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Thread: Problem with my skates?

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    Problem with my skates?

    I skate in Jackson Artiste, which is a little too soft for me, but I'm making it work.

    My problem... I lace my boots up super tight and get out on the ice. After about five minutes a considerable gap develops between my shin and my boot! What can I do to fix this? Do I need new skates?

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    That sounds like new boots to me - especially since you already mention they're "too soft".

    What level are you at? Are you jumping?

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    Definitely sounds like you need new boots. If your boot is stiff enough, you won't even need it laced up tight all the way to the top hooks. You need to be able to bend your ankle, after all.

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    Kinda hijacking this, but is it bad for the tongue of the boot to separate from the upper ankle? Does his just mean a skater needs new laces? I have a similar issue, but I don't think it is the boots. I have been having some ankle soreness the past few weeks, but I half associate that with more skating and just the result of figure skating in general.

    FYI: I have the Riedell 133TS, and I am just doing half jumps on the barrier.

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