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Thread: Skating Season withdrawal help forum

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    How much the quad affect the whole program? I mean, is there any document about how much impact the skater have to suffer from a quad?

    And Plushy is dreaming about a five quad program in the future. I suppose human body has its limit.
    So anyone knows how many quads a skater can do consecutively? 5 quads at once?

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    Joubert has talked about how much easier everything is once you take the quad out. Easier to do the other elements well, add transitions, ect. I also noticed how Plushy's spins are often better in show numbers than they are in competitions, though that could just be because he's more focused on getting the levels/positions while competing.

    If Plushy became ISU president, the first thing he'd do is remove the Zayak rule for quads, lol. Then enter the competition himself so he can finally do that 3-quad LP. (Honest answer: I don't know how many quads the human body can handle. Though I admire Plush's belief in the sport and young skaters, I think Timothy Goebel might be right on this one--we're not quite at the limit, but we might be close. Jumps under IJS still haven't gotten back to where Plushenko and Yagudin were in 2002).

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    I think where Chan bests others is in his skating skills. I'm sure some/many will disagree with me but he looks stunning on the ice when he has a good piece of music to skate to. I think in addition to his inconsistency this season, his LP was dreary and not suited to a male skater. I loved his Aranguez and he could really get into it. I've said before, I don't enjoy watching Hanyu skate because he's "unfinished!" I dont' know if he needs to put some weight on that skinny frame, get better costuming, or what but right now he's just a jumper IMO. I want a well-rounded skater. Lambiel, Jeremy when he's "on," Yagudin, Johnny Weir (scoff not - he was graceful and lyrical, mostly before Tarasova) Farris, Brown, etc. etc. I don't want to see just jumps. I do hope Patrick comes back.

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