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Thread: New Skates! Super excited.

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    New Skates! Super excited.

    Getting a pair of Jackson Elles soon! <3 I'm so happy to finally have fitting skates. My current skates are about 2 sizes over (beginner's sizing mistake, hur dur) and it's REALLY hard to practice right now. June 4th-7th is when I'll be getting them! *excitement intensifies* Have any of you used the Elles, and if so, did you like them? How many levels should they last me? I'm doing three-turns and crossovers (mainly backwards) at the moment. I don't skate too often (usually just Wednesdays) so I'm not worried about them wearing out quickly.

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    Afraid I can't help you with the Elles; I'm several boots above you. But I'm also getting new boots! Mine will take a lot longer to arrive, however.

    Excited for you to have properly-fitting boots!

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    Yay! I hope you love them! I tried on a pair of Elle's and they seemed nice. Not too stiff or heavy

    Kinzies closet lists the Elle as appropriate up to isi fs1-2, though I imagine it might not work at those levels if you need more support

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