before 1990. that's ok, there will come a time when very young posters will not remember those wonderful skaters before 2006, C'est la vie.


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    I'm working on my skating collection of the pre-90's!!!

    I ( understandably) do not have much coverage from before then seeing as I would have been 4 or 5 :D

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    Denise Beillmann and Elaine Zayak, Hartford Worlds 1981, both amazing. Elaine for being a dancing little daffodil in yellow just reeling off those triple jumps and Denise for the first time I'd ever seen that Bielmann spin, looking like a Christmas ornament somehow.

    Torvill and Dean, 1984, OSP Paso Doble, Olympics, especially the amazing part where she is a cape, literally flapping in the wind behind him as he strides up the ice, and they repeat it and its exactly the same

    T&D Summertime Blues OSP

    Rudi Galindo skates Baron Rothbart in Swan Lake, 1996, San Jose

    Duchesnays, Savage Rites FD, Worlds 1988

    Duchesnays, Missing, Halifax Worlds, 1990?

    Brian Boitano, Les Patineurs SP, 1988, Nationals

    Brian Orser, Sing sing sing SP, 1988 Olympics. And I hate the music Sing sing sing

    Tonya Harding, Nationals, LP with 3A, 1991

    Underhill and Martini, Pairs LP, Ottawa Worlds, 1988

    Gary Beacom (CAN), 10th place Worlds, Ottawa, to oriental music

    Robert Wagonhoffer(US), 10th place Worlds, Hartford

    Kurt Browning, Casablanca, Olympics,

    Gordeeva / Grinkov, LP, Olympics 1988

    Fadeev, LP, 1986 (think I've got the year right) This was the year he won the men's. Russian folk music, per usual.

    B&S, Lady Caliph 2002
    B&S, Chaplin competitive program, 2001

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    Krylova/Ovsiannikov - 99 Worlds FD
    K/O - 99 Worlds OD (La Traviata)
    K/O - 96 Worlds OD (Paso Doble)
    K/O - 96 Worlds FD (Russian Folk selection)
    Denkova/Staviyski - 04 Euro FD
    D/S - 99 Worlds FD
    B/S - Olys SP (Lady Caliph)
    B/S - 01 Euros LP
    Lambiel - 03 Worlds QR
    Lambiel - 02 Euro SP and LP
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    Torvill & Dean - Bolero. Forgot the event (and year), but it was many years after their Olympic win. Several Olympic Champions were revisiting their winning programs on ice.

    Anissina & Peizerant - 2000 Worlds LP - Carmina Burana & 2002 Olympics (OD) - Malegena. I miss them so much. There's no one even close to their passion and excitement out there right now.

    Tara Lipinski - Olympic Free Skate. To this day, I've never seen anyone skate with such fire and excitement!! I never get tired of watching this program.

    Mishketunek & Dmitriev - 1992 Olympic Long - Dreams of Love. Beautiful Program.

    Plushenko - 2004 Worlds LP. Love this guy. He has such power and command on the ice.

    Kulik - 1998 Olympics Rhapsody In Blue, absolute perfection.

    Sasha Cohen - 2004 Worlds Short. So much passion and fire. She really sold that program. Beautifully skate.

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