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Thread: Toe pick help?

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    Toe pick help?

    Hey everyone,

    As some of you know, I recently got my new Jackson Elle skates. My original old pair of Riedell skates (I have no idea what model, old ones bought on eBay) were way too big because of improper sizing. The new ones fit nicely (though the width will need some stretching, I got the biggest width I could but still a little snug), but the toe pick is driving me insane. The original skates had a simpler toe pick and it never tripped me. This one is much lower and trips me like crazy. I am doing basic 8 still and that's what level these new ones are meant for, so I know I have to get used to the new pick. Will it just take time? I only get to skate on Wednesdays (but I joined my local club and will be skating more soon) so I have no idea how I'll get quite comfortable with it. Any ideas?

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    Beginner level blades have a small toepick and that makes it easier to toe push when skating, this is a bad habit lots of beginner skaters get into. When you move up to a bigger toepick you are more likely to trip over from toe pushing, so it is important to practice correct stroking technique now. Also on blades with a bigger toepick it is easy to trip over when doing crossovers, you just need time to get use to the new toepicks and gain some confidence and you should be able to adjust.

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