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Thread: Basic spin help needed

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    Basic spin help needed

    Hi Goldenskate,

    I am sorry to annoy you with beginners questions but nonetheless hoping that someone can help me.
    Some time ago I started to take classes in ice skating but then relocated to an "non-ice-skating-area". During my last lesson (one year ago) I tried to spin and that is, what I have been doing since then... trying...

    On good days I can turn about three times (at a really slow pace) but I always struggle with my balance and (?) body tension.
    I spin to the left and tried a basic two foot spin as well as a basic one foot spin (as my weight feels like beeing mainly one my left foot in a two foot spin-try).

    Are there any tips for spinning a real spin?
    Is it better to bend the knees slightly or to hold the legs stretched?
    What about the back? More hollow-back-like or the other way around?
    Or are there some exercises?

    Thanks a lot to everyone for reading this

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    Not annoying at all! Welcome to the forum.

    Some tips for spinning:
    - keep your spinning leg straight (it should only be bent when trying sit spins) - your leg should almost "lock" so it feels strong and straight
    - use your arms -- start them outstretched and pull them in as you execute the spin, like you're hugging a teddy bear
    - as for your free leg in a one foot spin, start with it out to the side and once you have the spin centred, then you bring it in to speed up the rotation.
    - keep your core strong (that's where body tension comes into play)... the hardest part of spinning is keeping it centred, and this is balance-based.... if you keep your midsection strong, then you'll be less prone to wobble all over the place which throws the spin off -- off ice, there are a variety of exercises that can build your core, Pilates is great for it
    - when doing a basic forward scratch spin, your back should be straight (don't slouch your shoulders)

    For off ice, trying getting a "spinner" it's a plastic piece that you stand and spin on to get used to centring your spins.

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    Icoachskating has a great spin how to video. I can't seem to get the link in here but it is from Bobbie shire

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