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Thread: I just got a call from Smuckers!

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    Originally posted by BravesSkateFan
    I'm going with my mom's philosophy. Eat it or starve. Kids are too picky nowadays. There are people who don't get to eat at all and IMO we need to teach our childeren to be thankful for the food they have.
    my parents do that now with my little brother... never did it with me... and now I'm just so very picky LOL

    basically if he refuses to eat what mom's made because that "isn't what he ordered" (he uses that all the time... why he's still living I don't know! LOL) mom just puts it in the fridge and asks him to get down from the table... then when he wants something to eat she brings out the cold meal... he doesn't get anything else until it's eaten... he can eat a meal and not eat all of it... but if he flat refuses because mom didn't cook mac and cheese or didn't order pizza hut pizza then he HAS to eat the meal LOL
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    Minn......actually, we do say thanks to Paula for all the great things she does for this forum.......especially at the beginning of Golden Skate the thanks came pouring in......and might I add another big thank you goes to our great Mods.......thank you guys and gals............... 42

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    Humbaba, your story reminds me of one I heard when working in Extension. I seam that every so often this person would leave work with a wheel barrow full of straw. The straw came from packing around products that were shipped to the factory, to keep the things from breaking. The straw had no real value so this employee would take it home to mulch his vegetables and flowers. However, the gate guards became very suspicious and would go through the straw looking for tools, parts, or anything the man may be sneaking out of the plant. They never found a thing.

    Upon his retirement company officials said to him we know you have been taking things from the plant, but we never catch you. We will give you amnesty from any charges if you will tell us what you have been taking from the plant.

    Can you guess what it was???

    He said, "wheel barrows!"

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    Hahaha!! That was great!

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