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    Question Skate spinner

    HI guys, it's Myblade again. Recently, my coach said that I should buy an off-ice spinner to help with my spins. I went and looked online for some spinners, and in the review section, a lot of people say that the spinner does not stimulate the same action as if on ice. Some even said that the spinner made them worse! I am confused, and don't know if I should buy one. Does anyone here use one, and does it really help?
    I don't know if this helps- I am working on my camel and sit spin
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    We have the metal one - it didn't really help. There is no edge on a spinner.

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    A spin training device can help with basic spins if used properly. It will allow you to learn to find your center, and where your free leg should be held while spinning properly. It is also helpful when learning backspins, and can be used to work on toe jumps too.

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    I've never used one, but I can see an immediate problem. Not only is there not an edge, but on a spinner, you would have your foot flat, where you would definitely NOT have it flat on the ice.

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