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Thread: For Sale - MK Phantom Revolution 10"

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    For Sale - MK Phantom Revolution 10"

    Selling a pair of almost brand new MK Phantom Revolution Blade 10".

    These are the new versions of MK Phantom with carbon fiber technology (and supposedly lighter than traditional phantom). They are constantly out of stock as far as I was told, and it took me more than a month to get these.

    Right now I'm on a 9"3/4 blade (Edea boots). I got these Phantom Rev blades for my new boots (Riedell) which require 10" blades. I could not break the new boots in, so now I am sticking with my old Edea boot and selling these blades.

    These blades are in almost-new condition and they had only been sharpened once.

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    What are you asking for them? I might have a taker.

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    How much are you selling them for? If you still have them.

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