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Thread: Who is going to Skate America 2014?

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    Apr 2014
    Does anyone want SA tickets?Two $125 all event tickets. Section 116. Please contact me.

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    At the rink. Again. mskater93's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    I am going with two of my besties! Woot! Girls weekend, from the sanctity of my own home.

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    skating philosopher
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    I was set on not going, but after seeing Jason's new FS, I'm thinking I need to see that live. And the plane tickets are reasonably priced and perhaps a relative in Hoffman Estates that might be willing to extend lodging...So 50-50 again. :P
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    us Nationals

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    I am going. Seeing Jason Brown will be a plus; we were there at TEB last year to see his great popularity with the crowd, so seeing him in his home area will be fun.

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    I was hoping to go to something this year, but there's no way I can right now with all the stuff going on in my life.

    I will however be going to 2016 World Championships- I know, that is a long time away, but I am determined and have been determined to go since it was announced last year. I'd bike there if I had to And there's always SA next year..

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