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Thread: Best figure skates? Toe pick questions?

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    Basically how above the toe pick some of them are round on top and some of them curve. Not sure how to explain it but I cannot upload a photo here and I'm not sure if links are allowed.

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    You want a leather boot with leather soles - that way your blades can be adjusted and you can upgrade the blade at later time. I would try to avoid custom boots. One of our coaches told me she never had any foot problems until she got custom boots.

    I know most beginner adults around here are happy with Jacksons - Jacksons run a bit wide and you also have the option of ordering a "wide." Jackson Freestyles might be a good choice. They used to come with a blade so I assume they still do. The factory blade is fine for your level.

    If you need to buy a blade separately, then I still would go with a beginner blade and plan to upgrade as you progress. The issue is that the higher the level of the freestyle blade you get, the bigger the toe pick. The bigger toe pick means a greater chance of tripping over it repeatedly. I have heard of adults getting a "too good" of a blade for their level and then having the pro shop shave off the toe pick to "fix" the problem. Getting a blade better than what you need is called "overblading."

    You should be able to spend $300 USD or less on a new pair of adult beginner skates.

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    Stay away from the $150 beginner skate and blade. That $300 is more in the correct area pricewise. Some of the above mentioned blades are $400 plus for blades alone. If you skate lots you would probably replace every year if you are jumping, because the boot wears regardless of growth spurts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSnowQueen2013 View Post
    I'm not sure if links are allowed.
    Links to pictures are allowed, just not to commercial sites that are offering products for sale.

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    Do you mean this

    vs. this?

    The first one is a more aggressive toepick which helps with jumps. But like I mentioned earlier it's a greater trip hazard and isn't recommended for beginners. I used to have Visions and was always putting holes in my pants and boot heels with them. Didn't happen anymore when I upgraded to Gold Stars, which have toepicks similar to the Professional but larger with a more aggressive base pick. Here are tracings of some blade profiles for easy comparison.

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