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Thread: What music would you love to see in programs next season???

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    Sorry I forgot


    and if someone can tell me what´s the meaning of "crouching" I will be glad thank´s

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    Crouching means the tiger is all scrunched down on his hauches with his legs gathered under him, getting ready to pounce on his unsuspecting victim, LOL. Something like that. I think the the terms "crouching tiger" and "hidden dragon" refer to two martial arts moves.

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    First of all, Charlotte, you are welcome for the ordering info...I think everyone should own Edvin's CD, but I might be slightly biased.

    And I, too, think that the Schindler's List music in Marton's hands would be amazing, but I think anything he touches is gold, so again, there's that bias...

    But, please, oh please, not Sasha with Edvin. I can't handle that weird, hideous spin (the BC) to Edvin's beautiful music.....


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    Originally posted by mariana
    I would love to see any of the of top ten ice dance couples of the world skate to "It had to be you" (Frank Sinatra)
    You may get your wish, considering foxtrot is one of the rhythms for the OD next season.

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    Someone made mention of The Mission as a music choice and I agree that its a great choice. That said, at US Nats, it seemed like every other lower ranking skater/team was using that music!! I swear we must have heard it upteen times during that week at Nats. Its beautiful music though and I would love to see someone try it next season. :D

    I also think that Michael W. Smith's Freedom CD (its all instrumental music) is wonderful for skating. A few skaters at Nats used pieces of it as well and it works great for skating. I remember that Todd Eldredge used the 'Freedom Battle' piece for his technical program in 2002-03 and it was awesome. I wouldn't mind that at all! :D

    I second, or third or fourth or whatever by now, the recommendation to put several pieces of music into a vault and not to be seen for the minimum of like ten years. A few pieces need to go in there and never return though, LOL

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    Originally posted by N@d&A
    What about French music like AMELIE it has a lot of expression and the piano themes are pretty good.
    Tatiana Basova skated to Amelie this season, too bad since she didn't too well, it was very hard to see her on TV, I only saw her once at Cup of China. I did like the program though.

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    Pardon my ignorance but why are some of the skating comps called cheesefests?


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