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Thread: Big Brother / Amazing Race Merge!

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    Big Brother / Amazing Race Merge!

    Its been announced that Big Brother star "Alison" (of Alison & Donny fame) will be a team on the next Amazing Race. (gasp!)

    CBS is going to air The Amazing Race this summer every week following Big Brother and what better way to keep all the BB viewers than to have a former BB cast member on the show?

    Big Brother will air Tuesdays at 9 and then again on Thursdays and Saturdays. The Amazing Race will be on Tuesdays at 10 pm.

    Not sure of the start date -- either June 6 or July 6.

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    I am so irritated by this decision!! I know that CBS is looking to increase TAR's ratings, but I hardly think that linking it to Big Brother will help. Plus, I have no desire to see Alison on television ever again. I can only hope that she and the long-suffering Donny get eliminated early, but I wouldn't be surprised if they get help from TPTB to keep them in the race until at least the midway point.

    Also, there are some changes being made to TAR to made it harder on contestants: they're getting less $ at each leg (I keep thinking about the legs where they've previously gotten $1 - now they'll get a quarter?), and they're adding another one-time-use option for each tem, that can be used to slow down another team. Could come in handy when 2 teams are racing to avoid elimination! Also, during the non-elimination rounds, the last team to arrive will face a time penalty, and get stripped of all the cash they've saved AND get no cash for the next leg. OUCH!


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    WooHoo, Can't wait for another Amazing Race. I'm actually somewhat surprised by the time slots. Amazing Race is more family oriented than the shenanigans of Big Brother.

    I'm not a particular BB fan - I did watch a bit of the last BB because fell TAR fans kept on going on about BB during the TAR commercial breaks. Also, there wasn't much else on TV.

    Allyson and Donny seem to be a standard pairing for TAR. They are the couple who are trying to see if their relationship is worth pursuing - think Wil & Tara and Millie & Chuck and the couple from TAR1 (which I didn't watch).

    I really hope that a nice team wins. I'd really like to see a Ken/Gerard or Danny/Oswald type team win. These guys really went for it and were able to laugh at themselves. Also the clowns Al & (darn can't remember). Both members of each of these teams was gracious and supportive - people that you'd really like to be friends with. I'm tired of the control freaks or the lop-sided whiny teams making it.

    Hopefully, TAR will get enough ratings to keep it going.

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    I think Allison and Donny will do well without any help b/c one thing I remember about Allison is that she was very competitive and she said she and Donny were so much alike. They're both athletic as well so unless their fighting gets in the way or they have an unlucky break, they should make it pretty far,

    and here I was happily lulled into thinking I would never have see her again

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    Being a HUGE Big Brother fan as well as a HUGE Amazing Race Fan, you mean to tell me that I have to watch Allison YET AGAIN on another reality show ?? Bad enough I had to see her on BB. OK so I wasn't a "fan" of Allison on Big Brother. And was glad I didn't have to watch her on TV once BB was over. Now she is on Amazing Race ? I mean the money she has wasn't enough that she got from BB ?? Geesh. Well I am not looking forward to hear her "complain" again. I guess its interesting that CBS do such a thing but really come on, WHY ALLISON ????

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