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Thread: Butterfly twist spin

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    Butterfly twist spin

    So in figure skating, there's the butterfly spin:

    In martial arts, there's the butterfly kick:

    In martial arts, however, there's also the butterfly twist, where the person brings the leg together for additional rotation prior to opening up for the landing, and land on the takeoff leg rather than the free leg:

    There are also moves along this line which are just adding to the number of rotations in midair, such as the hypertwist (landing on the free leg) and the double butterfly twist:

    My question is, would it be possible to incorporate those rotations into the butterfly spin? If so, then why don't people do it? (I assume it adds to the difficulty.) If not, then why not?

    My guess is that the two moves, though similar in form, are working at cross purposes; for a butterfly spin, it's to get rotation for the subsequent spin, while for a butterfly twist, the goal is to get height (to have enough time to do the rotation), so you're kind of driving the jump in different directions. But it seems like you should in principle be able to get enough height for a butterfly twist or a hypertwist and still have enough rotation for the spin afterwards.

    I'd try it myself but knowing me I'd get my skates tangled together in the air

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    Here's Robert Wagenhoffer, who did a butterfly kick type maneuver at the end of his programs

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