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Thread: Trophee Eric Bompard 2014 - venue is not Paris Bercy again?

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    it will be bordeaux :(
    not really easy to go from my home
    don't think will go this year
    may be the finale in barcelona

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    Beyonce's going on tour again. She played Bercy before. I wonder if she could extend her summer tour into the fall, book Bercy for the TEB 2014, and perform while skaters compete? I'm imagining "Single Ladies" on ice. Right now.

    / kidding

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    very nice city, I never went there.
    I'll go, the rink is closed to the city center, there are hotels there.
    I'll go to Barcelona too, I enjoyed visiting this spanish city several years ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by MidnightSkater View Post
    Both the TEB & Lalique Trophy have been there.
    The second Trophée de France (french 1994/1995 & 1995/1996 GP series event) was in Bordeaux though. In the same rink. At that time the Lalique Trophy was a proam competition.

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