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I don't see the "by 20 points" in the article - it must have been an error and removed.

ETA that the official results have been published for the Colorado Championships that took place in early August - I've posted the link in the thread for the competition.

The combined (SP+FS) scores for the 3 Senior pairs at the Colorado Championships club competition are:
Alexa Scimeca/Chris Knierim 160.98 (58.23 SP, 102.75 FS)
Madeline Aaron/Max Settlage 156.85 (50.43 SP, 106.42 FS)
Kaitlin Budd/Matthew Blackmer (new) 125.22 (43.43 SP, 81.79 FS)
WOW even if they didn't beat them outright, pretty amazing that A/S edged S/K in the FS. Of course summer comps aren't incredibly telling but that sounds like a strong start for A/S and a sluggish one for S/K. Considering people have been anointing them the savior of US pairs, this makes things a whole lot more interesting.